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So nice to feel the cooler air this morning after this prolonged heat wave we have been having.  More heat on the way in a few days but for right now it is a nice reprieve & it looks like we have some welcome rain due in late Wednesday.  Just as I am not a cold weather person, I am not a hot weather person either & am so looking forward to our beautiful Autumn weather.  September & October are my two favorite months of the year & a month from now we will only be days away from that purely magical season beginning once again:))

Reader Pat left a comment about last night's telescope post that confused me at first until I looked at it closer.  Pat commented..WOW, a 4' 5" telescope!!! ;)  That's an error on my part alright.  Should have read 4.5 inches & not 4 feet 5 inches.  Thanks for pointing that out Pat:))  Maybe we'll see you in Sierra Vista this year eh.  Reader Jim from, LIFE'S LITTLE ADVENTURES sent an email late this afternoon wondering what cameras I use so will include that info with my camera/telescope post hopefully within the next couple days.

I envy the folks over at the GYPSY LIFE JOURNAL GYPSY LIFE JOURNAL as they paddle their new Kayak out onto a quiet Montana lake to the call of a nearby disappearing Loon. 



A reader asked what the tower was in the last photo of Monday night's post.  That is actually an old concrete barn silo because this property where the 5 Seasons is located was originally a farm.  Farm was sold many years ago & the house & barn removed.  New owner planted the whole farm in rows of Pine trees much like a reforestation project.  Another owner came along years later & laid out a mobile home Park amongst the tall Pines & 'Wallaaaaa' here we are:)) 

I first discovered this hidden away little gem of a Park one frosty winter's night way back in the late 80's.  I was driving for a transportation company at the time based in Stratford Ontario.  That particular night I had picked up a couple at Pearson International Airport in Toronto & brought them to their home which happened to be this Park.  I will never forget finally reaching this area, traveling a short distance through a starlit forest & turning into the Park gates.  It was like driving into a Fairyland with it's Pine trees bowing over the roadways.  Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse as I drove quietly past the pale round globe lamp posts casting their warm glow onto the snow.   Christmas lights twinkled in cozy windows.  I remembered that night as a scene out of a Fairy tale & I never forgot it.  And, I never dreamed that one day I would actually be living right here in that very Wonderland itself.  It is so nice when nice things happen:))

Ever wonder what a Mascerator is or ever thought about installing one for the black tank in your rig.  Check out KAREN'S site for a Mascerator explanation & to see how husband Steve set that all up.  For anyone who has followed their blog for any time you know that Steve is one of those guys that does things right....the first time!!  No lazy short cuts & no cheapo inferior parts for this fellow.  Steve, an innovative guy has made many quality renovations to their older Safari Motor Home over the past few years.

Had a silly little thing happen a few mornings ago.  As many know I mix up a big conglomeration of stuff in my blender each morning.  Been doing it for well over 10 years now & I have a little blurb & video here at,  SOUNDS YUKKY-TASTES YUMMY.   I don't bother dirtying a glass so always just drink my morning 'Shake' right out of the blender.  This can take me half an hour or more as I move around doing morning chores.  Had set my 'Shake' on the bathroom counter beside the sink before hopping into the shower.  Yes, it is still possible to hop after 65. 

My bar of soap was pretty much used up so I tossed it over the shower curtain in the direction of the sink to retrieve later for the garbage.  Of course as soon as that soggy mush of soap left my hand it was ancient history & I never thought about it again.  Never thought about again until about 20 minutes later that is, when it made it's way into my mouth!!  Yep, the soap had landed ker-plop right into my Soy Shake.  Later sitting at the computer checking morning emails I had taken a big slug of Juice & noticed a slightly different taste but didn't clue in. 

My second gulp brought something into my mouth which I thought at first was a chunk of unblended carrot.  A split second later I knew it was not a carrot chunk!!!!  'Pitoooie, Pitoooie' back into the blender.  A quick glance into what was left of my Soy Shake confirmed the soggy cream colored blue oozy blob was no darn carrot!!  Nope, won't be doing that one again....10-4!!


Kelly noticed something in our Canadian Tire store flyer a few days ago that caught my attention for more than one reason.  A cigarette lighter adapter device that my IPod will securely fit in & play my IPod tunes through a vehicles own stereo system.  Same principle as Sirius/XM Satellite radio which I love so much.  Here's the kicker.....it's on sale all week at 70% off which brings it down between the 8 & 10 dollar range.  Needless to say I was right up there a couple days ago & grabbed myself one.  Works like a charm & also charges the IPod.  Package said it can be used for I-Phones as well.

I think the biggest photography mistake I constantly make & have been making for just about as long as I can remember is repeatedly forgetting to check my camera settings.  I always try to leave my cameras set on 'auto focus' & every time I switch over to 'manual focus' I will forget to return it to 'auto.'  Same with my 'Program' settings.  I rarely shoot on the full 'auto program' setting any more & am back & forth between 'aperture & shutter speed priority plus full 'manual'.  By default I leave it in 'Program Mode' but for sure every time I go off program mode I forget to return it back to program mode.  And, I wished I had a dollar for every time I have forgotten to turn any of my cameras off when not using them!!  Anyway, guess what I am saying here is to check your camera settings & batteries every time before heading out the door.  Now, if only I could get myself to do that!!

THE LAST PARAGRAPH:  Some may have noticed my recent absence of grumbling about being home for the summer.  Maybe it's knowing we have passed the half way point until our departure again.  Maybe it's my acceptance of the way it is.  Or maybe it's just my renewed appreciation for living where we do, right here in beautiful little Bayfield Ontario, Canada:)) 



GROANER'S CORNER:((   Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.




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only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right
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  1. I think your home and neighborhood look beautiful. We often can't see the forest for the trees!

  2. Well come on down to Kansas where we were over 100 today, and that was in the shade, if you could find some. Maybe I ought to drive up there to Bayfield to cool of! Ya, no reason to grumble.....

  3. Love, love the soap in the morning shake dispenser story! I'm sure it wasn't fun on your end, but it gave me a good laugh and then I had to read it to Harry, and laughed even more on my second time through!! :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm trying to not whine so much about sitting in our son's drive way. But it's really hard. I want to be on the move, but we're going to be here awhile longer. Your soap story was just too funny.

  5. You live in a beautiful place, as do I. You do seem to enjoy your place. Winter will come before you know. If you leave early, will you have to come back early?

  6. Love the Groaner"s Corner comment...too cool. Al, I love you setting where your home is and to have that beautiful drive on your bike,,,great. Sometimes it's hard to be content where we are when our heart's desire is to be doing something different...leads to confusion and heartache. You and Kelly do have the best of both worlds...and incredible home sight and the ability to venture out for a six month tour. How fortunate!
    As always, I love your photos and the quality you bring them.

  7. But could you blow bubbles??? Sorry, I guess it didn't taste good but the soap story is just tooo funny - good blog fodder.

    I love the play of light on that first flower photo.

    Your last paragraph is spot on. For whatever reason, you sound so much happier and it is good to see.

  8. Loved the soap story. It gave me a deep chuckle, that doesn't happen very often! :) Perhaps it had some cloride in it to clean your teeth!

  9. Bet it's been a long time since you had soap in your mouth like that, eh?

    Al, you are simply amazing....you can get better photos just wandering around your yard then I can get when I'm really trying. Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough!

    Sure like the looks of your motorcycle, especially when you have it out in the countryside. Sure wish I had a video of you riding and singing....that would be priceless!

  10. The soap adventure is too funny! Now you know how the kid in the Movie Christmas Story felt:)

  11. Maybe we'll see you in Sierra Vista this year eh.

    Hope so, Al. The 4 car (well 3 car and one RV) garage should be done in a week or so. The house plans have been approved by the state, so, hopefully, we'll be there by September. Actually, we'll be there even if we have to park in the garage.

    Do you remember how to get there? It's not any easier now. :)


  12. the groaner is perfect! and oh so very true!!..sorry about your soy shake this morning!!..I hate slimy soap too!!

  13. Hey Al, it is so nice to hear someone is getting nice cool summer weather. Even the pool and Lake water is in the 90's here.When you get in it actually feels like one of those heated pools they have up north of here in the winter at Motels.Loved the story of the soap in your blender. I can just picture that.Give the little one a pet from bib Rigg's. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  14. I think I have taken over your job of grumbling about being home..grrrrrr! You and Kelly have a wonderful home in the woods..no traffic , no train horns blasting...I'll trade ya! See?? Can't you tell I'm a little "testy"?

  15. GREAT photos... Loved the soap story!!!
    Have fun

  16. Wow! Did you say a bad word AFTER the soap incident? You were entitled to, as you'd already had your mouth washed out.

    What's the name of your I-Pod thingy that plays through the car's sound system? We'd love one like that.

  17. Looking forward to your camera post.


  18. You might have a new drink there...You sure keep me laughing. My new Macerator project led to 4 clamps in my HEAD...Macerator sure worked great tho!! Get the Clamps out in 10 days...

  19. Bwahahaahaa on the soap story... I am NEVER going to toss something out of the shower again without thinking of that episode!

    Thanks for the shoutout on the mascerator. Steveio is quite pleased with it and if Steveio is Happy, then Everyone is Happy.

    Karen and Steveio
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard