Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Surprised to see snow on the distant San Ysidro mountain tops this morning. Things have definitely cooled off a lot from our 80F+ days last week. I wonder if there is a magical place somewhere with 70-75F 24 hours a day:)) Anything below or above that is too extreme for this guy anymore………
DSC_6060 DSC_6058
As is usually the case, a number of things have come together to once again move us on down the road to new horizons.  The relentless winds & poor Verizon signal are two of them & a low fresh water tank level was another.  We will be sure to have a Verizon signal booster next time we come south.  We have what we think is one of the better spots here at the Clark Dry Lake Bed because we are tucked up against the Coyote hills.  We can walk out the door & right into a great hiking area.  But, it’s those very hills that block our Verizon signal too.  When Kelly checked the Borrego weather for the next couple days….our decision was pretty much made for us.  Wind again Tuesday with a 40% chance of rain & possible hail Tuesday night.  That was it, the final straw.  We made a fast decision.  We’re oughta here!!
DSC_0054 DSC_0044
But first, a few parting thoughts about Borrego Springs, one of our favorite places.
For anyone wanting to stay in one place for any length of time & who prefers to be active I would suggest Borrego Springs. The Anza Borrego State Park & the Nature Store downtown have printed agendas for activities going on pretty well every day of the week. Some you pay for and many are free. Photography classes & field trips for example. Same with Astronomy. Driving tours to many of the areas attractions. Slot Canyons, Elephant’s knees & Elephant trees, wind caves, badlands, a rocky pumpkin patch, a Palm tree farm, orange, lemon & grapefruit orchards, metal sculptures in the desert, a drive up or down Montezuma’s Grade that will stand your hair on end & if that drive doesn’t get you, just head via the Yaqui Pass for the little apple pie town in the mountains called Julian.
Petroglyphs & old Indian Village sites. Yaquitepec on Ghost Mountain. Culp Valley & Coyote, Palm, & Hell Hole Canyons just to mention a few. Jeep tours through the badlands & other challenging places. Don’t have a Jeep? No problem, Jeepers usually have a back seat & are glad to take folks along. All kinds of informative Ranger hikes going on. Great way to learn about birds, flowers, historical places & the area in general. Some of the photography field trips go out as early as 5 in the morning & some of the Astronomy sessions last well into the night.
If you’re an outdoorsy type of person & you have a desire to learn new things then I would suggest Borrego Springs is the place to keep you busy for the winter. Just grab your camera, a walking stick, a sun hat, & your good to go. Oh, & you might want to pack up some peanut butter sandwiches for stops along the way too. And, if you stay to the latter part of February & early to mid March you just might be lucky enough to see the desert bloom. I did manage to get a bunch of flower photos a couple years ago.
Now, in all fairness I should mention a few things you will not find in Borrego Springs. You will not find one darn traffic light. No traffic congestion, no hordes of people or jammed up mall parking lots. Not even a car wash or big box store. And gee, not even a four lane highway in sight. Heavens to Murgatroids, how can it get any better than that eh:))
The gusting winds felt cold to me this morning as I scrambled around packing things up in preparation for our move out of the area.  Ever try to fold up one of those big outside mats in a howling wind!!  By 10:30 we had the Jeep hitched up & the big wheels rolling.
Bumping along out of our site I glanced over towards Fort Canada & had a twinge of guilt for not getting over to say Hello to the folks.  Well, at least we got to meet Dez:))
As we made the turn off Rockhouse Road & pointed our nose east on S22 I said to Kelly at that point, we were as far west this winter as we were going to be.  Unofficially, we have begun the long homeward journey east.
