Sunday, February 24, 2008


A fiery Hickiwan sunrise got me right out of bed & outside in my pj's this morning. I like when that happens....the fiery sunrise I mean!!

Said good-bye to Ray, hooked up the car, & rolled out of Hickiwan Trails heading east on highway 86 at 9:20. Managed a few last looks back at some old memories & then it was all speed ahead. Nice quiet road all the way to Tucson. Very little traffic & nice scenery. A nice remember when as we passed the observatories on Kitt Peak. I drove up there last year, walked all around the telescopes & had a great couple of hours. We rolled through Tucson with no problems & easily slipped onto Interstate 10 heading for Benson. Had considered stopping there for the night but just popped into a Wal-Mart & a coffee diner for a quick bite & kept on going. It was a good driving day with light traffic. We had a slight tail wind helping with gas so we went on as far as Lordsburg before pulling into a KOA for the night. KOA's are always neat & tidy but they are also always sooooo expensive. We were too tired to search out a BLM site anyway so we'll swallow the cost to-night.
Seems so strange sitting here looking out the window at lights, neon signs, & traffic motoring by on I-10. Sure don't see this kind of civilization in the desert. We much prefer the desert, thank-you very much!!
We might slide down to one of our other favorite places to-morrow with the car after we reach Demming. The Pink Store in Palomas Mexico is a place like no other. No, we won't be taking the car over the border but we'll park it & walk across. The Pink Store is only a block......


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Anonymous said...

A very nice send off to start wending your way back home.Dont rush, still too much snow here!

the hermit