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Despite Wednesday night’s heavy wind gusts trying to blow us right off the top of the Mesa I was surprised at how mild it was.  I was actually outside without a shirt on when I took Max out about 10.  Was careful to make sure none of our distant neighbors could see me.  Didn’t want to cause panic amongst fellow RV’ers & start a stampede of fleeing vehicles.

DSC_0040 DSC_3368

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Unfortunately we have hit ourselves a spate of inclement weather here in these parts & this morning we had us some ground fog with visibility down to maybe a mile.  Not the best for photos in a place known for it’s fiery sun drenched rock formations.


DSC_0060 DSC_0075

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Kelly packed up a lunch & we headed out under cloudy sky’s about 10 o’clock.  First stop was a place called Stewart’s Point.  A few readers had mentioned this place as a possible boon docking spot so thought we would check it out.  Road is a little rough after the pavement ends & it’s a about a mile before reaching the shores of Lake Mead.  Because we will only be here a few days we decided to stay at the Mesa.  Nice view over Lake Mead from Stewart’s Point though.


DSC_3370 DSC_0064


Headed on into the Valley of Fire with our eyes on the sky & fingers crossed the clouds would part & the sun would ignite the fire in the Valley.  Alas, it didn’t happen.  We spent 4 hours in the Park doing some small hikes & driving every road we could find plus had a look at both camp grounds.


 DSC_0012 DSC_0029DSC_0098  DSC_0073


Even without the fire this is a totally beautiful Park & once again beyond description.  The wide diversity of rock formations are concentrated in massive multi color formations like nowhere else we have seen.  Every shape the imagination can think of is here.  Time & time again we commented to each other….if only the sun would come out & set this beautiful Valley on fire.  I didn’t take a lot of photos & with each shot I I knew I was not capturing the magic & the color that lives here in the rocks.  By 2 in the afternoon the clouds had become thicker & it was obvious they were going to stay, so we rather sullenly headed back to the rig.   Checked a couple weather sites for this area & it was a mixed bag of information as to what the coming days will bring.  If we wake up to sunshine Friday morning we will get Jeeped up & head right back into the Park.  We so much want to see the fire in the Valley.


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The Bayfield Bunch welcomes new blog Followers MACTRAILER & TRAVEL WITH WHIPPETS.  Nice to have you along on our travels folks:))


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Had a note from vacationing friends in Costa Rico wondering if McDonald’s has added Lentil soup & Spinach sandwiches to their menu.  Not to worry folks, McDonald's is still based on good old burgs & fries & I don't think anything like Lentil Soup or Spinach sandwiches will be making it into the McDonald food chain any time soon.  I write those little tidbits in pure Jest:))



GROANER’S CORNER:((  And here are a few cooking terms for you ‘Foody’ people. 

Calorie: Basic measure of the amount of rationalization offered by the average individual prior to taking a second helping of a particular food.

Microwave Oven: Space-age kitchen appliance that uses the principle of radar to locate and immediately destroy any food placed within the cooking compartment.

Oven: Compact home incinerator used for disposing of bulky pieces of meat and poultry.

Porridge: Thick oatmeal rarely found on American tables since children were granted the right to sue their parents. The name is an amalgamation of the words "Putrid," "hORRId," and "sluDGE."

Preheat: To turn on the heat in an oven for a period of time before cooking a dish, so that the fingers may be burned when the food is put in, as well as when it is removed.

Recipe: A series of step-by-step instructions for preparing ingredients you forgot to buy, in utensils you don't own, to make a dish the dog won't eat.

Tongue: A variety of meat, rarely served because it clearly crosses the line between a cut of beef and a piece of dead cow.

Yogurt: Semi-solid dairy product made from partially evaporated and fermented milk. Yogurt is one of only three foods that taste exactly the same as they sound. The other two are goulash and squid.


Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails -William Arthur Ward
The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. LOVE the photo of the man in the's to wishing bright sunny days so you can go back and get all those photos :)

  2. Sorry that the sun is not cooperating with your photography desires! Perhaps it will come out before you have to leave the area and move on!

  3. even though the weather wasn't conducive to 'bayfield perfect pictures'..these ones are great the first photo of the campsite with tent!..great spot!!!

  4. Even without the sun, the photos show the fire. Wondering if you and Kelly have managed to slip into Utah's canyon country anytime on your travels. Highway 195 Highway 12 Highway 95 across the Colorado River. ahhhhh. I can only imagine the photos you would take with your magic eye. Hope you have that most magical part of the world on your list. It's even better than Lone Pine. Promise. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid holed up there, so you could still get a good cowboy fix.

  5. Love the definition of yogurt (groaner) and would much rather have a bowl of lentil soup or spinach sandwich. Goulash might be ok, but squid is definitely squiddy.

  6. Wishing you lots of sunshine in the morning for your fire.

  7. I feel like a kid chasing his big brother. You see all the cool things and I just have fun. We have been in the Tucson area for a week now. We have been having a fun time and enjoying the 90 + temps. We have friends to entertain for the next few days and then it is back to cold and snow. Please take a great picture of this moon for me. I left my D-50 at home.
    Keep having fun, we enjoy it.

  8. Come on, Al. Let's point this rig toward Utah..I wanta see where Butch and Sundance "holed" up...
    Once again, the best pictures are the ones you take in your mind...worth lots of great memories..But the ones you took here are fabulous...I love that place.

  9. Too bad the sun isn't shining, that is a beautiful place--loved the man in the rock photo! and all the others, too. The birds say hello!

  10. What a great spot that tenter had. Hope you get some sun. :)

  11. Even with bad weather, these are very nice photos, indeed!

  12. Young man, you don't need sun to take excellent pictures, and you know it! Your pictures are delightful, even the ones on a grey and rainy day. I think it's your brain that thinks grey isn't good, but your photographer's eye is still working just right.

  13. Too bad the water has receded so far down on Lake Mead. When we were first boondocked there the water was close to the toilet house. The lake was beautiful. I enjoyed your photos and they brought back fond memories.

  14. Hello, Team

    Al, we have been touched with how you have been helping and coaching others who are traveling in areas you are familiar with.

    What the hay am I talking about?? Well, for instance, we have been reading Jean and Skip's Blog, and you have been so helpful.

    We were thinking you could easily write an E-book, with your experiences in the Southwest.

    We have been busy taking notes, and we sure hope and pray that you will be around when we head out next year. We are totally inexperienced, and a little nervous about how to find boondocking spots. ( We are the couple that bought Froggi Donna's Rig, the LilyPad )

    Thanks for the awesome writing and photos, and we sure hope that all the good works you and Kelly are doing for others will come back to you ten-fold !!

    Sincerely, Trent and Teresa

  15. Al, I thought you said you were careful that no one saw you when you were outside without your shirt. In the picture of the old adobe brick structure, I can plainly see the old man of the mountain calling out for help. Obviously he saw you and did not know what to make of it!!

    Great photos, even without the cooperation of the sun. I think you could make the inside of a refrigerator look good, Al.

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. I kinda like the softer lights and shadows with the cloud cover. Gives the landscape a dreamy quality. Great photos of the little rodent type critters. Great new photo of Kelly too. I guess I just like your photos haha!!