Tanks needed dumping & our fresh water tank needed filling so it was our second stop in a week at the big Arco station on the corner of highway S22 & Salton City.  While waiting our turn at the water tap a big coincidence happened.  Two people approached the passenger’s side window of our rig.  I heard Kelly exclaim, “Hey, it’s K & D from K & D IN THE RV.  We had never met but Kelly recognized them right away from their blog.  I have trouble recognizing myself in the mirror every morning.   They were on their way from Desert Hot Springs to Yuma & had pulled into the Arco Station for a coffee, etc when they recognized our rig in the big parking lot.  Great to meet these folks because we have commented on each others blog a few times over the years.  Thanks for coming over to say Hello guys:))
IMG_1747 IMG_1746
When K & D walked up to the window I had just taken a bite out of a brand new ham sandwich.  Without thinking, I set the sandwich on the dash before stepping out of the coach to talk to K & D.  What do you think the chances were of my sandwich still being there 20 minutes later when I climbed back into the rig.  The photos below show me eating my SECOND ham sandwich after my first one mysteriously disappeared……….
DSC_0001 DSC_0006
Ranch owners Jeanie & Ray have had a few unexpected travel changes & will be headed back to the ranch shortly so we will not be needed to fill in for any further ranch sitting this winter.  Gonna miss our Ranch Pals Gleason, Pearce & Charlie for sure.  Poncho, Sarah, & all the chickens too.  Maybe catch you guys in the fall again eh:))
DSC_0043 DSC_0030
No reason for us to swing back through south eastern Arizona now so tonight we are already in new territory.  And scenic territory it is too.  From Salton City we headed north & picked up a short cut to I-10 at Mecca.  This is the third time we have used this route.  No point going all the way up to Indio just to play in the traffic.  We joined I-10 near the Southern entrance to Joshua State Park.  It was the same route we used to enter Joshua State Park nearly a year ago.  Today we climbed aboard I-10 near the Park heading east….exact destination unknown.  Would it be a place called Desert Center or Ehrenberg Arizona just northeast of Blythe California.  We’ve been to Blyth & Ehrenberg so I was leaning towards highway 177 heading northeast out of Desert Center simply because it was a totally new area for us.  Kelly agreed & we exited I-10 & headed northeast across the Chuckwalla Valley.
 DSC_0049 DSC_0056
Well, let me tell you…..what a great little boondocking area we have come across.  Flowers galore on the desert floor.  What a bonus find:))))  Soon as we got the rig set up & Jeep unhooked I grabbed my cameras & headed out into the fields of flowers. 
The aroma in the air was heavenly as I strolled along the beach like sandy valley floor.  Desert Verbena, Brittlebush, Dune Evening Primrose & Desert Lilies all combined to not only put on a stunning visual display but combined their fine aromas to fill the air with a heavenly fragrance.  With Spring just around the corner, these fine desert flowers will soon be joined by many of their sweet smelling & multi colored friends.  Oh, & how long will be here…..who knows:))  Aw yes, the great boon docking lifestyle here in the American Southwest………….10-4.
DSC_0068 DSC_0072   
Noticed the following comment in our Shout Mix box yesterday….“Cora has got to be one of the cutest pups I've ever seen. She looks like a Chihuahua/Pug mix?”  Because of that look our little Motormouse has I have always referred to her as a ‘Chipugamug.’  Chihuahua with a Pug mix, and oh what a mug:))  Our little Cora is about 15 now.
DSC_6070 DSC_6066
‘WOW’ do we ever have a smokin hot Verizon connection finally.  Maybe I can get caught up on a stack of emails I have sitting here.
DSC_0023 DSC_0020
Three new Blog Followers tonight.  Jerry & Deb from TWO WITH WANDERLUST, ROBI HUTTON, & STILLHOWLYN IN 2012.  A big thanks to all you folks for dropping in on our annual Snow Birding adventures:))
DSC_0080 DSC_0082
GROANER’S CORNER:((  A family from the hills of Kentucky was visiting the big city for the first time. They stayed in a high rise hotel with a big brass elevator right off of the lobby. The father and son stared at it in amazement, wondering what it was. After staring at it in awe for a few minutes the boy looked up at his dad, "Pa, what do you reckon that there thing is?" he asked. "I don't rightly know, son." the father replied. Just then an old, frumpy woman with curlers in her hair walks up, steps on the elevator and the doors shut behind her. After about 30 seconds the doors opened again and a beautiful, young blonde wearing a mini-skirt walks out. The father leans over to his son and says, "Boy, go and git your Ma!"
-Tourists see the world, travelers  experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of
right  now...AL.


