Tuesday, March 09, 2010




We have had it & we are throwing in the towel!!  The California winds have had their way with us too long now & we are packing up & getting out of Dodge first thing Wednesday morning!!  Might have stayed a few more days but we got some tanks needing to be emptied anyway so decided to pull the pin today.

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RV NEIGHBORS (click pics to enlarge)

The winds slammed into us about 4 a.m. in the morning & I was up for the day by 4:30 pulling the slides in yet again.  All the outside furniture was scattered around on the ground & anything that hadn't been nailed down is probably in Texas by now.  Any area folks living in sticks & bricks houses & reading this would say, wind?? What wind??

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Not totally sure but I think our travel plans have changed again.  We may save Joshua Tree for another time & just may head back down Yuma way where the weatherman says it's going to be really nice & warm in a few days.   Had it not been so blasted windy today I think we just might have pulled up stakes & rolled out this afternoon!!  Maybe that's why all the other RV'ers left yesterday, they were paying closer attention to the weather reports than we were.  As it was, the temperatures dropped & the wind chill factor kept us confined to the rig for the whole day.



Been thinking it's still too early to head any further north right now anyway because I doubt northeastern Arizona would be warm enough by the end of the month.  Was hoping to go through Monument Valley to the 4 corners area of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, & New Mexico but probably not this trip now.  Ideally we would like to leave Ontario in early September some time to do those 4 corners States. 


It's been brought to my attention recently by an internet friend that I may be forgetting to answer email questions or comment questions sent in by folks & I am afraid I have to admit that I have.  My forgetfulness is not an excuse.  It is unfortunately a problem I am having with my short term memory.  Just as I forgot to turn our Motorhome off for 5 hours one day last summer I am sometimes forgetting to get back to folks who have had questions for me or even to just say, "hey, how's it going eh." My apologies once again to everyone I have forgotten to respond to.   It's a daily thing & this morning I forgot to put the oil cap back on the car's engine after checking the oil.  If Kelly hadn't spotted it on a chair a lot of that oil would have blown out all over the engine compartment.  She's having quite a time with me & will probably pen a book someday with a title like....'Trials & Tribulations of Living With an old forgetful Cranky Pants Airhead Husband:((  Hmmm, wonder if this might also apply to any of you other guys out there too......:))


OK, now that I've said all that & my mind is kinda working clear I will answer Terry's questions about BLM land.  BLM (Bureau of Land Management) seems to be mainly located in the southwestern States, especially Arizona & California.  Some of this land people stay on indefinitely while other areas are enforced by 14 day limits & then you have to relocate a minimum of 25 miles away in some cases.  This section of land we are on here at the Clark Dry Lake Bed east of Borrego Springs, California is actually private land but the owner is long gone.  This chunk of land was owned by a developer years ago who wanted to set up a mining operation I think.  Roads were put in, buildings up, gravel pit was dug out, & acres & acres of land were dozed flat.  For whatever reason the company went belly up, the owner flew the coop, & here we are:))  RV'ers have been boondocking on this land for a long time now & up until a few years ago there were even a few old desert codgers living out here fulltime. 

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Laurie from SEMI TRUE TALES wondered if the long 'foot' along the bottom of our new Toshiba was actually a battery compartment.  I turned it over & saw small battery symbols so assume that's what it is.  I didn't attempt to open it knowing I probably wouldn't have a hope in hell of ever getting it closed again.  And I seem to recall JoAnne from LIVING OUR DREAM asked awhile back about a histogram.  Short answer there is that it is a short gram of history:))  Long answer is that the graph of the photo shows your exposure levels & the more centered those peaks are in the center, the more even your exposure throughout the photograph.  High peaks on the left side of the graph may indicate overexposures while high peaks on the right may indicate underexposures.  The graph meter I keep in my head now tells me I probably had about a 5% chance of explaining that right. 


And I just remembered another question about where is it safe to drive here at the Clark Dry Lake Bed.  There are hard packed sandy roads running helter skelter through the desert & it's important to stay on them.  Along the bumpy roads in willy nilly fashion are shrub free spaces of hard packed sand/gravel & these are the RV sites.  No particular order, no organized spots, just drive around until you find a place you like.  And don't try to cut across between the roads like that poor Albertan couple did!!



