Tuesday, June 02, 2009



Blogging is so much easier when a person has interesting things to blog about & it is one of the big advantages of being out on the road traveling. New sights & sounds almost daily. New excitements & challenges. Seems the mind is much more alive too. These home routines become just that......routines. Not much to write about some days. A JUNE VISITOR IN OUR PRICKLY PEAR PATCH

Oh there are some pretty good rants I could get into but everytime I do that I feel kind of guilty for a couple days so don't ever ask me about......TV Evangelists!!!! FLOWERS AROUND THE FROG POND

Kelly will be in Spencerport New York for a couple more days so me & the guys are doing fine. I get to eat all the peanut butter sandwiches & bowls of Cheerios I want. I'm not one much for cooking. Oh I can cook stuff alright but I just choose not to. Seems like a lot of uninteresting work or something. Kelly does all the cooking because she enjoys it plus we kind of eat different things. And besides, she's a great cook. She likes that leafy green stuff & rice, etc. Had to finally tell her a few weeks ago........please, no more rice for me, I can't take it anymore. I have been trying to like rice ever since she made me start eating the darn stuff a few years ago. The only rice I ever met that I liked was rice pudding. I was raised on potatoes thank you very much. And I've never understood the connection between men & barbecuing. Why is that such a man's thing anyway. It's not like those slabs of meat on the grill are armed & dangerous or something. Kelly does a fine job on the barby. I wouldn't even know how to turn it on!! Guess I'm just not a food person. If we didn't have to eat to stay alive I probably wouldn't bother with it in the first place. No matter what place we go to when we're traveling I generally get the same thing. A burg & fries.....amen. LOTS OF JUNE GREENERY

It is now June which is the nicest month of the year as far as everything looking so lush & green. When we first moved here nearly 7 years ago there was no landscaping on this property & things looked pretty drab. I set out to grow a jungle around our place & it is now all coming to fruition. So nice to finally be enclosed by Mother Nature's greenery. But, it's almost a full time job for me now just keeping my very jungle from swallowing us up every 5 months of the year. But if ya got to get swallowed up....................it's a nice way to go:)) IRIS FLOWERS

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  1. Love the garden...I know what you mean about writing a journal when you are at home all the time. Well we are traveling but then I am at the same park for two weeks. Not much happening until I catch some fish...Oh well it's my journal they just have to put up with it..HE HE.