Friday, October 07, 2011


Our weather has just been unbelievably nice this week and it is what perfect Autumn daydreams are made of.  The magic is in the air once again and how fortunate for we folks who live in these northern latitudes to experience this beautiful change of Seasons every year.  If I lived in the South I would schedule my vacations for the first weeks of October just to be a part of Autumns majestic days here in the great Province of Ontario.

Had a question about our personal travel insurance.  Our Canadian Health Insurance does not cover Canadians when traveling out of country so it is necessary for Canadian travelers to purchase additional and extended medical coverage for the length of time we travel.  Due to age and medical problems I would venture to say that it is high insurance costs that eventually end the travels of many aging RV'ers.
Here's something that really bugs me....'Giggle Girls'.  I am in the habit of turning on CNN news for a bit early each morning to see what ongoing messes the world has got itself into overnight.  CNN has decided to go with a couple women anchors for the newscasts and I'm sure they have been infused with the 'Happy Gang' approach to anchoring the morning news.  Nothing personally against the ladies but that giggling, flouncing, and animated over the top laughing banter is annoying.  Yes, I know, just change the channel.  I like a news format, either radio or television, with a single announcer delivering a straight forward, factual and giggleless newscast.  NBC's Brian Williams comes to mind as the right way of doing things.
Tonight the Bayfield Bunch welcomes CAROLYN AND GERALD aboard our Blog Followers list. Read your two recent posts folks and am hoping everything turns out well for you. All the best.

We normally receive about two dozen Spam emails a day in our Hotmail account. There was a time when all these Spams were in English. It is now a rarity to see an English speaking spam email come in and I would almost welcome one I could understand. Probably 98% of the Spams are in those oriental characters so am assuming they are all coming from China.
Managed to get my travel Mojo working again today as I busied myself cleaning Motor Home windows.  Took a few pics of our caulking and undercoating jobs as well.  And, it is now official….we will not be leaving October 15th for the 4 Corners area of Colorado as previously planned.  Best guess for getting out of here is now sometime late October or early November and we will probably just head straight for southern Arizona and California.  Maybe next year for the Four Corners…………………..
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'Never leave home without it'.  I remember that credit card commercial years ago but for me it means something different.  Just as Roman soldiers strapped on their swords in the morning and Cowboys strapped on their guns, I too strap on something each morning, but it isn't a gun or sword.  It's my camera.  One of the main reasons for buying my compact Canon Powershot SX210IS digital camera this past winter was to give me easy access to a camera throughout the day.  It conveniently sits in a small holster type pouch on my belt just about where the Cowboys of yesteryear carried their shooting irons.  Convenient and out of the way.  However, I don't think there was ever a Cowboy out there who strapped on his gun and holster......upside down!!!!
Well, I did just that a few days ago and walked around all morning wearing my camera holster upside down with camera inside just waiting to tumble out onto the ground.  Luckily, I am in the habit of zipping up both sides of my belt's camera pouch and that is what saved the camera from a nasty fall.  Another lucky break for AL.   Say, has anyone out there ever put their underwear on backwards:))
GROANER'S CORNER:(( Mike was driving down a lonely country road one cold winter day in Montana when it began to sleet pretty heavily. His windows were getting icy and the wiper blades on his yellow Jeep Wrangler were badly worn and quickly fell apart under the strain.
Unable to drive any further because of the ice building up on his front window he suddenly had a great idea. He stopped and began to overturn large rocks until he located two very lethargic hibernating rattle snakes. He grabbed them up, straightened them out flat and installed them on his blades and they worked just fine.
‘What!!’……. Janna said,  “You've never heard of . . . wind chilled vipers.”
-Tourists see the world, travelers  experience it.
-Until one has loved an Animal, their  soul remains un-awakened.
The only thing better than right now  will someday be the memories of right  now...AL.


  1. Bob Scheifer (CBS) comes to mind as someone who can deliver the news straightforward without trying to entertain me. He's been in the business long enough to know how to filter out news vs. junk.

  2. I cannot standing the stupid banter between news people. I, too, like Brian for my news. Problem is we aren't getting NBC here at this park so I take what I can get. Sorry about your later departure date. Hopefully the weather will stay good for you.

  3. I'm with you on the newscasters/emcees. When I travel and scan the radio for good music, I hear the standard fare, 2 guys and a gal, and their mindless chatter and dumb giggling is the same all over the country.

    I have, and inside out as well.

  4. Too bad you aren't leaving when you planned.But Arizona and California is not too shabby. I'm with you on the news,I like Brian Williams.

  5. Re: putting on your underwear backwards. Everyone has done it from time to time. It is those who don't stop, take them off and turn them around that walk funny all day!

    Only a couple of dozen spam? We get a couple of hundred every day, but that is because I have a commercial web site and we have had the same email address for 12 years. Craig catches most with spam filters, but he still reviews about sixty per day in the final filter and maybe four get thru that can't be kept out at all.

    do you use any filters?

  6. Happy Thanksgiving weekend. This may be a dumb question but I'm there a traditional Canadian menu for here in the USA most celebrate with a big turkey dinner?

    Hope you are underway to the great southwest soon.

  7. I thoroughly enjoy our local news cast! bc is our favourite on Saturday mornings!

  8. Haha, loved that groaners corner,,,,
    Just like I told mike and Janna, ya better get outta Dodge while the gettin's good. I have overstayed a time or two,,,big storm. Not a pretty picture!!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! I agree with you about Brian Williams...That's one thing about a cannot put it on backwards..:-P

  10. I read a comment on our blog first thing this morning about "wind chilled vipers," and thought what the heck does that mean?? Now I know, good one Al.

  11. Our Canadian Health Insurance does not cover Canadians when traveling out of country...

    This is actually a misleading statement, Al. If you are covered under OHIP, and need out of country care, they will reimburse you for emergency medical up to whatever the same procedure would have cost had you had to have it done in Ontario. In Mexico, costs are cheaper than in Canada so we don't require unnecessary medical insurance. In the USA, we would end up being out of pocket for the difference.

  12. I can see why you like that shop you take your RV to, they did a fantastic job. Nice to see someone that takes pride in their work, a rare thing nowadays.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Maybe you can stop at the Four Corners area on your way home. I like the picture of the birds in the tree.

  14. Don't give up on 4 Corners completely. The weather may not be so bad that you can not see some of the area.
    I would have a Plan 'A' that would include 4 Corners and Plan 'B' that did not. Would make my final decision based on the weather after I got on the road and reached the 'Seperation Point'.

    I hope I get to see you again while you are at The Ranch. I'll be in Huachuca City for most of November and probably three weeks of December.

  15. Al,
    You might want to check out the BBC World news in the morning. It's on from 0500 or 0600 weekday mornings to 0800. On BBC America. It's also on our PBS station at 0500, 0600, and 0700 for a half hour. Not sure you would have acess to our public broadcasting stations (and, if you do, I'm going to whine as we don't get any Canadian stations), but you might get the BBC.

  16. Agree with you on Brian Williams and that is interesting that you have to buy additional insurance if you travel out of Canada. I guess that is one way to keep those vipers going...