Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Cold gray damp days don’t work for me so my time was spent indoors just staying warm. Poor night’s sleep again so it just kind of turned out to be a television day. I don’t mind a day like that every once in a very long while so I just took it as it came & enjoyed it. Even got to watch me part of an old black & white Abbott & Costello movie. Now, how cool is that on a cold damp cloudy day:))
Kelly made sure she came with me this morning to my Urologist’s appointment. She wasn’t going to let me get away with my two standard pat answers when returning home. When asked, “what did the Urologist say” she was having none of my usual, “oh nothing” or “can’t remember”. She was right there with her notebook & list of questions. I usually don’t ask a Doctor any questions because that just means I might have to sit there longer or end up getting poked, prodded, or invaded with any number of scarily shaped sterilized metal tools. I’ve always figured any kind of examination is to be avoided at all costs so mums the word when I’m there. “How are you today Mr. Bossence”? …………. “Fine”:))
Luckily, no prods, pokes, or jabs this morning. However, I do remember the Urologist’s words, “that’s strange” as he looked over my medical charts from Tucson. Shades of the movie, ‘Alien’ came to mind. Anyway, two things came out of this morning’s meeting. They are lining me up for another CT Scan as soon as possible & he said this kidney stone problem has to be dealt with right away. On another note, my regular Doctor’s office phoned a few days ago with a scheduled appointment for a bone density test. Now, had they been talking about ‘head density’ I would have understood that perfectly. Anyway, we will likely be off to the Stratford Ontario General Hospital sometime next week for the CT Scan. Having already had a CT Scan in Tucson, I know it to be a rather relaxing & painless procedure…..and this is good:)) Oh, & I have an eye examination lined up for tomorrow. Might as well go all the way on my Spring tune-up, & the best part is, it’s paid for here in Canada because of my Senior status now:))

Caught site of a Raccoon on top of my bird station last night chowing down on some birdseed so I had the Pheebs put a run on him right up a tree. I wanted that Coon to know we have a fast running Pheeber dog on the property now & it will not be business as usual for that pesky Coon this summer. And that goes for the Squirrels too……10-4!!

GROANER’S CORNER:((   When my grandson asked me how old I was, I teasingly replied, “I’m not sure…” “Look in your underwear, Grandma,” he advised, “mine says I’m 4 to 6.”
- Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Nice photo of the "evil black one". Makes my hair stand on end, for sure. Wonder what nefarious plots he's hatching for this coming season of "Matching Wits With The Bayfield Bunch"??? You'll win this one, Al...I just know it!

  2. Nice pics Al. I really like the reflections in the first shot. I hope you're all tuned up and as good as new in no time flat. We're heading up to British Columbia in the coming month to experience some of that Canadian healthcare ourselves. Oh--and some rain (not that we have to go up there for rain this week. Raining cats and dogs today in Monterey County California.)

  3. Nice pix of Pheebs keeping the laptop warm for you. And don't worry about the bone head ...I mean density...test. It's easy.

  4. Good to get a free tune-up! You might need a flush 'n' fill, then you'll be back on the road.

  5. You are more adventurous in the medical world than I am...

  6. ahhh them coons and squirrels are kept around for our dog's entertainment. Gives them something to bark at through the patio doors when we are not home.

    The seeds they steal from the birds are worth it to keep our doggies on their toes!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Hope the tests come back good and that the stones have disappeared!!

    Blue Jays are so pretty, but they sure make the most awful of noise, don't they?? At least ours here do...why they cannot sing like a mocking bird, I do not know!!

    The lovely Pheebs...don't let that nasty coon intice her into water and try to drown her!!

    Elizabeth in NC

  8. Pheebes is warming your lap and keeping your laptop and all the friends inside warm too!!..good luck with the scan!!

  9. Dang, that old codger's back! I thought I ran him off last fall.............

  10. Looks like Pheebs has found the perfect place for a good snooze!!

    Hope all goes well with the Dr. Sometimes we need those guys you know!!!

  11. Every once in a while a lazy day is good.

    Just had my bone density test and I need more calcium and exercise. Good thing my lazy winter is over.

  12. Nice to get all the tests done tune ups and repairs done before we get ready to head south again in the fall. Good luck.

  13. Bone Density test is a piece of cake...I have borderline Osteopenia..AND kidney stones. This means Calcium is NOT a good idea for me...My Urologist says it's a crap shoot...my choice..Take calcium and chance more stones, or don't take it and chance a fracture...thanks, Doc. Another CT scan is a good idea, though...I, also, need an eye exam..It stinks to get old, but it is still better than the alternative!!

  14. Nothing like a "Lap Dog" to keep you company on a gray day!
    Sending positive thoughts for next week's medical tests!
    Knowing what a CT scan is like is half the battle!

  15. Hope all your tests come back good. Never knew why people hated ct's or mri's...I generally fall asleep during them.
    At our house its 7 lb Sadie that
    chases the critters up trees, its hysterical watching her chase some 3 times her size...but then terriers are fearless.
    Pheebs is typical of non lap size dogs....they think they are chihuahua (sp?) size even though half of the them hang over on each end.

  16. Lazy relaxing days are wonderful now and again. We are having one of those today after two days of sightseeing around North Ranch. We can easily see why you purchased your ranch in this area. This is just a beautiful place.
    I actually kind of like that little black guy. He looks so innocent...lol
    Enjoy your day. ~wheresweavr

  17. I see what you mean by your previous comments on Comcast. I have been in the US for the past number of days and could not access your blog. I missed reading your blog. Hope things go well with the kidney stones and medical tests. Kelly is smart to accompany you. Pheebs sure is looking cozy.
    Bev in NS via West Virginia.

  18. Guess you came home at the same time the snow birds did. Great pics.
    As for the stone you described back in an older post, nothing but a open kidney and a small back hoe will get that bugger out.
    I have a problem with stones and now know only one 1/2 the size of a grain of uncooked white rice, will pass into the bladder. Oh does that hurt.
    I like your windows and have considered them for my Alaska home. High winds have changed my mind on that issue.
    One last note..Your Dove is a bit on the chubby side, perhaps she in cahoots with the black squirrel.
    Good luck on the tests.