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Herman’s Hermits had a song in the mid 60’s called ‘Mrs Brown You Have A Lovely Daughter'.’ There is a line in that song that goes, ‘second verse, same as the first’ & that pretty well sums up my day. Today was basically a repeat performance of yesterday as I spent the entire day working away at our shed clean up. Judy wondered what we were doing with all our stuff & I can say that our burning barrel has been working overtime. The Jeep is loaded to the rafters with stuff destined for the Goodwill & Kelly has made a couple dumpster runs.

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Ruth & Ken at FIVE-JUST ROLLING DOWN THE ROAD have just lost their beloved dog Maggie. Having recently lost our Max & Checkers a few months ago our feelings & thoughts are with them & their remaining dog Jackson & rescue cat, Arthur. We understand oh to well how you are feeling right now. I hope Maggie gets to meet Max & Checkers.

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While working away at the shed clean-up today I got to thinking about RV people.  Who are they, where do they come from & why do they live the way they do in the types of rolling homes they do.  It is my opinion that RV people, whether Full Timers, Snow Birders or Week-end Campers are a very special breed of people.  We have met fellow RV'ers in our travels both on the road & on the internet & they all share a common bond.  They are all very fine caring folks sharing the love of travel & the outdoors.  All of the Full Timer's have had to make some very big life changing decisions at some point in their lives to transition from a stationary lifestyle to a fully mobile lifestyle.  I admire the courage, conviction & dedication that takes.  I admire the Snow Birds for having the same frame of mind & making their dreams happen whenever they can.  Same for the week-enders as they show a love for getting out & into nature even if it's only a few weekends here & there.

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It is the overall willingness & challenge of change that sets RV'ers apart from many other types of people.  Not afraid to try something different, not afraid to be somebody different.  As soon as many RV Folks announce to friends & family they are planning on a Gypsy lifestyle, friends & family are often dismayed & view them as 'different.'  A typical reaction might be..."What, are ya nuts!!!!  Personally, I love & welcome that 'different' label:))  For all of us it is just the way we happily are.  And for some of us, the term 'different' takes us out even a little farther.

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Within the RV community, Kelly & I are not quite your normal RV folks.  It has been my experience that your typical RV'er is very outgoing, friendly, extremely sociable, loves food & loves talking about food.  Happy hours are big as are RV rallies.  In general, RV people just love to get together & hang out with fellow RV folks.  Always there to lend a hand with a recipe, a BBQ tong & a word of advice.  Always helpful.  Of course there are many variations in all this but I think you understand what I mean when I say it is a great community of people all around. 

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Within the community we all have our likes, dislikes, preferences & ways of doing things.  As readers know, Kelly & I are not RV Park people, we're not big on museum type stuff or touristy spots & we generally keep ourselves away from cities of any kind.  We prefer staying off the Interstates & enjoy the peace & excitement of traveling secondary roads wherever possible.  I think the majority of RV folks love the big RV rallies but we avoid them.  But, I must confess that up until last winter we had been to Quartzsite 4 years in a row.  Yikes!!  But, I must  also add, we boondocked far away from the maddening crowds. 


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The vast majority of RV'ers we know do not mind being camped close to or around other people but that's not for us & we go way out of our way to find quiet spots where our nearest neighbor is Mother Nature herself.  Again, while most of the people we know are content to stay in one spot for months at a time or even the whole winter, Kelly & I are again different, especially me.  I like to stay on the move with maybe not staying any longer in one spot than a couple weeks or maybe a month.  I always look forward to the exciting challenge of change, something new, something different.

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Some people's travel priorities are other people.  Meeting up with & staying with friends & families.  Some people are just people people.  Again, Kelly & I fall off the chart here.  For me it is all about scenery & beauty of the land.  I love the tranquil starry desert nights, the days of peace & serenity that for me can only be found in the quietness of nature itself.  Both Kelly & I share these feelings but I am probably a little more over the top about it. 

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Regardless of likes & dislikes, disagreements & occasional clashes of opinion I think we RV folks have one of the greatest communities & lifestyles going on out here in the world.  And let me quickly hasten to add the RV Blogging world as well.  Some of us may have had our tiffs with each other along the way but I still feel we are like a band of Brothers & when something good or bad happens to any one of us, we all feel personally involved & care deeply.  Some of us like Kelly & I may not be rushing over to sit around your happy hour campfire rings, attend your rallies or head off to the city shopping with you.  We may not be going for walks, long drives or eating at fine restaurants with you but you are all in our thoughts & you are all important people in our lives.  I try to make that apparent each night here in the blog.  It is so much easier & comfortable for me to communicate with everyone from right here at the keyboard than it is to talk with people face to face.  I do not consider myself a great conversationalist so when Donna from the CAVE DWELLINGS left the following comment on my post the other day, I sent her a silent 'thank-you.'  She said, "I think you are still a real sociable guy..through your fingertips..that's how you do it now!!"

Thank You:))



An English professor wrote the words: "A woman without her man is nothing" on the chalkboard and asked his students to punctuate it correctly.

All of the males in the class wrote:
"A woman, without her man, is nothing."

All the females in the class wrote:
"A woman: without her, man is nothing."

Sorry guys, but you know the lady folks are right....AL:))

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right
now...... AL.


  1. I do like the social aspects of RVing but for short periods of time only. I guess that's why, when we're parked in Apache Junction so Jim can fish, I don't know anybody's names in our park. We've been there three years now and I really don't know anybody. Too much commitment otherwise. But isn't it wonderful that we are all different. And isn't it wonderful that you found Kelly who understands and wants to share your lifestyle.

  2. Appreciate your thoughts on RVers and RV Bloggers. Yes we all are different and hopefully we can accept our differences and still enjoy each others' company, whether in person around a campfire or just by "visiting" online. It's all good.

    Great photos of Valley of Fire.

  3. you have 'hit the nail on the head'...we all can agree to disagree but when push comes to shove we are all here for each other!!..great analogy into the rving is the difference in preferences that makes it all so interesting and intriguing!

  4. Like most bloggers, I follow a large number of blogs. Some I skip over and some, after skipping a number of times, I drop.

    I always look forward to reading your posts. I have never skipped a one since I started following you.

    I like your brand of conversation, and seeing the beauty of our world thru your eyes has been a real treat.

    If you don't join a happy hour, you still share with us all thru your blog.

  5. I wanna also visit this place with my family...dis is best place to making holidays.

  6. Al, This is a great post and you've covered all of the different RVer personalities yet linked by common bonds. As we head to fulltiming, your thoughts will help to explain our motives when we can't find the words to do so.

    Selene, NC

  7. Good Morning Al & Kelly,
    You just described Rick & I :) Just like the two of you.

  8. ..and a thanks to you, Al...for being a quietly thoughtful and kind soul, a friend to all of nature and it's flora and fauna..and for just being you..
    By the way, who was that guy with the beard and flannel shirt in those pictures?...:-))

  9. I would also have to agree with Donna about being sociable "through your fingertips". However I would also add "through your eyes" as well. Your photos are awesome.

  10. Al, you really know how to break down barriers between people. We maybe on the same path but for different reasons. Nature is best enjoyed quietly and with reverence for its awesome beauty. Hope to be out there some day soon myself visiting those great places. Not fond of crowds myself. Love people and conversation but love my alone time.


  11. Love your blog today Al! It is so true...

    As you said :

    " They are all very fine caring folks sharing the love of travel & the outdoors."

    This is the first and most important thing we have in common and the one I feel so comfortable with.

    And this part of what you said is what describes me the most, it's as if you where in my mind...I guess I am a little over the top!

    "For me it is all about scenery & beauty of the land. I love the tranquil starry desert nights, the days of peace & serenity that for me can only be found in the quietness of nature itself. Both Kelly & I share these feelings but I am probably a little more over the top about it."

    For years now, I have made my life and plans in a way that I can spent as much time in the southwest as possible. From the first day I was there in june of 1995, it was instant is now part of me...

    We will be snowbirding for the first time this year, and I hope we can do it for many years.

    For me, doing this is a dream come true.

    Have a nice one Al!

  12. Al todays post was fabulous... As always you entertained us with your accurate accounts of the different lifestyle choices. GREAT photos along with a great post!
    Have a super day

  13. Well said! I love the RV lifestyle because of this diversity you describe. I do not enjoy large cities but prefer ghost towns to explore etc.

    So many times yours posts will describe how I am feeling. Scary, isn't it!

  14. And some of us are deep thinkers, like you, and some of us are not, like me. I just try to take life as it comes and roll with the punches. :)

  15. So often we are like you... we enjoy the peace and quiet and solitude of the boondocking and rural areas ... when we socialize, it's fine for just a day or so, but we do like our peacefulness. Nothing can be nicer than kicking back in a lawn chair and just drinking in the view... without other campers or civilization getting in the way!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  16. Al, good write-up of your style, different as it is from so many of us. We kind of think of RVers as a continuum, with you and Kelly at one end, and Rick and Paulette pretty close to the other end. And we are fond of both of you couples. We'd place ourselves slightly off-center, toward your end of the spectrum, not enjoying BIG rallies, but going to some smaller ones, learning to get out and away a little more now than before, and really not terribly sociable in a new location. We like RV parks, but seldom use the amenities. We don't travel with pets, but are happy to have neighbors with well-behaved and quiet animals. Could go on, but it's time for breakfast!

  17. GREAT post! You are so right...RVers are a different breed and that is a GOOD thing!! Within this community there are soooo many different personalities and that is what makes it so special.
    You speak volumes to us through the lens of your camera and keyboard and we love it!!

  18. Yes, Al, you do socialize very well with your fingertips & photos. As a US Navy veteran, I've found the RVing community much like the military community: we're all different with different interests & ways of living - BUT, we are also 'all in the same boat'. It makes it much easier to help each other, concentrate on the similarities & commonalities, & respect the differences. We're all friends, we just haven't all met yet!

  19. Well said Al! You have an excellent grasp on what is going on around you, and always make all your readers feel welcome!

  20. Yep I agree, you do good Al. Personalities are different. Ms Pat is real sociable and I'm just the opposite. It works out well for us, she does all the socal stuff and lets me do my thing..
    Its great!!

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