Tuesday, July 14, 2009



Kelly had a rare day off so she headed for Cambridge this morning to visit her daughter Sabra, a couple grandchildren, & also two sons, Ben & Jason. She has another daughter in Vancouver & one in Spain. All good kids & they are all doing well. MAX WALKING THROUGH A FIELD OF WILD DAISIES & CLOVER

I had a mobility van run this morning but when I arrived at the facility where my passenger was, she had decided she didn't want to go to the Optomitrist to-day so I turned around, took the van back & came back home. I enjoyed the leisurely drive through the countryside though.

Had a few questions about the camera/telescope set up. The camera & scope were not designed to work to-gether but with a T-ring adaptor & 2" extension tube the camera can be fitted to the scope. It's not an ideal combination but it will be fine for me. Camera lenses designed for cameras are the best way to go for sure but the costs can be very prohibitive. Cameras with matching lenses have automatic focus & exposure control making them easier to use. Lenses are lighter than telescopes as well. The telescope/camera combination I have gives me the equivelent of 720mm. I have noticed in my Astronomy magazines that Canon cameras are the camera of choice for astro-photography. Different software, sensors, etc than the Nikons. I like my Nikons but if I was doing it over again I would seriously consider switching over to Canon. They seem to have a wider range of lenses & accessories & Canon lenses are much easier to find than Nikkors


While in London yesterday I also decided to finally buy a new tri-pod. My old ailing Slik 88N tri-pod is 31 years old & literaly held to-gether with duct tape & binder twine. I've been nursing it along for years & didn't have the confidence in it to safely support the much heavier telescope now. I have bought 3 of my last 5 camera's plus lenses at Henry's camera shop in London's Masonville Mall. It's a very popular & well known camera chain based out of Toronto. Have been in the London store 3 or 4 times & have never found the staff friendly. Maybe it has something to do with the generation gap. They are mostly all younger kids, aloof, with a know it all attitude, & a touch of arrogance. They may have all the technical smarts & product answers but they have no people skills. None!! Zero!! Zip!! Zilch!! I managed a one hour photo lab & store for a couple years in Stratford Ontario two decades ago so I know about retail staff, customers, store ethics, policies, & how to treat people. I would strongly suggest to Henry's they enroll their retail staff in a basic, "how to treat people with respect course." But, I don't think it's just Henrys because I have noticed it other places as well. I have a feeling it probably has more to do with younger retail people not having patience or respect, & not knowing how to interact with older folks. Afterall, we are at an age now where we probably represent their parents & a lot of them have a chip on their shoulder about that!! Just my opinion............. MY BEAT UP 31 YEAR OLD TRI-POD HAS SEEN BETTER DAYS

Fellow RVers & bloggers DOUG & JOANNE received some bad news regarding Doug's health in the last couple of days & some future travel plans may have to be re-arranged or cancelled. We first met Doug & Joanne when they emailed us while we were boondocked west of Yuma Arizona last December. We met them at McDonald's in a Yuma Wally-World & they later boondocked near us in the California desert. We later met them again while boondocked near Boreggo Springs. It was Doug & Joanne who were directly responsible for Kelly & I getting that great little ranch sitting job near Douglas Arizona earlier this year & we're hoping to meet them again this November at the ranch. JOANNE, DOUG, KELLY, & I AT WALLY WORLD IN YUMA....... DECEMBER OF 08

I have uploaded some of July's photos to our Picasa Web Album site to-day at JULY 09. There are some additional photos from last Sundays stop in the Goderich harbor to see the Point-Counterpoint II boat.

TO-DAY'S HUMOR: What do you call cheese that is not yours? Nacho Cheese.

OUR PHOTO ALBUMS http://picasaweb.google.com/stargeezerguy/


  1. I guess I will have to catch up with Doug on his journal.

  2. We don't know Doug and Joanne, but we wish Doug improvement in whatever his health situation is.

    "Nacho cheese?" Do you dream these up yourself, or is there some other source? We always appreciate your humor, even though we usually groan.

    Keep taking those great pictures and telling your story! You are one of our morning highlights!