Friday, April 20, 2012



We put our ‘clean-up hats’ right back on first thing this morning & tackled our second shed. Again, many things packed up for Arizona & our workshop shed is looking much better. Tomorrow I will tackle the carport storage area. I had all these places cleaned up & organized last Spring but stuff just seems to pile up over the summer somehow.

Our Vet phoned this morning saying Cora’s remains were in. Pheebs & I didn’t waste any time saddling up the Jeep & heading for Zurich Ontario to bring our little Motormouse home. There were some tears on the way as I remembered exactly one year ago this morning, right to the hour, having our dear sweet border collie Checkers put to sleep at the same facility Pheebs & I were now headed for. It was 11 o’clock when I carried our little Mouse out to the Jeep, placed her little Cedar box on the seat beside Pheebs & headed out. She now takes her place between long time best Pals, Max & Checkers. Our little Motormouse is home at last. And, come October I will load the guys into the Motorhome once again as we all become the traveling Bayfield Bunch for yet another winter season in the great American Southwest.


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Reader Jean asked how the Pheebs came into our life when she did. In April of last year we had to put down both our older dogs Max & Checkers because of separate illnesses. Several months later while working our way through the loss of 2 dogs we decided we would like another best Pal not only for us but the Motormouse as well. We informed our Vet we were looking & awhile later he called us saying he knew of a sweet dog needing a home. Kelly, Motor & I headed off to meet the new pooch & see if we were all compatible. I had a feeling within a minute of meeting Pheebs she was the one. When she went over & laid down on the floor right beside Motormouse the bond was complete & within hours Pheebe was happily living at our house:))


Jean also had a question about how our little Motormouse came for a visit one summer….and stayed. For that story I give you a previous link of mine in which I blogged about that two thirds of the way through the post…..MOTOR CAME FOR A VISIT, & STAYED

Reader Scottie asks…what happens if you need medical care while in the USA? As Canadians, we always purchase additional insurance to travel in the States. For example this past December when I had my Kidney Stone attack in Tucson Arizona, Manulife covered the cost of the Emergency Room, CT Scan, & several follow up hospital visits. Nice that our insurance plan did pay for that, but of course my $700 insurance rate for 6 months this coming winter will now skyrocket. Two years ago Kelly was having a knee problem so elected to head into the Elfrida Arizona medical clinic & have it checked out. Knee was examined & determined it just needed rest. Cost of that visit was $35 so she just paid for it rather than putting it through insurance. Best to do that if possible. I think the number one culprit for putting an end to many Canadian RV’ers travel plans is the high cost of medical insurance coverage while they are traveling in the States.


We are sometimes asked how we find our different Boondocking sites while traveling.  Word of mouth is always a good way & we do use the ESCAPEE CLUB’S ‘Day’s End’ book.  But, of course there are other great sources & in reading THE GOOD LUCK DUCK'S post today I see the ladies are recommending 4 Ebooks they find very helpful.  Judging from the comments, others find the books helpful as well.  I especially enjoy reading fellow Boondocker posts.  We are a minority in the grand scheme of RVing but we share an understanding & appreciation of a lifestyle that allows us an independent peaceful freedom.

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GROANER’S CORNER:(( The local news station was interviewing an 80-year-old lady because she had just gotten married- for the fourth time.
The interviewer asked her questions about her life, about what it felt like to be marrying again at 80, and then about her new husband's occupation.
'He's a funeral director,' she answered.
'Interesting, ' the newsman thought.
He then asked her if she wouldn't mind telling him a little about her first three husbands and what they did for a living.
She paused for a few moments, needing time to reflect on all those years.
After a short time, a smile came to her face and she answered proudly, explaining that she'd first married a banker when she was in her early 20's, then a circus ringmaster when in her 40's, later on a preacher when in her 60's, and now in her 80's, a funeral director.
The interviewer looked at her, quite astonished, and asked why she had married four men with such diverse careers.
She smiled and explained, 'I married number one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four to go.'
- Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
- If one's thoughts are positive about the landscape, one's eyes will appreciate what they see...AL.
- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Al and Kelly...wasn't it so nice that Cora got to know Pheebs and vica versa? Things happen for reasons, I have to believe that. Rest In Peace, dear Cora...You had a great run with a great family..who could ask for more?

