Tuesday, March 01, 2011


It is rare for me not to publish comments, good or bad but this morning was an exception & I chose not to publish 3 accusatory comments.  In fact, one was so rude that Kelly suggested I not read it, & I didn’t.  This is my third attempt to write the blog tonight & I am going to try very hard to keep a lid on my feelings about all this.  My first two attempts were written in anger & I have to stay away from that!!

The negative comments were in regards to Kelly picking up some lemons by the side of the road next to an orchard yesterday.   If you look at the photo you will see the lemons have have already been picked from the trees with the exception of the one on our dash with leaves on it.  I’m sure it would have rotted on the tree if left there anyway.  Kelly first spotted the other lemons on the ground as we were driving.    In Ontario where we have many apple orchards it is no big deal to stop & pick up fallen apples on the ground. 

For somebody to accuse us of taking someone’s livelihood away by picking up those lemons is in my opinion uncalled for & way over the top!!’   

Unfortunately, both Kelly & I let this cloud our whole day.  It is highly unusual to see Kelly feeling down about something but today was one of those very rare days for her & that in itself is upsetting to me. 

Criticism I grew up with & understand.  Suggestions from readers I take to heart.  Mistakes in the blog pointed out by readers are welcomed & if there is something confusing about a topic I go back & try to rewrite & explain it.  But, to be accused of stealing someone’s livelihood & whatever that other blog comment had in it is where I draw the line.  Enough is enough!! 

Now, it is up to me to resolve my anger with all this & get things back into perspective!!  I am not up to writing about our Jeep trip to Split Mountain & the Wind Caves today or post any photos.  Maybe tomorrow……..


  1. Al,just ignore them. I know how you feel. Posts like that always upset me too and I usually just deleted them but they affected my mood for days.

  2. Don't let negative people get to you! I really enjoy reading your blog everyday and your photos are wonderful. Can't be out there ourselves, so we live vicariously through your blog and the others that I enjoy reading.

    B Hart

  3. when we went to the fruit stand the other day there were lemons laying on the road,and we were hard pressed to find a tree with fruit on it for a pic. There was lots on the ground though.

  4. good lord..what is wrong with people??..geesh!...so sorry to hear that the two of you have had a bad day because of someone who feels the need to spoil a great day!...
    I know you are have mixed feelings of anger and disappointment but it was only a few lemons for heavens sake!..
    You are hardly stealing someone's livelihood!..those nasty commenters need to get over themselves!..Doug's brother has an orchard and if the fruit is on the ground he doesn't sell it!..we probably would have done the same thing as you!..fresh lemons even if they are on the ground!..yummy..go ahead and make some lemonaide and say 'cheers to the negative comments'!
    have a lovely evening and we look forward to your post tomorrow!..another jeep adventuure!..yippee!!!

  5. Having lived in CA for several years, and having kids who live here, I know that virtually everyone takes fruit from branches that overhang the fence on their side. This would be no different if it was along a roadway. Anyone with a fruit bearing tree would welcome someone picking and using the fruit rather than let it go to waste.

    Two of my kids live next door to folks with lemon trees, and it is just accepted that they pick the fruit they can reach.

    There is a mean spirit lately that is getting noticeably worse, and I don't know what to do about it either. It's hard to ignore when someone makes accusatory or rude remarks, but I don't know what else you can do.

    I really empathize with you and Kelly - it sets me back for days when that happens to me, but I've decided I'm not going to let it happen any more, because then the rude and ugly people accomplish what they are trying to do in the first place.

  6. If they know they got to you they win. Don't give them any publicity just ignore them. Take your lemons and make lemon aid.

  7. wow... I didnt read the lemons blog or the comments, but I feel for you both. Jeff and I tend to let things like that cloud our day and mood too.
    Well you have our support! We will be in Borrego Springs in a few weeks and we plan to pick up whatever lemons we find beside the road, just like we did last time. They sit there and rot. So screw em whatever they said!

  8. Some people just have to 'piddle' on everyone's parade. Don't let them get to you Al. There's a rotten one in every barrel. When life throws you lemons..well you know the rest.

  9. I generally go ahead and post comments, even if I don't agree with them. If I feel strongly enough, I may rebut the comment such as you have done here tonight, but I feel strongly that my readers have a good sense of right and wrong and will make the proper decision about things that are said.

    I guess I am trusting that enough people will come down on my side of things to not get into a toot about those that would disagree. This is a public blog and thus is open to civil discussion.

    I didn't think anything about Kelly picking up some of the fruit that the producers had passed over. But if she openly went into the orchard and picked a bag of prime product before they could be harvested, that is probably not acceptable. But we all know that you guys know that!


