Wednesday, April 11, 2012



I could see the cloud cover was beginning to break early this morning. Despite our cold 36F start to the day I knew I had a bunch of yard work to finish up so it was going to be a ‘dress warmly’ day. A neighbour's car needed to be started after a long winter’s hibernation as well. Amazing how after nearly 6 months of sitting I just re-attached the battery cables, turned the key & the little Honda was instantly purring like a contented kitten. Had 2 Honda Civics years ago & they were just the best cars of ever. Same with my Honda motorcycle. Runs like a top & doesn’t make a great big noise:))


Had myself a busy morning pushing my wheelbarrow around with loads of raked up pine needles. I dump them in a pile alongside the road & later pick them up with my utility trailer & take them to a recycling area we have here in the Park. I sure have taken many trailer loads of Pine needles to that recycling area in the past 9 years.  Especially when I used to do a lot of stuff for neighbours.

Last haircut for me was early November of 2011 so this morning Kelly got out the scissors & put a quick end to that 5 month reign of hair. I once again have my grade one first day at school haircut look again. Eee Gads!!

Been a couple years since I last had my eyes checked & today’s check-up revealed my eyes are in good shape with only minor changes in prescription & cataract progression. My current frames are about 15 years old with the lenses themselves being 8 years old & scratched up enough to look like they came out of a sandpaper factory. Today I finally gave in & ordered new frames & lenses. Yikes, that sure wasn’t cheap!!


INGRID HUBBARD joins us today as Blog Follower 479.  Thank you for dropping by Ingrid & welcome to our travels.  Afraid we won’t be traveling too far until the Fall but if I decide to keep this Blog going for the summer again maybe you will find something of interest here:))


My Urologist’s office phoned this afternoon with an appointment for my CT Scan. Would you believe it’s this Sunday. Didn’t know those folks worked on Sundays & hard to believe they got me booked in on such short notice. That is not the norm here in Canada. They also scheduled an appointment to go over the CT Scan results next Wednesday at the Urologist’s office in Stratford. Yikes!!


Only weeks after having both knees done in a bilateral knee surgery, Stu from 2 TAKING A FIFTH is up & about with the aid of a cane. Read STU'S ACCOUNT of what lead up his decision to have both knees done at the same time. In his continuing account Stu talks about pre-op, day of the surgery & post-op. Informative reading for anyone facing knee surgery in the future. We met Stu & Froggy Donna along with some other Blogger friends in the Kofa Mountains near Quartzsite Arizona a few years ago…….A GET TOGETHER IN THE DESERT.

And, we received this photo below of our Arizona house today taken by fellow RV’er & traveling Canadian, Gerrit. Gerrit & his wife are currently staying at the Escapee’s North Ranch just outside of Congress, Arizona.  Coincidentally another RV’er & fellow Blogger, WHERE'S WEAVER is also at North Ranch this week exploring around the area.



GROANER’S CORNER:(( McNally was taking his first plane ride, flying over the Rocky Mountains. The stewardess handed him a piece of chewing gum. "It's to keep your ears from popping at high altitudes," she explains.
When the plane landed McNally rushed up to her. "Miss," he said, "I'm meeting me wife right away. How do I get this gum out of my ears?"
- Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. The Arizona house looks beautiful now! Congratulations on your eye test, and hope the scan goes as well.

  2. Awesome Canada Goose capture. Good on ya !
    Okanagan Al

  3. I love your forested yard and can hardly wait to return to the pines along the canyon.

    Eight years is a while to go between eye exams. But the news sounds pretty good.

  4. Your photographs are a treat whether they are taken in Canada or the Southwest. We enjoy your posts year round!

  5. Doctor visit 1 down and a success. Wishing you the same on #2.

    Now when I get some jerk here talking about how we don't want the slow Canadian health system I'm going to tell him about your quick response time.


  6. Guess I need to get an eye appointment as I've developed 'floater' in the last year. Yuck. Hate that doctor stuff. :(

  7. Wow,,your closing in on 500 followers Al,,,,Thats remarkable and just goes to show you that you are Mr. Blogger himself!!!!

  8. Good news about the eye exam, glad your cataracts haven't thickened.
    The house in Congress looks really good.

  9. You have two beautiful homes . . . uh, make that THREE beautiful homes. I enjoyed the post and photos as always. I'm like you, Al .. . Haircuts and eye exams are faaaaar apart.

  10. You have two beautiful homes . . . uh, make that THREE beautiful homes. I enjoyed the post and photos as always. I'm like you, Al .. . Haircuts and eye exams are faaaaar apart.

  11. Love that picture of the goose taking flight.

    I always enjoy your blog no matter where you are and your pictures brighten my day. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  12. Too bad you didn't have that eye exam and order your glasses down in Alamogordo, MX. So much cheaper and doctors are very good.

  13. Hey, where'd my new owner peeps go??? I need some more paint and stuff!

  14. nice to see the house again!!..looking mighty fine!

  15. Nice to see people checking on your house. That good news about the eye test and a quick CT scan, should get things underway soon.

  16. Our experience for CT scans (of which Gordon has had quite a few after Valley Fever) is that if it's an emergency, you can get in quickly. If not, it's several weeks.

    Your house is looking great. Love that you have your own saguaros! Hope someone is keeping an eye on it for you while you're gone.

  17. The cactus look like they are about to embrace each other. Looking forward to seeing your new look with the haircut and new glasses.If you shave the beard, we probably won't recognize you. I wonder if the Pheebs would?

  18. Glad they got you scheduled for the CT scan quickly..I hate waiting for that stuff..McGyver should sign up for an eye exam..It has been 10 years, and he wears rigid gas perm contact lenses..bifocals!

  19. I just got a chuckle imagining your blog followers all sending you pictures of your house. Ours will be "here is your kitchen," "here is your dining room," "your bed is very comfy ..."

    Too bad eye stuff wasn't an option for you in Mexico. Annie was very happy with her trip to Algodones Optical, and her wallet didn't screech too much, either.

  20. Amazing photography as usual! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  21. I had cataract surgery a year ago. I was amazed at how easy it was, but what really amazed me was how much more colorful everything was! My photography improved overnight. :)

    Glad you made it home OK. Beautiful photos, as usual.

  22. How nice to have all those little spies watching your property! Good for you to have that peace of mind.

    Congrats on all the medical stuff so far, may the rest of the journey be smooth and easy.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard