Friday, January 18, 2008


Outside thermometer said it was 35F this morning so I was back into my winter clothes again. Of course, I've never really been out of them much. Winter clothes in the early mornings & late afternoons with spring, summer, & fall clothes in between depending on the wind. Basically, the air is cool in the southwest but the sun is always warm. When we were walking the dogs this morning near one of the big motorhome club sites, a fellow was out putting up the American Flag while over the loudspeaker they were playing, Frosty The Snowman:))

Had an egg Mcmuffin urge early on so we headed into Quartzsite & dropped into McDonalds for breakfast. The town was a lot busier this morning with line ups at the single traffic light in the main intersection. Lots of rigs pouring into town because to-morrow (Saturday) is opening day for the big RV Leisure & Travel show under the big top. The show will run for 10 days. To-day was the big Sell-O-Rama day for the outdoor vendors. Picked up some groceries, oil for the generator, & a small bottle of propane for the barby & headed back out to our desert serenity. Kelly is able to tolerate that sea of humanity much better than me so she headed back into town to mix it up with the masses & check out Sell-O-Rama.

I love my quiet time here at the campsite, tipped back in a comfy chair, coffee, nice ambient music, reading & playing with the dogs in the warming rays of the Arizona sun. A good time for reflection & contemplation & I'm sure when I look back on our trip some day in the future, these quiet times here at Quartzsite will come peacefully to mind. A few years ago I came up with an original saying that goes something like this....."The only thing better than right now, will someday be the memories of right now." I have found this to be pleasantly true, over & over.

It has been nice reading the book, Marshal South & The Ghost Mountain Chronicles. An Experiment in Primitive Living, especially since we hiked up Ghost Mountain a couple weeks ago in California & walked through the old homestead. (January 3/08 Web Album ) Reading that book here at our tranquil campsite has been a very enjoyable experience for me.

We have been at our present location since January 8th so our fresh water tank was getting low & our black water tank getting full. Time for a dump but I noticed a few days ago that rigs were lined up to get dumped at the stations in & near Quartzsite so we opted for the "honeywagon" to come out & do the service right at our site & have our water tank filled at the same time. Costs a few dollars more but in this case it was well worth it for us in not having to drive the rig into the much congested town & waiting in long line ups. It was 2 young fellows who came out with their truck & tank & in no time at all they had finished the deed. Another RV fellow rolled up on his ATV, talked to the boys & made appointments for his rig & other rigs in his group to be serviced as well. Great service!! And necessary too:))

To-morrow, the main event opens under the big top & I have steeled myself to be there in the morning with thousands of other people, shoulder to shoulder, shuffling, shopping, looking, more shuffling, more looking, line ups for this, line ups for that. Oh dear.......wish me luck:((


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