Wednesday, November 07, 2007



First, I have a correction to make. I added the wrong Picasa Web Album address in yesterday's blog. It should be
I have made the correction in Tuesday's blog.

Didn't seem quite as cold this morning but we climbed into our warm Canadian winter clothes anyway. Takes until about 10 a.m. for the sun to get high enough to start the warming process. Temps are good (70's) all day until the sun starts to go down in the late afternoon & the thermometer takes a nose dive.

The Negro Bill Canyon trail was recommended to us as a good hike for the dogs so we loaded the guys in the Santa Fe & headed out about 3 miles northeast of Moab this morning & hit the trail at 8:20 a.m. It was immediately apparent this was an extraordinarily beautiful place. A small stream runs lazily through the small canyon & that has spurred the growth of many kinds of vegetation along the banks. Max & Checkers were in the water as much as they were on the trail. I know I took waaaay too many pictures again but how can you not, when surrounded by a wonderland of nature like this whole Moab, Utah area. We spent a couple of very enjoyable hours on the trail before returning to our rig at the RV park with 2 tired people & 3 sleepy furry guys.

Grand Slammed ourselves at Denny's (breakfast) & then headed out on a driving tour of Castle Valley. It's a 64 mile loop from Moab, north to road 128 & a right turn through the valley, up & over the La Salle mountains through the Manti La Salle forest & back into Moab from the south. A very scenic & easy drive along the valley floor & then into the mountain roads with hairpin turns, steep drop offs, winding & twisting grades & never ending scenery. Took us a couple of hours & lots of pictures again. I've always enjoyed photography so I'm a very happy guy when I'm in an environment like this. And I love the exciting driving part too. Back to Moab around 4 & the rest of the day was just spent resting & getting caught up on computer things. All & all, another super great day for the Bayfield Bunch:))


  1. Al, your definately NOT taking too many pics, i'm enjoying each and everyone of them. Rode to work in the snow flurries today, so seeing the sunny south is something i'm looking forward to every day.

    The hermit

  2. I hope that your day has been going will. Harry and I have just looked at the photos and they are great!!! Harry was really pleased with them. We wish we were one of the dogs. They look like they are haveing a great time. You have started the wonderlust in us.

  3. Man, your pictures just pop with color. How do you do it? You should write a post on it.