Tuesday, July 20, 2010




First thing I did this morning after turning on the computer was to check my status.  No, not my online status, my personal status for the coming day.  Was I feeling tired & were my energy levels up to par?  Had I had a good night's sleep?  Checked with my patience department to see if I had any reserves built up.  Was I feeling grumpy or did I have a mad on about anything?  Stress levels appeared normal & I was well into my first cup of coffee for the day.  As I carefully went down my checklist I could see it looked like all systems were go for launch.  Double checked my list again, hesitated, & then hit the 'Download Now' button.



As expected, the Live Writer Beta download fizzled, popped, & died right there on the launch pad after throwing an 'error' message at me right off the bat. (wisetup-webc.exe is not a valid Win32 application) Tried several more times with 'Run' 'Save' etc. etc. but no go......same error!!  Rechecked my personal status checklist & saw that all my green check marks from moments before had now turned red so that was the end of that for the new Live Writer on my older Toshiba this morning.  To fight with it any further would only turn the rest of my day into mush & put me in an even more foul mood than I am right now about this!!!!!!!!!  And yet, I had a feeling the download was going to fail.  As much as I love Live Writer it has not been problem free for me like it has been for everyone else I know.  Welcome to Al's perfectly normal world of, technical mahehm, chaos, woes:((


Sunday night's storm swept all the humidity out of the air & we have cooled off very nicely here in southwestern Ontario.  Heading into work Monday morning with no top on the Jeep I actually had the side windows rolled up & the heater going.  Should have thought to throw a jacket on.  Looks like a rainy week ahead so had better make a special effort to get the roof on the Jeep for sure now.


A few days ago I had a photo in the blog entitled 'Duck Weed Swamp.'  KAREN IN THE WOODS commented on that one wondering, "WHAT are the three purple things growing outta the green ground?"  Those are actually 3 full grown ?? tree trunks coming up out of the duck weed topped water.  The trees heavy canopy of leaves allow in only a few swatches of sunlight & that gives the photo it's mysterious look.  Took that picture with my 700mm telescope lens & made a lucky guess at the exposure.   At the time I was standing on a gravel road that cut through the swamp which had heavy vegetation growth & mosquito infested swamp water on both sides.  No Gators, Crocs, 40 foot snakes or soupy razor backed lizards....this is Canada, remember!!


Turned out to be one of those sputtering puttering days again.  About the only thing I remember doing was painting the steel frame on the utility trailer.  Guess all the other stuff I did was so totally un-exciting it just numbed my brain.  Oh yes, & about 6 o'clock tonight Kelly & I with a bit of wiggling & struggling, managed to hoist the heavy Jeep hard top up off the saw horses & & successfully maneuver it into place on the Jeep.  Clipped the windshield clamps down & snugged the back section up with it's 6 bolts.  I found the fiberglass top heavy to lift but Kelly just picked up her side like it was made of tissue paper.  In all the moving we've done over the years it has mainly been Kelly & I doing all the heavy lifting.  She may be as strong as a bull but she sure doesn't look like one!!  Yesireeeee, it's mighty darn handy having a strong woman around the house.  And a darn smart one too....:))


A post in GYPSY'S BLOG last week started me off thinking about the added stress to one's life that can be brought on by the RV lifestyle whether it be fulltime, snow birding or week-ending.  RV maintenance costs, insurances, breakdowns, road stress, insecurities on the road, unknowns, time factors, schedules, etc. etc.  It is a long list & it is a stressful list!!  Sometimes when I'm stretched out here in my way too comfortable recliner with the soft sounds of ambient music wafting out of the stereo speakers & a warm summer breeze whispering in the quiet sounds of our many forest bird's I think to myself, why am I not content enough to just stay here peacefully stretched out in my recliner forever.  Scale everything down.  Sell the Motor Home & pack in the RV lifestyle.  Sell the bike, get rid of one of the cars, get back to one camera, one computer, one television, dump all those expensive cable TV programs & channels we never watch.  Throw out the half dozen radios I've got scattered everywhere.  Eliminate the VCR's, DVD players, cell phones, & all the other electronic wizmo's & mechanical gizmos' that most days drive me bonkers in some way or the other.  Why can't I just be content to eek out the days doing nothing except enjoying my music, eating my peanut butter sandwiches, & feeling relieved each day not to have the added stress of having too much darn stuff around.  I don't have an answer to any of those questions.  Never have & probably never will have.  It's just an unsettled part of my personality that is unlikely to ever resolve itself.  Well, at least I hope it doesn't resolve itself for a few years yet anyway......10-4!!



