Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So nice to step out of the rig this morning & hear birds singing. There are more trees in this area & where there are trees, there are birds. We didn't get off to a real great start though because one of the Bayfield Bunch suffered an injury before our walk even started. I was having a game of sticks with Max & Checkers while waiting for Kelly & the little Motormouse. While chasing a long thrown stick, Max either sprained or strained a left leg while bounding across a wash. He came back limping badly so we got him into the rig & onto the couch. This has happened before but it seemed worse this time. He stayed on the couch all day & right now is sleeping peacefully on his doggy bed. We'll see how he is in the morning before making any decisions.

Kelly spent most of the morning re-organizing all the kitchen cupboards which had all just been involuntarily re-arranged yesterday morning by a couple of big gully whomp ditches. I re-arranged all the bins trying to get the weight of the motorhome more evenly distributed. Beautiful morning for puttering & there's nothing like having a real live shady tree to putter under too. Temps have really gone up the past few days & even the wind was warm to-day. In fact it was even warm in the shade. We sure love the American southwest:))

We were sitting in the shade under our big old mesquite tree early this afternoon when a pick-up truck rolled in with the beep, beep, of it's horn. It was our RVing Canadian friends we had met in Utah who are now boondocked at Darby Wells west of Ajo. Nice to see Mike & Maureen again & we had quite a chin wag for a couple hours.

Not sure how long we'll stay here because a number of rigs have swarmed in fairly close to us now for some kind of rally. We just seem to have the worst luck in our quest for peace & quiet. If the people noise continues we will have no choice but to pack up all our stuff & move to a quieter spot.........if there is such a thing!! Very, very, frustrating:((

Beautiful starry night, but Mother Natures quiet solitude is trashed by the sound of running generators. Had a nice camp fire going but I gave up & came in:((((((((

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