Thursday, November 10, 2011




Definitely needed a warm coat on today with temps barely hauling themselves above the 40F mark.  Big gusting winds in the night not only brought small branches down but ushered in a cold front.  Late this afternoon the sky's darkened, thunder rumbled and we had a short smash of very cold rain and snow showers. That was followed by a beautiful burst of yellowing sunshine low on the horizon.  Crazy weather for this time of year.  

We are pretty much loaded up and ready to go with just the last day stuff coming up Friday so it will be a busy one and I look forward to that.   Kelly upgraded our Star Choice TV coverage today so instead of the basic package we will get a few extra channels on the road this year including History, CNN, Discovery and National Geographic. 

Today I just kind of coasted.  Felt kind of like the lull before the storm because Friday morning things will begin to ramp up very quickly and stay that way until we finally touch down somewhere in a relaxing spot on the other side of the country somewhere. 

With Remembrance Day coming up Friday the History channel has had many programs on related to the two past great wars.  WW1 and WW2.  Being a bit of a history buff I always find these documentary type programs (not movies) interesting.  Found myself kind of glued to the History channel today watching many aging Veterans interviewed and seeing a lot of war film footage I had never seen before.  Also enjoy the modern graphics used to depict and explain how battles happened and events occurred. 



Dennis and Donna over at the CAVE DWELLERS are counting down their final departure days to Louisiana and will be on the road just a couple days after we are.  Donna is another one of those people like myself who is just bursting at the seams right about now counting down the days and hours to getting the show on the road.  Let’s just get out there and ‘git er done’ Donna:))

Fellow RVing friends Rick and Kathy Rousseau from Tecumseh Ontario have just published their first blog, IT'S ABOUT TIME.   They are off to a great start using the Blogger format and have done a fine job in setting it all up.  Driving a truck and fifth wheel I think a lot of folks will identify with their blogs title when they read it:)) 

Noticed today we have a new blog follower so the Bayfield Bunch extends a warm welcome to Caterina Serra.  Nice to have you along as we count down the last couple days before our departure to the great American Southwest.


GROANER'S CORNER:((  While walking along the sidewalk in front of his church, a minister hears the intoning of a prayer that nearly makes his collar wilt.
Investigating, the minister discovers that his five-year-old son and playmates have found a dead robin. The children, feeling that the little bird ought to have a proper burial, have put the bird in a small box and dug a hole for a grave.
As the one chosen to say the appropriate prayers, the minister's son is mimicking his father's sonorous dignity and repeating what he thinks he's heard his father say: "Glory be unto the Faaaather ... and unto the Sonnnn ... and into the hole he gooooes."

-Tourists see the world, travelers  experience it.
-Until one has loved an Animal, their  soul remains un-awakened.
The only thing better than right now  will someday be the memories of
right  now...AL.


  1. Hope you have a safe trip south. I know you've been so anxious to get moving. And I've been meaning to tell you that I am so glad you took Pheebs cause I think she probably has alot more fun at your home. I'm anxious to hear how she is on her first trip south.
    Keep safe.

  2. We're wishing you & Kelly and the rest of the Bayfield Bunch a safe trip and enjoyable time on your trip south. Have fun and enjoy all that nature has to offer.
    Please us updated and making us feel jealous, because we can't go this year.
    Kathy and Rick Rousseau

  3. Your top photo tonight of you road is simply spectacular. Needs to be on a big calendar.

  4. I'm getting so excited for you and can't wait until you get on the road.

  5. As stated, you are a history buff, and have taken a few hours to review world wars and the veterans. I didn't see you say you were going out to attend a local rememberance ceremony though. Get out there and show your respect for the veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice. It's the least you can do to show your appreciation of the life you have and the freedom to follow your dreams.

    Okanagan Al

  6. the departure day is getting closer..I see Pheebs is resting up for the long journey!..
    We are heading east in the morning..heading to Keremeos..need to arrive before 11 to attend the Remembrance Day Ceremony..11/11/11at 11:00
    just read the comment from Okanagan Al..there is an 'edge' to it!

  7. I LOVE that picture of the Pheebs sleeping on the couch.We have a similar one of MOLLY.
    Wishing you a safe and happy journey south. If I see the Bayfieldbunch somewhere I will honk the horn.

  8. Your Canada home looks like it is ready to sleep for the winter. How many years have you been doing this?

  9. Yep...10-4! We have a big family gathering starting tonite and ending Sunday AM..We had snow here yesterday and bitter winds...too cold to do much hauling to the Hiker. Monday down here looks 60 and sunny..YEA!!
    The VFW here has a nice commemoration of Veteran's Day..We honoring our Uncle Jr. tomorrow..Taylor will sing him a song..Travel safe and take plenty of peanut butter! You never know..we might see ya on the up side!

  10. That groaner gave me a real chuckle this morning. Safe travel wishes to the Bunch!

  11. YAY it's departure day!
    Safe travels to y'all as you head to warmer temps!
    I just melted seeing Pheebs "coasting" on the couch!!
    Such a sweet pic. (Don't tell Motormouse I said so! :)

  12. Safe travels - look forward to readed about your winter adventures. Have fun!!

  13. We can't wait for you to hit the road and read about all the places and fun you're going to have.

    You are an inspiration to us all! :c)

  14. WAGONS HO!! Keep your lens dusted off and keep bringing those wonderful Pics and Stories coming!

  15. Al, glad you are finally on the road again. Have a safe trip. Happy Trails to The Bayfield Bunch once again!