  2. I am glad you and Pheebs brought Cora home where she belongs.

    I am pretty sure that you mentioned that Marianne Edwards who writes the boondocking books is a new follower
    of yours.

  3. I'm sure that wasn't an easy drive for you and Pheebs.

  4. Nice photos of all the Bayfield Bunch tonight, Al. Comforting to have them all back home together where they belong. The memories are priceless and the times we share with our fur buddies is all too short. Everyone should experience the love of a dog...then the world might be a little better place, I think. Take care.

  5. Glad the cycle is complete. Little Motormouse sure grabbed everyone's hearts. And beautiful photos of all the dogs. Especially like the red on white of the red bird with the white flowers.

  6. I think I love dogs better than people. They just seem to understand us better.

    RIP Cora, have fun at the Rainbow Bridge with your pals.

  7. R.I.P. Little Motormouse with your "Buds". Saw a look-alike at Bar S today and thought of you!

  8. Ah, you had me weeping, again, about the pups, Al. Glad little Motor is home safe with you, now.

    Jack still runs to Lizzie's spot whenever we are going out; and looks at me as if to say, "Where is she?" He really, really loved her, as did I.

    Change of subject: I ordered "The Solution". I'm either going to try to get someone I can pay to do it or I'm thinking maybe I can do a little bit of it at a time. It says it's wax as well as a cleaner. Did you find the wax to be satisfactory or did you apply something afterward? It's been sitting in my driveway for almost a year and a half, now, so it's filthy--it has never been this dirty before.

    I used another waterless solution twice while out west .
    Then I put a coat of Mcguiar's wax on it. I'm hoping I can skip the waxing with "The Solution". I'll only be able to do a little at a time because I can't stand for more than 5 or ten minutes.

    I'm hoping the solution will do the same.

    I'm glad you mentioned it. One thing Rich always had was a California Duster. The dirtier it got, the better it worked--it was amazing. I have one in the truck--buried under something--can't reach it, now or I'd use it on the trailer and truck. Whenever we landed in a campground, he'd do a once over with it and then get rid of the bugs on the front. I'm afraid my little trailer has never looked as good as his big motorhomes!

  9. Glad to hear the Motormouse has made it back home Al...

  10. how nice that the Bayfield Bunch is all together again, and on the one year anniversary of dear sweet fitting..hugs to you all.. :*)

  11. So sweet how Pheebs cozied up to Cora right away. I liked that cute pic of Cora gazing up at...the sky?...a Milk Bonz? looking very wise.

    Thanks lots for the boost - I appreciate it! I love this way of being. We boondockers are just out here in the middle of nowhere, leaving room in the resorts for folks who want it.

    I wonder why US residents can't get the same kind of insurance. I think I asked another Canadian, and she gave me a good reason but I forget it. For most of us, $700 for six months is a good rate, even for catastrophic coverage.

  12. Motormouse is home now and the Bayfield Bunch is back together once again.

  13. The wonderful circle of life... sweet Mouse is home again and The Bayfield Bunch is together! We do love our pets.

  14. Al I am glad that Motormouse is now at home with the Bayfield Bunch. How fitting that Pheebs was able to be beside you on the trip to get her.
    Our little Molly who died at 18 years stays on our nightstand right beside Gerri.
    I truly understand your love of dogs!!

  15. Okay Al, not fair to make me weepy! It amazes me how much love the fur kids give and how much we love our fur kids.

    I think it's so neat that you can be gathering things for your Arizona home while still enjoying your summer in Canada.

    Why can't you purchase health insurance in US? Maybe it would be cost prohibitive ...... but you now have an address in the US. Just wondering....

  16. I'm happy for you that you have your little Mouse back where she belongs.

  17. Wonder pictures of your fur loves. It made me sad to think of you going to get Motor but I'm glad she's back as part of the "bunch". I'll bet Pheebs misses her.

  18. Mopping up the tears at seeing all three boxes and their collars...

    Yup, I got those boxes and collars too... sigh. If our only fur friends lived as long as we did???

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  19. Sorry for your sad journey, but glad it is done now. If you are like us, even though it has been almost 18 months since we lost our pal, tears still come sometimes when we think of her. Glad you have your pal Pheebs nearby!!

    Elizabeth in NC

  20. Your new banner photo is gorgeous!