Sunday, August 15, 2010



Found some mediocre photos in my Canon Camera I forgot I had so will include them because I just don't have any other pics for tonight's post plus I have to leave in a few minutes on my second mobility van run of the day.  Pics were taken on a slightly foggy morning this past week on my way to Goderich.


I had really been hoping to start the blog off today by saying I was on the mend & feeling much better since my last post.  Unfortunately that is not the case.  Whatever nasty bug has got a hold of me isn't letting go & I felt worse today than yesterday.  Had a totally sleepless night so all day I have been in a Zombie like state.  Throat is still very sore and there seems to be more congestion in the lungs.  It's a tough little bug that has got a hold of me for sure.


With some of the other driver's off on holidays & a few more off for the weekend I knew there would be no getting a replacement for me today so I went ahead with my 2 mobility van runs.  Luckily I was able to return home between pick-up's & drop offs for some power naps in my recliner.  That was a big help.  I really have my fingers crossed that they can find someone to replace me for Monday but so far it is not looking to encouraging.  Our humidity is just brutal!!


A big thanks to RICK  for suggesting a way to retrieve my lost Follower's List.  I thought all 151 of those people on that list were lost forever.  I followed Rick's simple directions & 'walla' there was my Followers gadget back in place on the right hand side of my blog.  By the way Rick, I lost the small camera case for my Canon point & shoot a few days ago.....any suggestions how I can get that back:))

Have been meaning to thank all the folks who sent in comments & emails regarding our Jeep purchase about a month & a half ago.  I'm sure glad we listened to all you folks & held out for a 6 cylinder motor.  I can tell after having driven the Jeep for about 6 weeks now that it was a right decision.  And I'm glad we decided to put the hard top on instead of the soft top.  Just a whole lot less aggravating for AL.



Can't believe how fast this summer as sped by.  Here it is the middle of August already & if everything goes according to plan we'll be on the road again in just a couple short months.  No definite plans on departure dates or routes of travel yet.  We are watching the condition of Kelly's Dad's health very closely right now because that is going to be the deciding factor in our travel plans.  There has been some talk about me & the doggy guys heading straight for the ranch on our own & Kelly flying down later to join us but I'm not too keen on that plan.  That's a little bit like trying to fly a big clumsy plane without a trusty co-pilot.  Oh, I could handle the flying part OK but sure would be in trouble without my trusty navigator, system specialist, computer technician, gas pump referee, food organizer, problem solver, chief mechanic & all round super great traveling companion.  Just wouldn't be the same.  I've always thought traveling was best done with two people. The old saying, 'two heads are better than one' certainly applies to RVing.  There seems to be a lot more decision making while traveling & some of that has to be done very quickly.  It's always best to have that 'second opinion' close by.  Seems the older some of us guys get, the more 'back-up we need!!'  RVing is one of those things that just lends itself perfectly to two people.


GROANER'S CORNER:((  Middle age is when broadness of the mind and narrowness of the waist change places.


Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.




AL'S SMUG MUG PHOTO GALLERY (a work in progress)

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. I certainly agree with you that it is easier and more fun to travel with someone. And I would hate to think of the difficulties you could find if Kelly is not along with you.

    The foggy pictures struck a chord somewhere in my soul. I love them.

    Now for some advice from Dr. Mom. Get yourself to a doctor and make sure you aren't close to having pneumonia. Or something nearly as bad. Congested lungs aren't anything to fool with. This is coming from a person who hates going to a doctor more than anything in the world, so I'm serious about it.

  2. Very hard decisions coming up...We could be in the same place...That is part of could have to delay the journey due to health of family...As for YOUR health..don't let it get a foothold on your lungs...better living through science (not meaning recreational drugs, Mr. Hippy Era...) you don't want pneumonia...have your Doc on speed dial....Good Karma coming your way.

  3. Very hard decisions coming up...We could be in the same place...That is part of could have to delay the journey due to health of family...As for YOUR health..don't let it get a foothold on your lungs...better living through science (not meaning recreational drugs, Mr. Hippy Era...) you don't want pneumonia...have your Doc on speed dial....Good Karma coming your way.

  4. Sure hope you beat that bug soon, sounds terrible!

    I agree with your feelings about going down south by yourself - it wouldn't be the same at all, I don't think. Half the fun in RV'ing is just having someone to share it with. Besides, you'd be in real big trouble with Kelly along to bail you out at times!!

    As for your Follower's List, I just wanted to "see my smiling face on the cover of the Rolling.... er, the cover of the Bayfield Bunch".

  5. Go get some meds!!!

    Sorry to say, that some of us don't have a choice about having a navigator. :( It's still better to go alone, than not go at all. :)

  6. two heads are better than one that is for sure..we always thought to do this need to love the one you are with!!..otherwise it could be rather difficult.
    Hope you feel better soon!!!

  7. I agree with you on having Kelly travel with you... it's just better. We hope the best for her dad and for you guys.
    I liked the fog pics; there's just something mystical about fog pics.
    Take care of your health you don't want to get run down.
    Mike & Gerri

  8. I hope you feel better soon. Al, even your "mediocre" pictures are good. I like seeing the fog and it reminds me that it's still worth taking pictures even when the sky is not blue!

  9. Even though I have a serious case of white coat syndrome myself, I am would also suggest it is time for a visit to the DR. We just went thru this with Anneke and two visits later she finally started feeling better.

    They still are better than the internet advice.

  10. Hope they can get a relief driver for Monday so you can stay rest. I agree you should see your Dr if you aren't better tomorrow.

  11. Working with older than you folks while sick? I thought you knew better.
    If you find yourself with a persistent cough, low fever and major loss of energy, get to a doc for a heavy dose of antibiotics. A simple viral bug can leave you open for the big and dangerous P.
    My wife Kathy who is a hiker and all around energizer bunny, disregarded these symptoms and almost died. Lucky for us she had good health care after I got her to go and she was able to miss 3 months of work and keep her job. It is nothing to play with.
    Lay low and drink lots of water and juice.
    Get well soon.

  12. Hope you work the bugs out soon. Loved the pictures. Pidge

  13. Al, my friend, you are begging for two things: (1) health trouble for yourself and for the seniors you transport, and (2)someone to tell you that your "mediocre" pictures are still better than some of our "great" pictures we are proud to display. All you need on those pix is a little cropping! I guess that when we are feeling lousy, a little praise can be a comfort!