Thursday, April 05, 2012




Had my fingers crossed when I went to bed Wednesday night hoping I could sleep in until at least 6 this morning.  But, it was not to be & I was up shortly after 3 a.m.  It was OK though because all was quiet, nice soft ambient music on the stereo, my recliner welcomed me & I was able to do a bit of catching up with a few folks on my laptop.



When I push back into my over comfortable cushy recliner at home I sometimes think to myself, 'why would I ever want to leave here & go anywhere else'.  It's a very real thought & while sitting here I sometimes have no answer.  But, only sometimes:))



Transitioning does not become easier with age.  I am sitting with 3 remotes in my hand trying to remember again which one governs which function on our widescreen TV.  One remote handles our stereo which our TV can play through but which button turns that one one again.  I'm sure one remote has to do with HD & the cable company or something.  And which remote covers the turn signals.  Why can't I get the horn to work on the radio.  How come when I pull the cord the TV won't start.  Ohhhhhh, this transitioning is sooooo confusing.



Pheebs is pretty happy to be home because she can sleep on my wider bed again.  And I am happy for the same reversal of reason.  She is having a few transition dilemmas herself running up & down the hall from room to room trying to get used to this bigger space.  And, she can't believe her luck at being able to go in & out our open patio door again.  And how nice to be outside in our fenced back yard without supervision.  Wow, it's a dog's life.


Because I enjoy being outside doing yard work this time of year it didn't take me long this morning to get my wheelbarrow revved up for the day's activities.  Many utility trailer loads of Pine needles to be raked up, branches to be loaded, etc.  Both the Jeep & Motorhome are in need of major clean-ups but that will have to wait.  Piney before shiney.  Plus I'm always a little reluctant to wash off all that groovy Arizona dust because it took me all winter just to get it on there & get that Jeep looking like a truly seasoned Jeep:))



A cool crisp morning (ok, so it was cold) had us dressed warmly for our first family walk of the year on our Pine tree trail.  Nice to be out walking with a forest of trees all around again.  A pair of Mallard Ducks on the pond plus a couple of Canada Geese.  A few song birds in the trees but the big bird rush is still weeks away.  An absence of snow this year has really dropped the creek levels.  Am hoping we do not have water problems this summer.



Left the Motorhome alone & concentrated on the back yard clean up.  Had me a nice campfire going all morning burning up twigs, branches & pine needles.  Dragged out a few lawn ornaments & set up my night light timers.  I'll tackle the front yard pond in a few days.  Nice to be busy outside working those old tired muscles that have lain dormant all winter.  Pheebs was outside all the time helping me with every little thing too.  Came in about 11:15 & sat down for a few minutes to give my legs a break.  My few minutes was up when my eyes fluttered open about 1:30 this afternoon.  Needed that:))



Always takes Kelly much longer to empty the Motorhome of her stuff than it does me.  Suppose that's because she takes about 5 times more stuff with her each winter than I do.  Always feel so sorry for the rig after we get home because it sits out in the driveway all alone without the daily buzz of life it had going on inside for the past 5 months.  It is all but abandoned by it's RVing occupants.  Most all systems are shut down & put into hibernation.  The rig will wait patiently all summer long for the tell tale signs of activity.  Might be something loaded in a bin here, maybe some socks put in a drawer there.  But it will wait patiently.  It will wait to be reunited with it's traveling winter family once again in the coming Fall when it can happily be back on the road doing what it was designed to do best.  Travel.  ‘Still thy heart oh great Steed’



Had a question about overnighting while on the road in places like Lowes, Cracker Barrel, Casinos, Walmart, etc.  Kelly had read an article a couple years ago about some places like Lowes & Cracker Barrel who welcome RV'ers.  I think most RV folks stopping for the night at a Cracker Barrel will either eat supper or breakfast there & Cracker Barrel knows that.  Many RV'ers stopping at Casinos will go in for a bite to eat, a look around, or a little game playing.  Walmart is a logical stop because they carry such a wide range of products.  Traveler's are always needing groceries & most, if not all Walmarts have an RV section.  You can pick up a new sewer hose right along with a bag of potatoes & a can of beans.  Many of them have a Subway or McDonalds in them plus bakery & deli.  A logical overnight spot for sure & I always enjoy Walmart stops because it's a welcome change of pace after a long day on the road.  Besides, there are some really weird looking shoppers in some of those stores & it's always good for a chuckle or two.