  10. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
    Which is what I hope you did with them.

  11. Hey Guys, just blow them off! Sadly, the world is filled with moralistic Dicks, who have nothing better do do with their lives, but to find things that others are doing that are not up to their standards.
    Happy travels,

  12. Comon' Al... sheesh! Toughen up a little! There are more idiots out there than you realize... and you've got to let these things spin upside-down and roll off your back. Just ignore and go on with your life. You can't let them bother you one wit.

  13. I'm going to play a bit of a devil's advocate here, and say that you didn't state that the orchard had been harvested, and the lemons came from the side of the road (in last night's post). The pictures kind of suggested that she just went into the orchard and picked (snitched) them.

    I did not comment on that post since I was a bit shocked. Your explanation tonight clears that up for me. Thank you. Sometimes we use an unfortunate word or phrase (snitched) that has repurcusions we don't know about, nor intend.

  14. A fallen lemon on a roadside is on public property. It's for the taking. Some folks need to try hard and seriously find a LIFE!!! You don't need these fuddy duddies poluting your blog. Carry on folks!!

  15. Goodness, what a to do!!! I didn't even give that a 2nd thought, saw nothing wrong with it at all.

  16. Sorry about the negative comments - WE enjoyed your blog as always and were so pleased to see Kelly out and about on her "bum" knee -- take care and keep up the great writing and photos!!


  17. Dear Al and Kelly
    We read your blog EVERY DAY, and we just want you to know that you guys have enriched our lives, and provided us with a ton of info and entertainment.
    Now, get back out there, and start taking some more of those AWESOME photos, so we can keep dreaming about our time to come !!
    We very much appreciate all members of the Bayfield Bunch !!
    Sincerely, Trent and Teresa

  18. Hey guys, when I was little, we had neighbors that grew these huge raspberry bushes.
    So large in fact, that they grew through the fence and into the alleyway.
    As kids, we didn't feel like it was stealing if we picked the raspberries would have been missed by the neighbor (he never went into the alley to get them).

    I'm not sure what the comment was about, but my take is that if it's on the ground, or the other side of the fence, I say it's free reign. period.

    Remember Al/Kelly, this is the internet.
    No one is actually hearing you talk, or being able to rebuttle like we do in real life.
    Everyone can interpret a post in a different light and read what they want into it.
    Some of those folks maybe had the raspberry bush that the kids "stole" from because it overgrew into public property?
    Who knows.
    What you DO know however, is that you ARE good people.

    That wasn't theft.
    At least that is how I see it.
    But then I have been reading your blog long enough to know that you would not steal anything.

    If those readers knew you, perhaps they would retract their statement and carry on.
    That's how you should play it too. Just carry on. Don't let it get your goat. Not worth it.

    Take care, and drive safe!
    Cant' wait to see the pictures tomorrow!!!!

  19. Those trees had obviously been picked, and the fruit you see there was missed. The pickers will not come back to get the missed fruit, not worth their time. Besides, commercial lemons are picked green, and ripened in the packing houses to meet demand. Ripe lemons would spoil before they got to market. It also appears that they recently went through the orchard and trimmed the trees to make it easier to pick the next crop. These lemons were going to eventually drop off the trees and rot.

  20. Al, I spent some summers of my childhood in Bayfield, then the next 15 years in Scottsdale, living in suburban citrus groves. Now I live in Santa Barbara where avocado groves are everywhere.

    You and Kelly are fine. The problem is the internet. People who don't know you can make snap judgments and post them. Please don't let them bring you down.

  21. I agree with the above kind comments - we hope you made and enjoyed lemonade! Those negative comments of any kind should not be welcomed. You go Kelly girl, you did nothing in error and I am from Ontario and we also picked up the discarded apples, and did a further good deed by giving some of them as treats to the local farm horses.

  22. Al,
    It is waaay to easy to sit back and take cheap pot shots at people who actually have a life. I’ll bet if you could follow those critics around for a couple of days and scrutinize every move that they make, you could find plenty of mud to throw at them. It’s a shame that a couple of people would take such a MINOR EVENT and try to make a big issue out of it. Don’t let these mental midgets hijack your blog. If they think that they are so perfect, let them write a blog and give us a chance to criticize their daily life.
    Life is too short. Enjoy the time that you have left. Thanks for blogging.
    Christopher (the jeep guy)

  23. Egad...some people need to get a life. I agree with the above comments. No one is going to come back and get the last missed pieces of that orchard. Leaving fruit rotting on the ground draws citrus rats...not a good thing. You did them a favor! So there.... ;-)

  24. If you don't have something kind to say, just keep your darn mouth/keyboard shut!

    Al & Kelly,

    I really enjoy your blog:) Please don't let ugly comments from a few bu**heads dampen your spirits.

