Monday, June 04, 2012



Spent a little time with my garden hose & leaf blower cleaning all the Pine pollen off our front porch & deck this morning.  Now, how's that for a great walloping bout of excitement today. 

I am determined tonight to sit here until I can at least get a few paragraphs out.  If I do not take the time to spend on my blog I do not have much of anything else to do most nights.  With the steady decline of quality television shows these days my television option is virtually not existent.  Having enjoyed & lived through the Golden Age of music & television years ago, both Kelly & I are so disappointed in what we see coming from both those one time great entertainment sources.  But, I will leave it at that……………..   

We didn’t get down to see my Uncle Harry last week because of my throat problem.  Not knowing the source of the throat irritation I did not want to carry something into an elderly Care Facility & possibly pass a bug on to Harry.  However, we did slip down this morning & he is doing well.  Harry was always a bit of a natty dresser & he looked good in his pink button up shirt today:))

I suppose it is because we can’t readily access our Arizona house that I force myself not to think about it a lot.  Not much point in trying to plan things to do there until we actually have our boots on the property again.  Works in reverse as well.  When we are in the Southwest I rarely think about our house or what is going on here in Bayfield.  The distance is too great the two differing lifestyles are world’s apart.  When in Bayfield it is Baseball hats & when in Arizona it is Cowboy hats.  Guess maybe in a very uncomplicated way, that just kind of sums it all up.  Definitely looking forward to the annual Fall transition of hats again this year.

There, at least I got a few paragraphs out & feel like I accomplished something today.  Maybe in the morning I’ll swim across Lake Huron & back just to tell you tomorrow night how cold & wet the water was…….Time to take the Pheebs for a walk around the pond.  C’mon Pheebers, let’s you & Dad hit the trail………………….:)) 

GROANER'S CORNER:((  A few shorties tonight...... A waiter goes to a corner table where three old ladies were having their dinner and asks, "Is ANYTHING okay?"
Q. Why is Facebook so successful?
A. The secret of it's success - it works on the theory that people find other people's lives more interesting than their own.

-Bill: What is a crate of ducks known as?
Jill : It would be a box of quackers!

-"Look, guide, here are some LION tracks."
"Good. You see where they go and I'll find out where they came from."

- Tourists see the world, travelers  experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right  now...AL.


  1. home is where the heart is ..

  2. I agree that being so far away you can't spend your days thinking about one place or the other. I have only had brief thoughts about my house in CA, although I'm starting to look forward to being back there.

  3. What to do in the evening......don't you read books ?

    Currently, I am reading Civil War.....not enough time to read.

  4. Same thinking here. We don't have any TV at all in our house on the island. Not worth getting one either. Waste of money. All the news and music we need we find online, and, only the stuff we want to read about, watch or listen to. NO ad breaks every 5 minutes for 10 minutes before the movie continues!
    We don't miss TV at all.
    Gorgeous photo of the boats-all white and blue! Relaxing.

  5. Some days are like that.

    Now for a question. Is your current header a new pic, or is it from last summer? I seem to remember a similar hummer from then.

  6. TV really has gone to the dogs, or rather, the CSI's. I am tired of hearing about murder, mayhem, and mad people. There is enough of that in the daily news.

    Discovery, History and Animal Planet just have repeats, but sometimes there might be a new rescue show on the Weather Channel.

    Sometimes I wonder why I even have cable.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX.

  7. It's too hot down here in the SW right now, wishing I was up there! :)

  8. Declining TV is also a pet peeve of mine. I miss the days of Hogan's Hero's and the Love Boat. Simple, easy and funny shows. Now it's all reality (which I can't stand) and news.
    I do catch Discovery Channel's specials (like shark week particularily), and some other nature related shows (storm chasers etc). But overall, there isn't much to keep me viewing.
    Even with 150 channels, there are lots of days with literally nothing good on.
    Sad really.

  9. I'd love for another Carol Burnett type show. Our current favorite is a canceled tv show called Lie to Me on netflix. Love the part about no commercials!

  10. Time becomes more dear the older we get...I just told Dennis that we had more time before we retired...I've been in court for a couple days doing my job on jury duty...Gotta say, it's very scary to see our judicial system close up and personal...No wonder we are in debt up to our kaffafles..

  11. We in this house agree with you wholeheartedly about the TV! Even "news" isn't "news". Two or three people sitting around discussing, laughing, isn't our kind of news. We liked Peter Jennings. Better to get news via computer.

    It is amazing to find what is chosen to put in front of us for our 30 minutes of "nightly news". CNN in the old days had stories besides who "sports a baby bump!" And I'm so tired of hearing/seeing the word "slams". I took journalism; was taught that the news people shouldn't express their own views by their choice of words. Nowadays they do it all the time! And I just don't get how those reality shows are so popular.

    We are turning more to reading as a way to pass time (besides all the yardwork.) My husband has just finished rereading 3 of Lee Child's books. His books are so exciting, that from page one you are hooked! And, what with memory problems, we can read the same books over and not remember the stories!

    The time you spend on your blog gives you and us something to do!
    It should make you feel good to know you have so much company in your views!

  12. reading blogs fills my is on right hear I sit..thanks for giving me something to read!

  13. TV has definitely gone to the dogs...they make stupid reality shows out of anything and everything...drives us crazy also and sure limits our time watching...and now we pay for it...remember when we didn't?

  14. Couldn't agree more about TV and today's music. Too much reality garbage on the tube...what ever happened to the sitcom or variety shows such as Carol Burnett???

  15. Al's blog is just like the Groaner said about facebook. His life is more fun than mine.....LOL Even if I didn't get to wash any pollen off of the deck today.....

  16. Those groaners quack me up when I'm feeling down. Especially the eiderly women.

  17. No thoughts here of our place back home. Once in a while there's a pic on Facebook of the roses blooming, or a wayward tree branch that's been blown off a tree. (the weather from a few days ago)
    No TV here either. Not worth it. Don't miss it. Only time was during the Olympics during the Canada/US hockey game. I would have watched that, even though I don't watch hockey. Got updates by Facebook anyway. Seems I survived.
    There's much more to life in the evenings besides TV I find. Takes being without it for a while to begin to appreciate that.
    Everyone's mileage may differ.

  18. Like you said not much on Tv at all, typing the blog and computing works for me too.

  19. I agree TV is Bad! A & E came out with a show on Sunday eve at 8pm that we enjoyed....Its about a Wyoming Sheriff doing his job.... It's called "Longmire".....Take a look for it Al, you would like it.. Google it...

    I like "quackers too! Or little baby ducks and pickup trucks!! :-)

  20. Your photo header is absolutely spectacular!

  21. I haven't had a TV for about 35 years - don't have any idea how many books I've read in that time... too many to keep count. The internet does take up a lot of my time these days. Also PBS radio is still worth listening to. Just not enough hours in the day to do it all!

  22. I totaly get it, I miss our place in AZ. It's all I think about.

    Love your blog!

  23. The Odd Essay said... I haven't had a TV for about 35 years.

    I'm in that camp also. The last TV that I owned was back in 1991 and I had not watched it for over 6 months when I sold it.

  24. How wonderfully conscientious of you to not spread germs to Uncle Harry until you knew you were bug-free for a visit. That is love!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard