Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Remembered to bring in our main bird feeder last night but thought maybe the others might be Ok. They weren’t. Found one smashed up on the ground & two others tipped over empty. This morning I took down all the bird feeders with the exception of two. Only other way to deal with this problem is to live trap the Raccoon & transport it a few miles away & release it. Can’t do that because it could be a Momma Coon with babies & I could not bare the thought of baby Raccoons starving to death in a nearby tree somewhere. I probably didn’t need to have half a dozen bird feeders up anyway!!

Copy of DSC_7478
My Passport is coming up for renewal in a couple months so that means a new photo & application. New application – $86. Passport Photo – $20. It’s not cheap being a tourist!!

Had a reader question about our health care so I will answer that one carefully by just saying we will not be getting any knee buckling bills for any of my appointments or procedures with this kidney stone issue. In fact, we will be getting no bills at all, now or later. Nor will I have to pay for any drugs or medications required. You can see why it is sooooooo important for we Canadians to keep our health plans intact & not run the risk of losing them. In Ontario it is called OHIP. Ontario Health Insurance Plan & it is one of the main reasons which keeps us from moving Stateside to an all year round better climate. Medical issues may not seem as important when younger but they sure take top priority as we age. And, while on the medical topic again, let me tell you about………Doc Robot.
He enters & exits the room without a Hello or a Goodbye. No how are you or how are you feeling today. No introductions & no indications of familiarity. No identifications & no salutations. Doc Robot fixes me with a short icy stare as he enters the small examining room with an open electronic Note Pad in hand. He proceeds to & sits at a small table. Reading from the Note Pad he rapidly tells me in technical terms what’s wrong with me & what procedures are necessary to right those wrongs. No questions, no advice, no sign of recognition that he has an actual human life form sitting in front of him. No smiles or warm words of reassurance from Doc Robot.  A couple questions from the humans are quickly answered & then he exits the room. No goodbye, no take care, no hesitation, no problem. “Next”
Chris & Caron from TRAVELS WITH CC & DIXIE have an informative post starting at LAZY DAYS RV in Tampa Florida & ending up 14 hours later at TIFFIN MOTORHOMES in Red Bay, Alabama. This will be of particular interest to Tiffin Motorhome owners who may or may not have been to Tiffin’s big facility there. Sounds & looks like quite a place with additional points of interest in the surrounding area.
RV folks are no strangers to break downs on the road. GEOGYPSY'S truck hauling her 5th wheel ran out of power on a grade near Flagstaff Arizona & is now in a repair facility. Russ & Donna from TRAVELS IN THERAPY had their trip come to a screeching halt near Pendleton Oregon & are now facing a hefty repair bill for their Honda Fit toad. Jerry & Suzy from OUR LIFE ON WHEELS are currently broke down at Roper Lake with a stuck transfer case in their Suzuki XL-7 toad. We know the frustrations these people are feeling at the moment.
How about a super deal on a great house & property backing onto a river in Wisconsin. Be sure to check out KAREN IN THE WOODS blog today. She & hubby Steve are hitting the road as Full Timers & are selling their beautiful home in the woods.  Just went on the market yesterday.  You really have to see this house & the great price they are selling it for. I’m thinking this house & property are going to sell very fast.
Kelly called the Vet today & we should have Motor’s remains back on Friday. We had taken her in just a few days before the Easter Week-end & that week-end backed everything up. Our little Mouse has not been lost after all.
GROANER’S CORNER:(( A third grade teacher was getting to know her pupils on the first day of school. She turned to one little girl and asked,
"What does your Daddy do?" The girl replied,
"Whatever my Mommy tells him to do."
- Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
- If one's thoughts are positive about the landscape, one's eyes will appreciate what they see...AL.
- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Great groaner's today!

    So sorry to hear about Doc Robot. What's up with that? You sure took it well. I'd have been pretty irritated. Hope that isn't a regular part of Canadian Health Care.

    Glad to hear Motor will be coming home soon.


  2. Good luck with Dr. Robot - hate it when that happens. Sometimes those guys are the best doctors though.

    Love that photo of Pheebs being chased by the geese. Hope she doesn't tangle with that raccoon. I am inordinately fond of wildlife and that was a great picture, but I do not like raccoons. Ever since Rusty tangled with one, they are not high on my list of beloved animals.

  3. Do you have a choice of doctors or just have to take whoever you get? Is it the same one every time? I guess I'd at least expect a grunt or a big sigh..... About those raccoons.... cute critters, but sure are destructive!

