Thursday, October 18, 2012



We may have to back Saturday's departure up to Sunday or next week now. The cold like symptoms of Kelly's bacterial infection are trying their best to get a hold of me but so far, aside from a scratchy throat along with some nasal congestion my body is desperately trying to fight off the invasion of cold germs. Kelly is not out of the woods yet either & we're thinking maybe holding off for one or more days would be a good idea to see how we're feeling. What a piece of rotten timing this all is & I think I may have been a bit premature in Wednesday’s post about Kelly feeling better…………It was not a good day for her:((


Pheebs & I drove the Motorhome over to Clinton this morning to have the tire pressures checked at our tire dealer. All 6 tires were right on target. I am still having trouble with my right leg & bending over or getting down on the ground to air the tires is not something I was wanting to get into. We definitely have a much heavier than normal load in the rig this year & I am beginning to second guess our Rochester to Knoxville route through the Appalachian Mountains.


For about 6 months of the year while in the south-west I park myself rather comfortably under my cowboy hat. Blends me right in quite nicely with the locals. When we return to Ontario in the Spring I set my cowboy had aside & re-blend myself in with the local folks here in Bayfield again by wearing a baseball cap. Decided to put my cowboy hat on Wednesday night when I took Pheebs for a walk. Felt like I had a great big pumpkin sitting on my head. Reckon it's gonna take me a few days to get myself all westernized again. Imagine I'll end up knocking my hat off half a dozen times getting in & out of the Jeep. Takes me awhile to remember the wide brim & high top!!

In a few days (hopefully) we will embark on our 8th trip to the great American Southwest. In 04/05 we made a quick journey in our Gulf Stream Class C to Big Bend, Texas. Next trip was in 06/07 in our GMC truck & Rockwood fifth wheel to New Mexico & Arizona. Every year since, we have traveled in our Damon Motorhome to New Mexico, Arizona, & California. We happen to like the American west so much we have no interest in going anywhere else. After my kidney stone problem last December in Tucson we briefly talked ourselves into the idea of spending winters closer to home, in Florida. Even looked at a lot of Real Estate with Google Earth in the Gainesville area. That line of thinking lasted about 3 weeks before we finally realized how much our hearts were truly in the south-west & we just wouldn’t be happy anywhere else. I have blogged countless times over the years about why we like the southwest so much so won't get into all that again. To sum up why we love the southwest with two simple words, I'd simply say.........scenery & lifestyle:))

On our first major RV trip in 06/07 we came to 2 very quick conclusions within a couple months of leaving home. If we were going to continue RVing we were going to have to make a couple major changes or else we were going to end up sitting at home for the winters. First, we knew we were going to have to change the type of RV we had. Traveling with 3 dogs at the time just didn't work well with our truck & fifth wheel set up. That, combined with other reasons saw us quickly trade the truck & fifth wheel in on a Motorhome as soon as we returned home in the Spring. We have never regretted that change. Second major change we had to make was to our traveling lifestyle. We knew we would never be happy traveling from RV Park to RV Park. . We just don't fit into that kind of lifestyle at all. I won't bother with all the reasons why, but just let me say that we knew if we didn't figure out a way to avoid that kind of RVing, chances were good that we would not be RVing at all. Neither one of us wanted to end up bouncing between RV Parks or having to sit in one spot for 6 months of the year.

Decisions were made & in 07 with our new to us Motorhome, we headed for Slab City California to have a solar system installed by Solar Mike at SUN WORKS. That set us up for boondocking, which in turn has basically kept us out of RV Parks ever since.   And, that has turned out to be another decision we have never regretted. Keep in mind......'different strokes for different folks,' and no one way is right for everybody:))

Don Pat has come aboard as our latest Blog Follower. Hope you have some anti-cold & bacteria medicine with ya Don because we're kinda like a hospital ship adrift in a cold sea right now. Welcome aboard & bring some Kleenex will ya:))


GROANER'S CORNER:(( There once was a boy called Matty who didn't have a body, he only had a head.Then it came to his 18th birthday, so his dad who felt sorry for him took for a pint down the local pub, Matty was very excited about having his 1st drink of alcohol , so the proud father came in and placed Matty down on the bar and ordered 2 pints. Then the father poured the beer into Mattys mouth, and once he'd finished, a body had grown onto Mattys head, so he kept drinking and by the end of the night he was a normal man, with arms, legs, toes and fingers, but Matty kept on drinking & got falling down drunk & obnoxious. The lesson you should learn from this is to always........ 'Quit while your a head.'   …………….(ya, I know it’s a bad one)

- Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
- "If having a soul means being able to feel
love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals
are better off than a lot of humans."
(James Herriot)
- The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails -William Arthur Ward
- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.
- It is not so much having nothing to do as it is not having the interest to do something....AL.


  1. Hope you guys will feel better real soon that really sucks!!!!

  2. While you are getting used to your cowboy hat again, ya got yer sidearm snug in the holster? (Just joking)

  3. Sorry to hear that you're both experiencing those nasty bugs! Take lots of vitamin C and eat plenty of peanut butter. Always makes me feel better! Sad that you're pushing your departure date back, and sure do hope you can avoid that cold front moving down from further North. Stay warm, and get well.

  4. Groan...and DOUBLE groan...that was SOOO bad hahahaha!!

    Sure hope you and Kelly get to feeling better real fast. The southwest is calling to you!!

  5. Playing catch up here on my posting comments sorry to hear your both under the weather...and you have to delay your leave date...hope you get to head out soon...

  6. So sorry to hear you are both now under the weather. What a bummer given how excited you were to get back on the road. I'm not good in the patience department so I won't suggest you get some. But I do hope the time will pass quickly and the need for kleenex will be short.

  7. I I were closer I'd bring you some chicken soup. Always does it for me.

    Funny, I think the scenery around Bayfield is quite beautiful.

  8. I'd say it looks like Motor had about had it with Pheebs in that photo. :)

  9. Sad to hear Al, but my advice is to stay home until you are both well. It will be worth it. I would forget the mountain trip and just get on down to Az. I saw on the Sat Weather that a giant low is spinning and may change our plans a bit. It may affect yours too.

  10. I can certainly understand that urge to "get on the road," but I know you'll enjoy the journey more if you both are feeling good and well rested.

    So now, you both hurry up and get well! :-)

  11. Are those milkweed pods? Haven't seen them in forever. Best to feel better before hitting the road. It will happen soon.

  12. sure hope that the two of you are feeling better soon and you can 'get the show on the road'!

  13. Traveling when your sick is no fun,,,better stay at home until your both up to par...Doctering out here on the road is a hassle,,, Hang in there,,,,

  14. Bobbie and I have been battling a bug for going on a month now... hope your bug is not as resilient so you can get underway. We depart this morning... although I just heard a coughing spell from the bedroom...
    Box Canyon Mark

  15. Hope ya get better soon and hit the road.
    We enjoy the boondocking and the fullhookups in the resorts are my wife's favourites, so we do both and works well for us.

  16. Hope ya get better soon and hit the road.
    We enjoy the boondocking and the fullhookups in the resorts are my wife's favourites, so we do both and works well for us.

  17. Gettin' as anxious to see you here as you are to get here! Take care of yourselves, but don't try to take all the herbal and miracle products everyone is offering, at least not all at one time! You could blow up with the mixtures!

  18. Al, you might be interested to know that last night, the weatherman predicted a warmer than normal winter this year in the SouthWest! So ya'll leave those germs in Canada and get yourselfs here and warm up! :-)

  19. For three days now I've had the same thing - sore throat, coughing and aches. I can't imagine trying to travel while feeling this way. Hope you are both back in good health and on the road soon.

  20. Oh bummer! I got that same scratchy cold on the day before we left for Europe. Those things don't seem to understand that we all have PLANS! Only good news is that is didn't hang around for weeks. Hopefully that is the same with you and Kelly, it will come and go and you will be inoculated and cold free for the rest of the year.

  21. Getcha some Zinc and make sure ya take it with on the road..It really works! Spend this weekend doing R&R, and leave Monday...maybe?