Ray, an RVer from Omaha, travels in his Motor Home with a talkative but foul-mouthed parrot. One day in a campground near Gila Bend, Arizona, the bird's swearing got to be too much so Ray grabbed it by the throat and yelled "Stop it!" But only minutes later, the bird was swearing again.  The next day, the bird yelled so loudly that the couple next door in a big fifth wheel stopped by to demand its silence. Desperate, Ray locked the bird in a kitchen cabinet but it didn't help & the bird kept right on swearing. The next day, the bird was even worse so as a last resort Ray tossed it into his spacious Dometic freezer. After five minutes, all was quiet. Worried the bird might be freezing, Ray took it out. "I'm sorry," confessed the suddenly polite bird. "I promise to never swear again."
Ray was astonished. He couldn't understand the change in attitude.
"By the way," asked the parrot, "what did the chicken do?"


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  1. I got the same error message on my laptop in the campground, and after, muttering, "oh my, od dear" sveral times decided util aybe Rick could advise on what were doing wrong. Good to see you got hard top on, Donna used to be able to help with the heavy lifts here to but her heart problem put and end to that. Thank God Kelly is blessed with good health. Be safe out there.Sam & Donna.

  2. Al;
    maybe the bike, cameras, computers, the blog, etc. give us more than something to do. They give us the closest thing to a purpose that we've got... and everyone must have a purpose. Without a purpose what are we good for?

  3. Oh yea....I wonder ..and Dennis does too, why I get so antsy-pantsy..and crabby in the summer months...I LOVE my kids and grandkids...but I LOVE the freedom of the RV life...We had that discussion over a campfire tonight...I just have NO excuse...I am an impatient Type A personallity..Den is a C type...What can I say??

  4. Oh yea....I wonder ..and Dennis does too, why I get so antsy-pantsy..and crabby in the summer months...I LOVE my kids and grandkids...but I LOVE the freedom of the RV life...We had that discussion over a campfire tonight...I just have NO excuse...I am an impatient Type A personallity..Den is a C type...What can I say??

  5. I tried Live Writer last year before I went to Lassen, but thought it was just an extra step and I did just as well composing in Word and then cutting/pasting the entire thing when I got to an internet connection. Now I can't use it if I wanted to because of the Mac.

    I don't understand the big deal about it, but then I don't do special things with my blog either - just write a few words and import a couple of unretouched photos. Where they fall on the page is where they stay, and the text never wraps around. But for more tech-oriented folks than I am, or for those such as yourself who do wondrous things with photos, it might be worth trying again sometime.

  6. Al, if Kelly's strong like Bull, does than mean you are "Smart like Ox"? After all, that's the rest of the saying!

    You do seem to have more than the average share of difficulties with Live Writer that's for sure. It's a puzzler!

    As for selling everything and leading a supposed simpler life, well a lot of folks do that. Problem is, at 85 they look back and often say "coulda, woulda, shoulda"!

    I prefer to go with the old Confucius saying "He who has the most toys when he dies, wins"! Maybe that wasn't a Confucius quote - but, I still like it.

  7. Glad Kelly can help with the hard top... driving w/out the top is so refreshing.
    I really love your pics each day, they look great. You inspire me to get my 100-500 zoom lens out and practice with it.
    take care...be safe!
    Mike & Gerri

  8. From the looks of the Ontario weather report, it is probably good the Jeep is back to its hard shell! Still, I wonder if the dogs are going to ask dad why there is no more wind in their fur.
    As far as Live writer, is it your windows 7 machine that failed to update? Mine ran thru the program without a single hitch. There is a list of requirements on the download page, and perhaps a look thru some of those might shed some light!
    I'm not certain that XP machines will run this Beta version.

  9. Love that echinacea, but I bet it won't grow in Benson, Arizona!

    Still haven't gotten back into Live Writer, but maybe I will ... some day. I have a lot of "some day" projects.

    Thanks for your good humoured griping. We love it.


  11. Al, I had the same result with my Windows Vista HP laptop. I guess I am just fated to use Blogger's built-in editor or Google Docs. Never much cared for the predatory methods of Micro$oft, any way.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to rig a hand-cranked boat winch and some wire rope to suspend the roof inside the car shed? That way, you could drop or lift at will, without all of the anxiety. I once filled a VW Karmann with six inches of downpour while parked at the beach. Dang punch buggy never ran right thereafter. I can't imagine your Jeep will be any more likely to survive a dousing...

  12. Hi Al:

    You talk in your blog about the computer generated weather map with live radar to keep an eye on the weather... do you mind sharing the link... I would be interested.

    Thanks... (Great pic of the humming bird!)