Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Our nice sunny warm weather has gone into the dumper. Woke up to cloudy skies & much cooler temperatures & the north wind is back. With the wind chill factor figured in it's probably only somewhere in the high 40's & low 50s. Haven't seen a lot of people outside moving around their rigs at all. It'll be another tough day for the vendors in Quartzsite.

Took a drive into town, grabbed some breakfast, picked up a few things, made a water stop, & it was right back out here to the desert again. Now, how's that for an exciting day!! I didn't even have a photo to put in the blog to-day so I went back to our trip last year when we were here in Quartzsite. We had heard about the bookseller with no pants so we drove out to the east end of town & found the, Readers Oasis Bookstore & sure enough, there was the owner walking around with no pants on. He's still here wearing the same hat & coat because we saw him last week when we came into town. So, here's the pictures I took last year. Notice Kelly's shorter hair last year........ Well, that WAS the first thing you noticed......wasn't it!!


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