    Mark & Nancy

  25. Being the daughter of a long-ago Arizona AG Commissioner, I can assure those negative posters that this is de rigueur for growers. The pickers/growers leave fruit (and lettuce and melons) that are too large and too ripe to ship or sell. They also leave fruit for the gleaners like ME (and Kelly). Kelly, you were fine. Al, kiss 'em off. They were wrong.


  26. Tell them to go SUCK A LEMON! John Corbett Daegu Air Base South Korea.

  27. I understand your anger. Being called a thief is a terrible thing.

    Kelly, it's almost laughable that anyone who visits this blog regularly would make that statement since you and Al are as honest as the day is long.

    Shame on them, whoever they are. They owe you an apology. Not that you'll ever get one.

    Carry on, life's too short to waste your energy on people who don't know or value you. The heck with them.

    kind regards,

  28. You have one of the best blogs out there. Really look forward to reading about your adventures and enjoying your photos and your excellent postings. Don't let it get you down. If picking a lemon off the ground is your worst offense you are close to sainthood in this world.

  29. I am with you guys all the way Al, some people just have a gripe about everything, having been around the country all my life, you did nothing wrong, and I applaud your defense of Kelly, Let those who criticize, show how exemplary they are to have that right.Were all in your corner. be safe out there . Sam, & Donna...

  30. Some people are so childish. You write so many good and honest things for all of us to enjoy. Please don't let a couple of idiots ruin our straight talking AL. My Dad always use to say that what was on the ground was waste, so she did the right thing by picking it up.

  31. Al and Kelly, I want to encourage you to keep blogging exactly the way you always have - you have one of the best RV blogs out there.

    It is entertaining, informative, great pictures and you always provide a chuckle every day. I read you daily as do hundreds of other people, and we all know that you are honest, open and trustworthy people.

    Hope you enjoyed the lemons! We'll have to remember that day's blog as the "lemon-gate" blog!

    Bill (in the snow in Ontario).

  32. The only question I have Al, is why did you write about it? These sick people love attention and with 30 plus comments are getting what they wanted. Having said that, I guess by posting this comment I am also guilty of falling into their trap.


  33. Oh, yeah...Blogging can have it's "disappointments"...and we throw ourselves out there for all to see....and comment on. Some comments really hurt, and that's exactly the goal of the "commenter"..
    You and Kelly take a deep breath, take a lovely walk in those desert mountains you so love, give each other a big hug...and shake it off. Just remember...You can't fix "stupid"..and Keep on bloggin'!

  34. You know the saying when life hands you a lemon make lemonaide... Well those people were petty and have nothing better to do then ruin someones day... It's not like it was a bushell and you were going to sell them. Don't let it bother you those people wanted to get under your skin!
    Travel safe & try to enjoy your day!

  35. So sad to hear that people are taking it upon themselves to "police" fruit picking ( and just about everything else). We worked in agriculture for years. We know first hand that what is left over from harvest is far game. Also, alot of times the grower will gladly give the pickers "extra" to take home. It is simple, go into a field or orchad and pick - wrong! Pick what is on the ground or left over - OK! These are just lemons! People need to pay more attention to themselves, then what others are doing.

  36. I am so sad for you and Kelly...I sure miss the pictures this morning...cant wait to get back the Bayfield bunch I love so much...

    Love you


  37. Rude, obnoxious commenter's just make me laugh rather than get me angry. Sometimes, it's better to just put their words out there so that everyone can see what they are and maybe even who they are.

    Folks who think they may be better than someone else are really no better than bigots and deserve to be treated as such.

    Personally, I wouldn't spend 2 secs even thinking about them let alone spending energy worrying about what they said.

  38. Kelly & Al, I love your blog, so please don't let others hurt you. Also, I have a orange & grapefruit tree you are welcome to come pick off fresh anytime. Acutally anyone is, as we don't like grapefruit, but maintain the tree for the neighbors.

    Travel safe :)

  39. Al
    Elvis was the king of rock and roll.As far as I'm concerned you are the king of the blogs.You report to us every day and help keep us going,your pictures allow us to dream the dream,you also bring laughter to lighten our days. When you get to the top some people always try to knock you down.These people are full of jealousy and they try to take it out on the winners. Al you are a WINNER don't ever forget that. Take care Al.

  40. Very interesting that I dropped in and read this post. Jayne dropped me an email that said you might be wondering where my blog went (Life In The Second Half) and I wanted to stop by and invite you to my new one. You will see the similarities when you read the second post of my new blog...


    Thank you so much for asking after me.

