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"We've come all the way from Oregon to meet the Motormouse."  And with those words today we met surprise visitors & blog followers, Bob & Lisa Foote with their two Boston terriers, Albert & Rupert.  They are from Bend, Oregon & have been following our blog for well over a year. (Rick, Wandering Willy & Ivan as well)  What a pleasurable couple these two are & it was great to meet them.  They were both very apologetic about seeking us out because they have read about my feelings regarding people & privacy.   I quickly reassured them that I had a habit of blowing smoke & would not devour them in a Cursmudgeony flash of fire.   Bob & Lisa are boondocking at the Bow Willow campground about an hours drive southwest of us & came over this way today in hopes of meeting our little Motormouse.  We were in town so they left a note on our door but spotted us on the highway coming back from Borrego Springs & turned around.  Bob has the same Delorme GPS that we do so was able to give Kelly a crash course on it's operation.  We really appreciated that help.   Maybe I can use it in the middle of the night to find my way to the washroom now.  Thanks for dropping by guys & say hello to Albert & Rupert for us:))  Oh ya, & little Motormouse is still feeling like a superstar after folks came all the way from Oregon to meet her.  She's been rubbing it into the other two guys:))

DSC_0058 DSC_0045 DSC_0051


We had us a look around the area on our morning walk but decided to stay where we are.  We have 3 out of 4 bars for our Verizon with a direct line of sight all the way to Borrego Springs.  Nice view at night with all the lights.  Kelly has a better cell phone signal & our Skype works much better here.  This area is familiar to us because it is where we first pulled off the road into the desert two years ago & spent Christmas & New Years.  We were here for awhile last year until a truck camper came in very close to us & cranked their radio.   That led to us moving over to the Rockhouse Road area & that is the area we got crowded out of again yesterday.  People, don't ya just love the darn things!!!!



Friday morning means Farmer's Market at Borrego Spring's Christmas Circle & Kelly was wanting to pick up some fresh vegetable thingys.  I don't have much of an interest in that sort of food stuff  but I do like to meander through the market looking for candid photo opportunities.  I couldn't take a good portrait photo of someone if my life depended on it but I love taking candid photos of people just being themselves.   People's faces are great subject matter, especially if they don't know they are being photographed.

 DSC_6450 DSC_0007DSC_6453


We were just back at the rig about a minute when Bob & Lisa rolled in.  When I saw the pickup truck turn off the highway & come directly to our site I figured it was one of the guys from the gang that crowded us out yesterday.  Figured maybe somebody had somehow read my blog last night & they were coming over to do me some damage.  Sometimes I wonder about having our Bayfield name in big letters on the back of our rig.



Yesterday's suppressed anger took it's toll on me & by early this afternoon I was toast.  Slept ok last night but my energy levels drained away today & I spent most of the time dozing in a lounge chair until I was awakened by an airplane sound I had heard at air shows.  Somebody was practicing stunt flying nearby.  For the second time this week I jumped into the car & headed the short distance to the Borrego airport to watch the plane.  A few days ago I got to the airstrip just as the stunt pilot was landing.  Today he was already on the ground by the time I got there.  The Borrego Springs airport has a special waiver that allows pilots to come here to hone their stunt flying skills.  It is not allowed in big populated areas so a lot of flyers come over from neighboring small towns like Los Angeles & San Diego.

 DSC_0034                                  DSC_0035


I made a U-turn at the airport & headed back towards the rig but remembered some flowers I had seen on Henderson Canyon road yesterday so headed off down there to snap a few photos.  The desert blooming has been delayed this year because of colder weather so the great blankets of flowers are not out yet.  Just some colorful clumps here & there.

DSC_0074 DSC_6458  DSC_0069


Now, before I forget again, here are the co-ordinates for the two Socky Von Geepers geo sites that we did on Wednesday's Box Canyon hike.  First Socky photo alongside the dry wash was at.... N 33* 01.0078 by W 116* 26.2901.  Second Socky photo by the dry waterfall was at N 33* 00.8752 by W 116* 26.5346.  Hope these numbers are right in case anyone is interested.

I did put that Box Canyon hike into a Picasa Web Album which can be found at our album site here.... BOX CANYON HIKE  I have a lot of photos from today which I will also put in an album probably tomorrow. 

DSC_0025    DSC_0029  DSC_0065

I sure have got myself into a bit of a mess between our old & new laptop Toshiba's.  The music transfer did not go well & I ended up deleting the whole jumbled mess from the new laptop.  I will have to wait for a calm spell in my life before tackling all that again.  I even dumped my favorite Winamp player in the new machine as well.  Also, I have been switching the blog back & forth between XP & Win 7 in the two computers & I've managed to get myself into a quandary over all that as well.   So far I'm not too impressed with Win 7 & I guess it's because I am so used to XP which I happen to think is a totally excellent system,  I'm glad we missed Vista.  I suppose I will eventually get used to Win 7 but I will once again need a few calming days to settle myself into it.  For sure it will take me all summer just to sort out the thousands of photos from this trip.


I have had many really nice comments & emails from folks out there suggesting I put our travels adventures & writings along with photos into book form.  I am very flattered by that but in reality there are much better writers & photographers doing that very thing.   I am of the belief that unless you are the best of the best your chances of writing a successful book, or having your photography published, or recording a song, or becoming an accomplished painter or well known sculptor, your work has to be extraordinary.  It has to have substance & stand out from the rest of the pack.  My blog is just a simple little travel account with a few photos, feelings, & opinions thrown in, plus we are only snow birders & although I do keep the blog going everyday all through the summer months it just doesn't have the pizzazz that the professional people are able to put into their writings & pictures.  I enjoy this as a hobby & if my silly musings & pictures bring some enjoyment of sorts to readers out there then that's good enough for me.  It's the little comments at the end of the blog each day & the emails from folks that make it all worthwhile.  Not just for me but for all my fellow bloggers as well.   There are some great blog writers out there & they are the one's who may have a chance someday of doing something with their blogs.  But, a big thanks to everyone for all your encouragement.  Very much appreciated.

 DSC_0016                             DSC_0022

Tomorrow morning I have to be at the Nature Desert Store in Borrego Springs at 6 A.M for an early morning photo class on desert photography.  Wish me luck on getting up in time....................:))

GROANER'S CORNER:((  And did you know that by the time you find greener pastures, you probably won't be able to climb over the fence anyway.



The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now....AL.


  1. Hey Cranky Pants! ;) Wouldnt you know it, this afternoon same thing happened to us with loud noisy intruders! We thought of you when two vans pulled up and started cranking their stereo just 50 feet away.

    We're leaving here sometime Monday and heading out your way after we stock up in Brawley. Would be fun to meet up if you feel like company sometime next week!

  2. Aww that little Motormouse is SO famous!

    Loved the note your visitors left for you. I had to enlarge it just to read it. Nosy Rosey! LOL

    Karen and Steve

  3. The Motormouse is a celebrity! Too cute. :)

  4. Al, I am finally going to ask this question, about an issue you often raise...

    Today you wrote: "It's the little comments at the end of the blog each day & the emails from folks that make it all worthwhile."

    My question: Is that REALLY why you blog? Would you quit blogging if you didn't get comments from readers? If you thought no one was reading?

    Just curious. I'm sure you didn't have readers and followers when you began your blog - yet something about writing it was rewarding to you. I, too, enjoy connecting with others through my blog - but it is far more important to me as a "diary" - a way to record my thoughts and perceptions, and what we did as we traveled.

    You went on to say: "Not just for me but for all my fellow bloggers as well"... I'm not so sure you're spot on with that. Yep, the connections are great, and the feedback - but for me, it is the act of writing, and the focus, that is the greatest pleasure.

    I'm sure glad you blog, though - and that I get to read it. :)

  5. Great pictures as always, Al! Noisy neighbors are in a pain in the campsite or other part of your anatomy, if you prefer.

  6. Al,

    We think you are very good at writing.

    The mental images you bring about with your writing style is exactly what makes for a good book.

    It is like being there with you when we read your posts.

    Also, it is the personal comments behind what you are seeing that we really like.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ken and Nanette

  7. Great to see the little Motormouse getting so much attention. Nice pictures of the people at the market too in Christmas Circle. Looks like eventually you may have to invest in a satellite Internet system, like Willy, if you want to achieve total privacy out there in the desert.

  8. Motormouse is just the cutest thing! A real celebrity now. Hope the other 2 pups didn't get their noses out of joint for too long. :)

    I was wondering??? Do you miss the donkey's as much as I'm missing them???

  9. Well, Al, I happen to think your writing and photography do stand out from the crowd. But I'm glad you are not thinking of writing a book because then you might feel obligated to change things up just a little here and there, and I like it all just the way it is. You inspire me to pay just a little more attention to my own thoughts, writing and photos. Don't change a thing!


  10. Hi Al...I am with Ellie and Jim. Don't change a thing.
    I enjoy reading your blog everyday for your "honest" reflections/reactions about what life put on your plate that day. Through your excellent photos and descriptive writing I get to travel (albeit vicariously) to all kinds of places in the southwest. It broadens my world...and I enjoy that!

  11. As far as I am concerned your posting of candid pictures of folks is far more intrusive in another person life than a few campers within what you consider your special space out in the desert. Legally in the USA you need a models release for those pictures taken without permission.

  12. Barney (the Old Fat Man) said:
    "Legally in the USA you need a models release for those pictures taken without permission."
    I think he has this somewhat wrong, if what he said were true there would be no such profession as a 'paparazzi'.
    I believe the statement below is a much better guide line for taking photos of individuals.
    "When using pictures that contain clearly recognizable faces of people, a model release protects you against legal claims by the persons in the photo. In general, model releases are needed when using pictures of people for commercial purposes, such as in ads or brochures. Editorial use (news photos, for example) do not usually require model releases although in some cases it is common courtesy to obtain permission."