Tuesday, May 22, 2012




Guess I had better quickly clear up a misconception I may have accidentally created in Monday's post when I said, "Kelly & I are off to the Clinton Hospital Tuesday morning to meet with Doc Robot to go over the results of my Kidney Stone ultra-sound last week.  I guess he will let us know just what all he has to do next Monday when he goes digging for those stones.  Two key words there were ‘next Monday’.  My surgery was not today, it's next week on Monday May 28th……………………….



OK, flash forward to this morning's meeting with Doc Robot.  Before he entered the room I saw Doc shake hands with someone in the hall & for sure I saw a smile on his face.  Seconds later, before I could recover from my mild shock he entered the room with a 'Hello.'  I immediately melted in my chair & dripped myself onto the floor.  Now, over the next few minutes he may not exactly have come across as Mary Poppins but I thought I did detect a hint of warmth & reassurance in his voice.  Just a touch mind you, but I think it was there.  Well, I’m going to tell myself it was there anyway.  Told me everything was looking good for Monday's Moon shot.  Well, maybe not quite a Moon shot, but the procedure is in the same vicinity of sky.  And, by the way, I have never questioned this fellow’s surgical skills.  I have only made gest of his less than warm medical bedside manner.  And yes, I well know that in the end, it is a Doctor’s surgical skill that really matters.  But, if in my unconscious fog during the procedure next week I hear Doc Robot utter the word, Ooooops……I’m a gonna really be ticked!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I first opened the comment section of our blog this morning I had 12 comments, 7 of which were 'Anonymous' spams.  Our spam load has doubled, if not tripled in the past week so for sure something has happened.  Makes me wonder sometimes if it's possible for someone to purposely submit a person's URL directly to a Spammer’s list somehow!!  Anyway, I have several options available to me on how to deal with these scum bag Spammers.  Either re-instate Google's ridiculous double word verification or block all Anonymous comments.  I am leaning toward the latter.  However, by doing so this means that some of our legitimate 'Anonymous' readers may no longer be able to comment.  Now, I'm not sure exactly how this works but I'm wondering if the way around that for folks is to simply sign up for a Google account.  No harm in doing so & it does give you an extra few perks like Gmail which you may or may not decide to use.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  May also have to go back to 'comment moderation' to keep the crap & garbage out of the comment section as well.  Anyway, I did make one change in my Blogger Dashboard today so we’ll see what happens.  Also wondering if it's possible to block a specific email address from accessing a blog’s comment section........



After publishing Monday night’s blog on the early side I grabbed my cameras & headed over to the lake.  I had heard rumblings of thunder & figured we might have a storm rolling in.  The storm did not materialize but I did manage to get a few photos from Bayfield’s Pioneer Park atop the cliffs overlooking Lake Huron.



Late Wednesday afternoon I am off to the Goderich Hospital to see another Specialist but I will fill you in on the details of what comes out of that meeting tomorrow.  And, we haven't even got to the medical side of June yet.  But hey, if it wasn't for all this medical stuff going on, what other fun would I be having this summer eh.


GROANER’S CORNER:((   A very zealous soul-winning young preacher recently came upon a farmer working in his field. Being concerned about the farmer's soul the preacher asked the man, "Are you laboring in the vineyard of the Lord my good man?"
Not even looking at the preacher and continuing his work the farmer replied, "Naw, these are soybeans."
"You don't understand," said the preacher. "Are you a Christian?"
With the same amount of interest as his previous answer the farmer said, "Nope my name is Jones. You must be lookin for Jim Christian. He lives a mile south of here."
The young determined preacher tried again asking the farmer, "Are you lost?"
"Naw! I've lived here all my life," answered the farmer.
"Are you prepared for the resurrection?" the frustrated preacher asked.
This caught the farmer's attention and he asked, "When's it gonna be?"
Thinking he had accomplished something the young preacher replied, "It could be today, tomorrow, or the next day." Taking a handkerchief from his back pocket and wiping his brow, the farmer remarked, "Well, don't mention it to my wife. She don't get out much and she'll wanna go all three days."

- Tourists see the world, travelers  experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right  now...AL.



  1. Maybe Doc Robot has a friend who reads your blog?

    Doesn't Blogger's spam detection catch those spam comments? I'm not talking about the nasty ones that are written by real people. I haven't had much spam lately, but if you are getting it I'm sure I will get it sooner or later.

  2. I had just a couple of those spam comments lately - the ones that just list a bunch of nonsense words and phrases. I think I would go with no anonymous comments before I would institute the word verification. Google accounts are free so it shouldn't be a bother to have someone get an account...however, the word verification would be a hassle for everyone...just my opinion.

    Good luck with your medical stuff. Not fun but just think of it as a "tune-up!" You'll be good to hit the road in October.

  3. Loved the Groaner today. As for spam, I get it too but since I have all the comments come to my email first, I just delete them so it's no problem since I don't have too many at one time.

    If you disallow anonymous just remind your followers that they can post under name/url and just leave the url part blank and their name will show up. No need to be anonymous in the first place.

    but PLEASE no doubt word verification.

  4. You can report the spammers IP to google and they will block them from everything - which you should do - it is probably a "ghosted" IP someone's computer is probably infected with a virus and it is sending out spam - you should also virus check yours.. by the way your pictures are beautiful. Also I work at a Hospital so am very familiar with Dr personalities and let me just say typically those with the worst bed-side manner are the better doctors - and most surgeons are "un-bedside mannered" anyways.. wish you well

  5. May the force be with you....through the medical maze of words we cannot understand!

  6. What Sherry said, in your settings change comment moderation to always and then enter your email address

  7. I really like that last pic. :)

  8. I agree about not wanting the word verification back.

  9. Yeah, what Sherry says. If they really need to be anonymous, they can make up a name to put there.

  10. Nice sky. Glad you got to see Dr Robot smile.

    Nice now on WordPress I could plug in the simple check this box if you're human. Don't know if that's possible with blogger. Still occasionally get a spamer but it doesn't usually show up on the site.

  11. its only spam..better than that meat in a can!..great photos as always, Al!!

  12. Hey! I used to like that "meat in a can"! Emphasis on 'used to'. Haven't had it in a while, and I'm sure my tastes have changed.

    No need to clear up any misconception here. I understood perfectly what you were up to. I think there might be some comprehension issues out there from time to time. Just my guess.

  13. I use comment moderation and works fine for me. This was I can grab the spam that occasionally shows up before it is posted.

  14. Don't you wish those spammers would go find a real job?? When we list something for sale on Craigslist we get two or three spammers every time--they've become easy to spot.

  15. Ya, the medical stuff is real fun isn't it? I refuse to talk about it,,,it bugs me to death....but it is a necessity of life,,,,kinda like politics...
    Neat photo's as usual Al...

  16. Hey... did that doc wash his hands when he came in the room by you??? After shaking hands in the hallway with someone else?

    I ticked off TWO docs by insisting they wash their hands before touching me.

    (not only that handshake, but they are touching door handles, clipboards, keypads and examination equipment without washing their hands from whoever used it last too!)

    Even when I was in the hospital in a room next to a woman who had a bad infection and had signs up and red warning flags on her door. I was not about to let someone carry her germs into my room.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  17. I feel your pain on the word verification thing. I too was getting lots of anonymous posts from websites. But after reading some of your bloggers repsponses to the problem I may have to rethink my problem as I do like for my readers to be able to make comments. There have been times when I have had to be an anonymous poster as the other party's site would not let me post as me, but I would always put my name at the end of the post so the person I was making the comment to would know really know that it was a legit comment.

    Good luck on your surgery.