  41. I just started reading your blog yesterday. I loved the pictures!! Keep up the good work.

  42. What is the meaning of snitches? I ask because in all fairness, you did say below the lemon pictures that ----- Kelly snitches some lemons from one of the many orchards.

    It seems that more than one person took that literally and the photo of Kelly looking at lemons still on the trees seems to support that they may have been snitched just as you said.

    Perhaps it is understandable why a few individuals thought the way they did.

    It is still no excuse for allegedly making abusive comments but none of us here really know what was said in those comments anyway.

    I hope you will post this opposing view as well as the support ones.

  43. I apologize. No harm intented and I hope you can understand another point of view. "Snitched lemons from a local orchard" as quoted from your blog is one thing and picking lemons from the ground after the crop has been harvested is another in my opinion. I am sorry that my comment has upset you and that was certainly not my intention. My comment was more on human nature that each can choose where the line is crossed. Please accept my apologies for upsetting you both.

  44. The "delete comment" feature is often our favorite one.

    Someone that uptight has his undies in a wad and needs to lighten up. Who want's that kind of energy around their blog anyways. Not me!

  45. Al and Kelly:
    Those people that made those terrible comments should of thought about what they were saying before they wrote it and who gave them the job to play God; they are probably jealous of your lifestyle and subconsiously trying to get back at you for having a lifestyle they wish they could have. Try and get past it; there are all kinds out there. There seems to be a lot of nasty comments on RV's blog lately so someone out there is commenting that shouldn't be.
    We love your blog and you are good people and that's all that matters.
    Kathy & Rick

  46. Just looking at the # of comments so far I think it's safe to say you have way (way) more positive supporters than the few sour apples who might come along now and then. There's always going to be someone, somewhere who doesn't like what you're doing. Don't let it get you down. The majority of us here are thoroughly enjoying the ride with you! Nina

  47. Hi Al, so sorry that someone left mean-spirited comments - your blog and photos are a true gift of love to all of us living vicariously thru your travels - When I lingered on the photos of the lemons yesterday my thoughts were of how wonderful your Jeep would smell & how lucky you & Kelly were to be in such a beautiful place & to feel the warmth of the sun - It has been such a long. cold nasty winter in Ohio that sometimes your blog is the only sunshine in my day ! Please don't get depressed when you have so much to be thankful for & as for the lemons ? sounds like the makings for a fresh lemon drop martini - Cheers ! Cindy L

  48. Wow Al and Kelly, I wouldn't even mention it. The people that post the comments are just wrong. They were done picking the lemons, you did nothing wrong by picking up a few lemons that were just going to rot on the ground. These people just were looking for knit-picking at you. You and Kelly are great people. Keep up the great blogs and photos, we are all behind you.

  49. I somehow missed that blog, or did not register that particular part.

    I am with those that responded with -just blow them off.

    It seems that there are an increasing number folks who are frustrated with their lives, and (I guess) they get some relieve by being negative to those who apparently are enjoying their lives.

    In short don't let the few bad apples ( or should I say lemons) spoil the fun!

  50. Al, focus on all the 1000's of positive comments and forget about the negative ones.

    You do a great job sharing your adventure and lots of people enjoy what you share.

    Don't let a couple of rude comments ruin your day... not worth it.


  51. Not much more I can add that previous posters haven't already said, but since my Kindred Spirit publishes on the internet and I've seen his words & feelings get tromped on and while it's easy to recant that childhood saying "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names/words will never hurt me", I know all too well how these kind of situations effects us. I'm sorry some folks rained on you & Kelly's parade. I'd just like to send out virtual pat on the back and commend you for taking the high road. Be well, happy trails ;)

  52. Al, Ive known you well over 45 years now and your honesty has never ever been in question after that first night! Kelly it's not been as long but the same goes for you ! Generaly i go by the nick " the hermit" as i value my own privacy even more than you two. However i Bob Hoy want everyone knowing how fortunate i've been to be called a friend!

  53. Al, Kelly, as the old saying goes"consider the source".

    People who say negative comments usually are just jealous.Let it roll off like water off a ducks back.
    Your blog is my first stop each evening and I have been dreading the day when the Bayfield Bunch heads home.

  54. Just started following your blog. I love the pictures you have posted. Keep up the good work.

  55. Hi, how are you guys doing? Hope the negative comments don't affect your decision to continue blogging.
    Enjoy reading yur blog and seeing your pics.

  56. Al, I love your blog and your pictures. You and Kelly are good people, and set a fine example for all of us to follow. Just remember, "people is people" as an old retired minister friend always said. Ya, just can't always understand 'em and you can't ever control 'em, so ya just have to keep lovin' 'em and that shore ain't easy! We love you guys, keep your joy!