  1. Gorgeous photos Al and Borrego Springs (which we have never been to) will probably be on our list for next year--yep, back to the southwest for us.

  2. Were the amazing flowers photographs taken at Borrego Springs or at your new stop off of 177? Looks good to see spring, we had snow here again on Sunday, nothing stuck but all the new flower buds froze! :-( Have fun exploring!

  3. that Pheebes is such a 'ham'!..great shots of all the desert flowers!!

  4. Glad you found another great boondocking spot for us to add to our lists! LOL

    That little Pheebs is one smart puppy... just keep hanging around you and she will get her chance at all kinds of wonderful treats!

  5. Sounds like another nice area with all the flowers a blooming.
    You plans are like ours, we at the point tomorrow when we head out and are essentially heading back home, don't want to rush we only have two months to get there and lots to see.

  6. We're gonna miss Borrego Springs, Al...Make sure we go again next year, and thanks for the great travel info on it..Hey, after you get your health issues controlled, you and Kelly need to think about a little piece of that area for spend the Winters in..yeah?..Love the flowers in the desert!!

  7. We almost stopped at Desert Center yesterday, looks like a great boon docking area where you are now.Love the flowers.

  8. OMG what beautiful desert flowers and the fragrance, also! Made that lavender expanse my desktop pic. You guys really know how to pick the sites. Thank you for the intro to Borrego Springs. Sounds like a great place for R&R. Almost like being there with your great photos and dialogue. Pheebs is getting real used that lone ham sandwich, luckily this time you had 2.


  9. You have such a talent for picking out great spots. The flowers are so beautiful. Surprising how many people don't realize that the desert has such treasures but they usually appear and disappear pretty quickly. Hmmmm--Pheebs doesn't share the ham sandwich with Motor?? Happy trails.

  10. There is a place that is constantly 70 to 75 degrees out there... it is called San Diego! Don't know if there is too much boondocking going on over there or not though... great pictures tonight Al.

  11. Awesome, AWEsome, AWESOME pics! Do you really want to head home?

  12. the pics w/o flowers...are those etchings in rock ? or is that sand? can't quite figure out what it is.
    BTW Riggs did not teach Pheebs how to steal, honest even though he is quite an expert

  13. What a great tribute to that most incredible of places that is Anza Borrego. At first I thought the flowers had popped up in just the 2 wks. since we left! I quickly grabbed the map to check out your route on 177...thanks for another site to add to our list. We'll be heading to Ajo and Darby Wells. And thanks so much for mentioning our blog.

  14. The photos of the flowering desert are the first pictures I've seen that make the desert look good. As you can probably tell, I'm definitely not enamored with the desert, but the flowers make all the difference. Thanks for showing them.

  15. Picky picky, details!
    There IS a car wash in Borrego Springs! It's at the gas station just east of Christmas circle. For some reason they paint all the quarters they give you - red?
    And, Joshua Tree is a National Park, not a state park. OK, now instead of checking details in someone else's blog, how about I get busy and update my own once in a while??
    PS: I'm not near Ajo anymore ;-)

  16. I'm not typically a person who envies but. . . . I sure do feel a tinge of that reading about your travels out in the southwest this year -- especially in the Anza Borrego area and your latest location. You two are swinging thru the areas that I wandered thru last year for a couple of months. Sure wish I could 'twitch my nose' and waaa-laaa find me and my rv back out there. Just too far to haul clear across from mid-Florida. Maybe next year?!

    Keep those gorgeous desert bloom photos coming and safe travels.