Weather bureau predicted 45 mph wind gusts this afternoon so this morning I took advantage of the slower 20 mph winds to get the solar panels down.  Stowed away the flag poles, rolled up the bamboo ground mats, folded up all the furniture, glued the fur back on the dogs, & loaded everything in the bins for tomorrow mornings departure.  We might just end up having to go in whatever direction the wind decides to blow us.



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We had a nice email from a fellow in San Diego today.  He apparently hiked up through Alcoholic Pass yesterday just a couple hours after we did & found one of our Bayfield Bunch cards at the top.  We leave cards here & there & this fellow was the first person to ever find one & send us an email.  Thanks Howard, & if you were driving a white Volkswagen van, then I saw you slowly drive by our car on the road below.  We were just making our way down the northwest side of Coyote Mountain about 1:45 PM.  I had 2 older VW camper vans years ago so I always notice them:))


And where did we go for supper our last night in Borrego Springs??  Why, Jilberto's of course.  And did AL have his usual lettuce & water.........ya right!!

 DSC_0007DSC_0005                    DSC_0006 

Don't exactly know where we'll be tomorrow night at this time or if we'll have Verizon coverage but keep an eye out for us anyway & I'll be back buggin everybody as soon as we can........:))

GROANER'S CORNER:((  And ladies, it's time to give up jogging for your health when your thighs keep rubbing together and starting your pants on fire.




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The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. I'm sorry the Bunch has to pack up and leave earlier than you had planned. Those winds can be devastating (personal experience with that) and sometimes throwing in the towel is a good choice. Can't wait to see the next post and find out where you have landed. Travel safe, Bunch!

  2. Well you have had a GREAT run there and now it's time for another one... and shared a lot of fun times and wonderful pictures! Have fun and travel safely to your next spot Al & Kelly!!!

  3. I don't want to throw cold water on a bad situation, but it was blowing like heck and raining the day we left Yuma! Seemed to us that they had wind a day later than California. It is supposed to be nice this coming weekend, however, and I hope you find it!

  4. The wind can be pretty depressing alright. I hope you find a spot where it's nice and quiet with not even a breeze! We're just sitting it out here and waiting for all this stuff to subside so we can get back to normal here too!

  5. Why don't you try that boondocking area on the shortcut to Joshua Tree,that we discussed last week.Good wind protection with high cliffs.Probably no cell though.But who knows?

  6. Heh heh about the forgetfulness- either start making lists... or do what we do: Steveio and I decided that I need to remember things for BOTH of us. LOL

    Karen and Steve

  7. Heh heh about the forgetfulness- either start making lists... or do what we do: Steveio and I decided that I need to remember things for BOTH of us. LOL

    Karen and Steve

  8. Discretion is the better part of valor, my friend! There's no blame when you find you have to cut and run. To misquote the West Side Story song, "There's a Place for You." And it'll be warm and dry. We've been sharing your wind and rain here in Benson as well, but we can't cut and run for a while, so we're hunkerin' down.

  9. I had enough of the wind blowing while I was in Savannah to last me for several years! Congratulations on sticking it out as long as you did. To be truthful though, the weather has been crazy just about everywhere so it's a toss up where you can go to get away from the wind. Good luck.

  10. I hear ya on the winds. I fwe weren't waiting for our mail to arrive we'd have been long gone. This is crazy! Dog's going batty being cooped up all day too.

    Went for a drive this morning into the canyon. Pretty crazy even for our 4x4. Glad we did it but I think we're done here this season! Friday morning we're going to the Farmer's Market and then splitting to somewhere warm!

  11. Another set of great photos, thanks for sharing, we look forward to travelling around that area this coming winter.
    Being new to this, I have many questions about solar panels, holding tanks, water, internet and phone. I suppose I will have to email you to get more info at a later date as we get closer to our departure this fall.
    Keep up the great blog!!!