GROANER'S CORNER:((  One attractive young businesswoman to another, over lunch:  My life is all math. I am trying to add to my income, subtract from my weight, divide my time, and avoid multiplying.

- Tourists see the world, travelers  experience it.

- Home is where your pet is:))

- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right  now...AL.


  1. All I can say is I envy your energy. We both sleep a lot longer around here. When I think about our hours it makes me feel very slothful. Well rested, but slothful!

  2. You mentioned your muscles unused over the winter, but I could have sworn you were raking and gathering and burning back in AZ. It is just a different scene, but I bet you don't go more than a couple hours at a time being idle!

  3. Wow, your flower photos are just gorgeous!
    The work you are doing now is what we tackled
    last weekend ar our DE summer cottage yard work cleanup.
    Those darn pine cones and needles are something!
    We do use alot of the needles for weed control though.
    Connie in PA

  4. You and Kelly have the best of two worlds. I remember when we'd come back after a spring/summer away, the house would seem so big. When I came back after 6 months in my little trailer, the house not only seemed so big, but it seemed so empty. I wanted to go right back out and get on the road with my little camper. Fortunately, I didn't because Jack came up with his problems, and I had the emergency facility and my own vet to help me.

    Of course, I come home to suburbia--sound alike you go home to a beautiful place. Yup, Al, you have the best of two worlds. Pats to Pheebs.

  5. So glad for you that you are home under such sad conditions!! I read your blog daily and my husband loves your photos. I am curious how Pheebs is handling Cora's passing. Do you think she might be looking for her in your yard?

  6. Glad you made it home safe and sound and are already back in the swing of "regular" home ownership and all the wonderful achy back breaky things that need to be done...Sometimes I miss those things as we don't own a sticks and bricks home anymore..enjoy...

  7. I did managage to get the bed stripped in the Hiker, mattress pads and sheets stripped and washed..and the duvet cover...But the rest can wait a week or two...We are still looking out of the GMC windshield with bug splatters on it...Soooo much to do..Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it...I feel the old bones just aching...and an acre of grass is just not necessary anymore...

  8. wow sure looks like your settling back in fast and furious...Rome wasn't built in a day...your flowers are gorgeous!! hope you get some sleep tonight...

  9. You sure have some nice flowers blooming there...great pics. Wish you could bottle up some that energy and sell it to the rest of us!! Don't work too hard. Glad Pheebs is enjoying being home.

  10. Your flowers are brilliant colors. I was sitting here reading your blog and thinking,...Joe loves to be outside, working in the flower beds, raking the small red gravel back in place, shining up the vehicles.... but if he were out there doing that at the moment......he'd probably drown! Try stepping in the dirt..... just mud. Glad you're back home safe and sound. Take a nap when your body tells you to... all that yard work will be there when you wake up :)

  11. I just feel lost when in a house after RV living for so long. What to do with all that space.

    Love all the flowers around your place, such bright splashes of color.

  12. Those blue and yellow primroses are too beautiful to be real.

    Glad it feels good to be back at your summer home. :o)

  13. Back home keeping busy and enjoying spring time and the fresh outdoor weather, it does have it benefits for sure.

  14. Those flowers are stunning!! Very Goog. Plus the morning campfire is a idea,,,,,I can't stay awake for the evening ones anymore.

    Don't work to hard,,,,,Pace yourself and save some work for tomorrow. You sure wouldn't want to run out of work.....

    We shot over 200 rounds yeaterday, so I gotta get busy loading ammo! Have a great day!!!

  15. The flower photos were gorgeous Al! Don't work too hard.

  16. I have never seen a primrose.... yours are amazing! We are glad you made it home safe and sound! Looks like you have a beautiful place there, and now another beautiful place in AZ as well. Chuck and I left Truth or Consequences NM yesrerday headed to our workamper job near Zion Utah. Chuck is not a boondocker LOL so we are in a campground in Springerville Utah!
    Stay yooung, stay happy! Geri and Chuck

  17. Being snowbirds in AZ seems to have given you a huge boost, even your beautiful flowers are bursting with joy and enthusiasm. It's spring once again and you are home! Thank you for taking us on your winter journey. You are a fun guy!