  4. Glad to hear your "problem" is not too bad. Ray is waiting for his "roter rooting" at the end of May so feels your pain! I enjoy your take on life rving and hope we can enjoy a lot of the same things when we start our trek south next fall. Thanks for sharing. Deb

  5. Those pesky raccoons are worse than those nasty black squirrels...but who's keeping score, anyway. They're just doing what they have to do to live their life. Glad you're going to let them be. You make me happy, Al, with your care for animals. Thanks.

  6. Doc Robot sounds very similar to the doctor I used to have before I hit the road. Did all the same wonderful greetings as Doc Robot only this guy had to input everything into his computer before he would even speak to me.

    Then when I told him what was wrong he would proceed to input more data into his computer.

    Almost seems like you and I could be doctors as well. Just google symptoms and then tell them what to do. HA!!

  7. Sorry to hear about your visit to Doc Robot. I just had a visit with one myself, and I'm all the way here in Georgia!! Seems like alot of them have forgotten their oath. Wish you all the best with your kidney situation!


  8. At least he didn't tell you anything that scared you much.......

  9. I guess I got lucky with my doc visit, as my doc is a very personable woman who asks all kinds of questions. But she's really not a doc, but a Physician's Assistant. I think I'd take a robo doc if I didn't have to pay, it might be worth it.

    Once again, your photos are just stunning. The raccoon with the seeds on its mouth, the purple flowers...I wish I could take photos even half as good.

  10. The geese chasing Pheebs is funny. The raccoon is cute but too expensive to feed bird seed and destructive.

    I know that doctors are busy but do they have to be so impersonal. This is seen way too often. Sorry you got a robot.

    I'm a 3rd night in Flagstaff and feeling kinda' poor. But think the truck is good to go--cross fingers--and head to the North Rim tomorrow.

  11. Our last passport cost us $120/each. We know where you are coming from!
    We have been to the Tiffin plant twice. It is a great place. If you are ever there, be sure to take the plant tour and don't miss the paint plant. They are both amazing and everyone is really friendly. They stop working to answer any questions anyone has.

  12. I would not feel comfortable having such a cold person do surgery on me. However, at least here in USA, so much of how they do and what they do, is controlled by the govt, insurance, etc...and often they are not really allowed to do what they feel is best for their patients. Perhaps people handle those things differently...but it sure helps if they are more personable, because after all none of this is the fault of the patient!! Surely hope all will go well with your proceedure!!

    Today was my day for "burning" the skin doctor. Could be worse. But not something I look forward to doing. And I have never been a sun-worshipper either...sigh...but with fair skin tis easy to get sunburnt even if being careful. And now approaching 60, tis time to keep the skin doc in business!

  13. our Canadian medical system is indeed worth keeping..we, too are very fortunate on the money end of it!

  14. Sounds like the Canadian health care is really good, but the "bedside service" is really indifferent.
    The raccoon may be a bit pesty, but he sure is cute. I respect your love for all animals....thanks!

  15. My Doc is super friendly and I am one of the lucky ones between union insurance and SS I have 0 copay on everything. The US need a system just like Canada. The only problem with my Medical is they like to do things early. I had an appointment for minor surgery at 9:30 this morning. I got up at 7 and said what was I smoking when I agreed to this early appointment. I dont finish my second cup of coffee until 10. I called and rescheduled for June 6 at 1:30 P.M. Now thats a time of day I can handle.

  16. Too bad you got robot Doc,hope he is good at what he does. Great pictures as usual.

  17. He skipped the class on bedside manner. I imagine that's the only one he didn't bother with, so you're likely in good hands that have bad people skills.

  18. I currently have zero copays except on prescription drugs, but you can never tell how long it will last with today's economic woes.

    I hate to get my passport renewed because of the fact that I will look 10 years older in the new picture! You are no longer a tourist, you are a homeowner and part time resident of the US!

  19. Doc Robot is not my kind of guy, good luck with him. Those pesky racoons sure can be destructive to bad you have to take the bird feeders down.

  20. To make it clear about Canadian healthcare, doctors here are like doctors get them with human personalities and you get them with robot personalities and you get everything in between. While Sandra's and my doctor in Ottawa is outstanding in both personality and ability, I personally don't care if I like a doctor as long as he/she cures me of the problem I'm seeing him/her for. I'll take an unfriendly but capable doctor over a friendly quack any day.

    Also AFAIK, OHIP only pays for drugs during a hospital stay or for those on old age pension.

  21. What happens if you need medical care while in USA?

    My 29 year old daughter has no health care through her job and was just turned down by Blue Cross/Blue Shield (supposedly the insurer of last resort) because of two minor "pre-existing conditions" common to women her age. At least starting in 2014 Obamacare will prohibit such exclusions, although I can't help but wonder if the insurance companies will charge so much it will be de facto exclusion.