Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I could have sworn the little Cardinal was somewhere right in our living room this morning as it startled me out of a semi-sleepy state.  The clock said 5:35 a.m. so figured the little fella just outside our window must have slept in.  A gentle rain for most of the night left us with cloudy skies & a calm warm morning.
This may end up being a short post because we have to leave mid afternoon for St. Thomas Ontario, meet Lexi & then drive back home arriving sometime early evening.  Might not feel much like starting a post at that time but we'll see.
When we set out on our doggy search we knew enough not to try replacing Checkers with Checkers or Max with Max.  Online, we looked at & considered a wide variety of dogs.  One Australian Shepherd looked interesting but had a habit of killing chickens so we thought better of that.  If we end up at the Arizona ranch this winter....they have chickens.  A Lab we emailed about was already gone as well as a several other dogs.  We found that we began leaning back towards Border Collie's again for several reasons.

Between Max & Checkers we have over 13 years of experience with that particular type of dog.   Checkers was a purebred & Max was a mix.  We are familiar with their temperaments & habits.  They are a gentle breed & highly intelligent.  They are easy to train because they are eager to please.  Max won 1rst prize when him & I took a dog obedience class together back in 98.  We have his certificate & red ribbon hanging on the wall.
Most Border Collies happen to be black & white so yes, most of them are going to look like Checkers.  So let me just emphasize once again that no, we know better than to think we are wanting to replace Checkers with Checkers!!  Just like people, every dog has it's very own special personality & all animal lovers know & understand that.
Several people have recently asked why I call our little Cora.....Motormouse.  I wrote a post about that back in December of 2010.  I have a habit of giving animals nicknames so had lots of nicknames for our guys.  That post is here at  NICKNAMES.
The segment  of that post which in part pertains to Cora is this....."I never much cared for the name of Cora which she brought with her when she came to stay with us. After watching her energized playful personality years ago, she became the ‘Motormouse.’ She was like a little high energy Mouse with a high powered Motor flying around all over the place.  A Mouse with a Motor.......Motormouse:)) 
My current name for her now is, ‘Beans.’ That comes from the fact she wakes up some mornings raring to rip & just ‘full of beans.’ She is also commonly referred to by me as, ‘Weiner Dog,’ ‘Weiner,’ ‘Weinerly Beans', ‘Buffalo Beans,’ ‘Muffin Face,’ ‘Schnootz,’ ‘Mouse,’ ‘Beansy Bum,’ ‘Motor,’ ‘Frog’ ‘Baby Beans,’ ‘Bat Face,’ ‘Beaner,’ & ‘Beanzy."

OK, it's off to St. Thomas we go..........................1:35 p.m.
OK, we're back...............6:45 p.m.
Well, let me just start this right off by saying.....WE LOVED HER:)))))  She was way more than we expected.  I may not know much about plumbing or how to hook up an electrical outlet.  I may not know how to do a brake job on a car or change the spark plugs but I do know which end of a camera to look through & I do know about dogs!!  I knew within seconds of meeting Lexi that she had 'that something special' about her & that feeling never left me for the entire half hour we were there.
We were able to gather more info about Lexi from her Foster Mom, Kathy.  Border Collies have a herding instinct like no other & the people who too her home last Sunday said she kept trying to herd their other dog all over the place.  It proved too much for the people & they brought Lexi back.  We're glad they did:))  We found out about Lexi's background & where she came from.  Everything checked out fine with us.  Her easy going nature & obvious intelligence were very noticeable.  Little Cora wasn't too sure but Lexi was gentle with her & I saw Lexi slip her a couple of smooches.  I know they would end up being best Buddies.  She would be just the perfect match for the Bayfield Bunch & be right at home with us.
So, now the tough part begins.  With the other couple coming all the way from Toronto on Saturday we have no choice but to wait it out until early next week some time to find out if Lexi will be ours.  Kelly & I couldn't help but wonder later why someone would come all the way from Toronto to London to see a dog when there must be literally thousands of dogs needing homes in the Toronto area.  Well, not for us to speculate.  We just have to be patient & wait it out now...........
THE LAST PARAGRAPH:  Remember how when you were a little boy or girl & you really wanted something bad.  Remember those expectations, the excitement, the worry, the doubting, the dreaming & the crying.  Remember those days......I do.
GROANER'S CORNER:((  A three-year-old boy went with his dad to see a new litter of Labrador puppies. On returning home, he breathlessly informed his mother, "There were three boy Labrador puppies and four girl Labrador puppies."
"How did you know that?" his mother asked.
"Daddy picked them up and looked underneath," he replied. "I think it is printed on their bottoms.
The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right
now...... AL.


  1. I am so glad you loved little Lexi. You sound like excellent humans for her. But that other family coming such a long distance sounds like they may be committed in their minds already. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and for Lexi.

  2. Oh, Al, I LOVE her. My two Labs were total opposites in every respect, but both were wonderful in every respect.

    I've always sort of felt that dogs grow into their names. Jack is Jack-there's no doubt about it, but he's just as used to being called "sweet boy". When Lizzie was here, they would come to "boy dog" or "girl dog".

    Have everything that I can cross, crossed that Lexi is yours. She certainly is beautiful. It sure looks like love at first sight to me.

  3. She's beautiful !!!! She looks like a gentle soul.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    Good luck.

  4. I hope your wanted dream comes true.

  5. Wonderful!

    I had a boarder collie (probably a mix) as a child. His name was Teddy and he adopted our family after following my parents and the neighbors on a New Years Eve "Round Robin" party. Ours was the last house and it was a bitter cold night. My Dad brought him in and he never left. He lived to be sixteen and was a dear old man in the end.

    I remember taking him for walks so I could meet boys.

    Craig and I adopted a border collie when we lived in the country in Wisconsin. He had some behavior problems and would bolt our the door and go for a run by himself. A farmer neighbor shot him because he chased the cows.

    They are wonderful dogs, but need a strong master and lots of attention. I didn't know enough about dogs to break ours from chasing cows. You were probably smart to not get the chicken killer.

    Hope Lexi comes home with you.

  6. Lexi is a beautiful dog, and I will keep my fingers crossed that you and Kelly and Motormouse will be her new family.

  7. Oh, she is beautiful. I am so praying she gets to go home with the Bayfield Bunch. I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear so I can imagine how much worse it is for you guys.

  8. Nice looking dog, hope everything works out for you.

  9. Keeping our fingers crossed for you Al.
    Yes I know that feeling all too well.


  10. Lexi is a beautiful dog. She definitely has her own personality and would be a great dog for you and Kelly. Hope things work out.
    Waiting sure is hard when it comes to pets...she will have a great home with you guys

  11. Lexi is so pretty,she looks like a nice dog, not fair you won't find out until next week,don't they know there will be several hundred people waiting with you and Kelly

  12. Love your new header picture. You did a great job getting the two of you in a wonderful photo.

    I also like your new picture on the blog, Al. You look better when you're smiling...and that's the way I believe you are most of the time.

    We will keep our fingers crossed concerning Lexi. She certainly looks like a wonderful dog. You sure do know how to pick 'em. Hope it works out for her to become part of The Bayfield Bunch.

  13. What a great choice, Al, I have my fingers crossed as well that it works out and Lexi is yours. You know when it's right

  14. I'll say a little prayer that all works out for you guys and Lexi.

  15. We are hoping that you get good news about Lexi!

  16. Lexi is as beautiful as you said she would be!..her coat is so shiny!!...hoping she will be part of the Bayfield Bunch!!!..hoping and praying...we all know what is like to want something so badly you can almost taste it..
    here is hoping you win the prize!!!

  17. Reminds me of when Russ found Poppy at the shelter. Someone else was looking at her pretty seriously and Russ told the attendant, "If they don't take her, I will." They didn't and he did and the rest is history. I so hope it works out as well for you and Lexi. She is so beautiful.

  18. Oh Al, Lexi looks to be a really beautiful dog. It must be so hard for you both to have to wait. I love the way she gave the Motormouse a couple of smooches. That has to be a good sign.
    Little Cora has quite a collection of names there and I bet she answers to all of them! She looks one tired little girl resting in the car, it's definately hard work meeting future family members!
    Still keeping things crossed for you all.

  19. Al, I'm keeping you, Kelly, wee Mouse and Lexi in my thoughts and heart with hopes that you will all soon be family. Remember, though, that what is to be, will be . . . just in case. Maggie also has other names, as have all my critters. She is Maggie, Maggie Mae, Maggs, Monkey Face, Stumpy Legs, Widget, Diminutive Dog (DD for short), Devil Dog and my Little Sugar Cube. She and I are up early getting ready to vacuum the office. Waiting is soooo hard, but hang in there. Lots of folks are rootin' for you all!

  20. Wow Al, Lexi is a beautiful dog..I an so scared the other folks will take her...but pray they won't. What happens will happen and it will be for a reason/ Just don't be to depressed my friend if it don't happen... My heart and thoughts are with you!

  21. All my dogs have/had Nicknames too. And they knew all of them as I'm sure yours did too! Good luck with Lexi.

  22. Lexi looks like everything you and Kelly are looking for...Hope it all works out for you..

  23. Lexi is beautiful and I am praying for your dream of owning her happens...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  24. Didn't read all the other 24 comments, so this is probably a repeat of all of them. We sure hope you get Lexi -- you will be richer, she will be richer, and the Motormouse will be corralled!

  25. Al, if the other folks want Lexi, do they get her? Or does the foster family/rescue organization make the decision based on what they think is best for Lexi?

    I'm with Russ - I really like the new photo of you on your blog!

  26. My fingers and toes are crossed for you that Lexi joins your "bunch" she is a pretty girl! Martha

  27. Doesn't seem quite right that a second couple would have the option to take Lexi. They should have been able to see the instant connection you, Kelly and Cora had with her. I truly hope there is no disappointment for your bunch and that you get to add Lexi.

    Bev in Halifax

  28. awww Lexi is gorgeous....hopefully the foster association decides that you folks are the better family for she will have a little sister with have the experience, you have the total understanding of her breed and the pictures show that she loved you also...everything is crossed here for you folks...will be anxiously awaiting updates early next week...praying she joins your family...

    Rick, Tucker and Lilly too

  29. I sure hope she comes home to the Bayfield Bunch!

  30. It's wonderful that you're looking at bringing a new doggie life into your family. I do hope Lexi puts in a good word for you. She looks just perfect!