Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So happy our weather has improved to the point we can leave our patio door open once again during the day.  Amazing how therapeutic the warming rays of sunshine can be.  Have always noticed it’s all part of the feeling good Spring Tonic we folks in the northern latitudes look forward to so much each Spring.  Now having said that, guess what it’s going to do tonight & tomorrow……yep, rain:((
DSC_0063 DSC_0068
Kelly reminded me Clinton Optical had phoned Tuesday saying my new eye glasses were in so I hauled myself off to the little burg of Clinton this morning.  Glasses fit fine & with a quick glance in the mirror to make sure they still gave me my Nerd look, which they did,  I was out the door with a much lighter wallet.  Distant objects were a bit blurry for awhile but I knew it would take my eyes a few hours to adjust to the new prescription, & they did.  My close up vision is much better now so I may not have to keep switching glasses at the computer anymore.  And, that would be good.  But I still look like a Nerd:((
IMG_3092 IMG_3095
Caught the tail end of a phone in radio talk show this morning on a.m. radio.  Topic was the rapidly changing technology of our computer age.  Seems computers as we know them are quickly going the way of the Dinosaur.  With Apples phenomenally successful iPoop everything these days & the stampeding techno advances in Smart Phones it is only a matter of time before our PC’s as we know them will disappear forever.  Desk tops are already on their way out followed closely by laptops.  iPads are the rage it seems.  Personally, I felt a little sad at all that news.
DSC_0072 DSC_0075
1956 FORD
I like my desk top, my lap top & my keyboard.  I enjoy my big screen monitor & do not look at any of these things as lumbering dinosaurs.  But, like many of we older folks know who were once on the edge of some mighty exciting break through computer stuff a decade ago, I am beginning to see the end of days approaching.  Like they said on the program, once they have figured out a way to eliminate the keyboard, the computer is dead in the water.  That probably doesn’t mean a thing to the new speedball knee jerk Twitterers & Texters but it sure impacts folks like myself who enjoy taking the time & making the effort to use our minds creatively & constructively with our Blogs.  We are the one’s who will be most negatively impacted by the new technology.  For speed warped Techno heads caught up in the latest trend frenzy it’s all about faster gidgets, smaller gadgets & speed, speed, speed.  Oh ya, & who’s the coolest guy with the latest toys, right.
DSC_0056 DSC_0057
I’ve had both an iPad & a Smart Phone demonstrated to me & must say I was very impressed with what I saw & what they can do.  All those Apps, all those really cool new graphics, etc.  Yes, even I like gadgets….but to a point.  I could easily see an iPad in our future, maybe even a Smart Phone somewhere down the line.  But to give up my keyboard for this new technology, to give up my expressive creativity, my emotional outlet & my favored form of communication, is just not going to happen with this fellow.  When it’s time to pull the techno plug on me, just give me an old typewriter, a piece of blank paper & just let me be, will ya.  Oh, and maybe an old battery powered Sony portable radio to keep me company…………………………………
Now, in reference to my Tuesday night post about a few blogging thoughts.  Figured I'd include a comment from CHINLE tonight because she directed her comment to all Bloggers.  Chinle says, "To my fellow bloggers:"  “Thank you one and all. There have been times that your blogs are all I've had to keep my perspective on what the world is all about and not go nuts!
There have been times when your blogs have pulled me out of some serious depression.
There have been times that your blogs have comforted me that there really are good kind people on this planet.
I know also that there are folks out there who are unable to get out and do things like you all do and your blogs are their only links to things of interest.
Keep on blogging”!  …………. 
Thank you Chinle. I occasionally lose site of my blog’s main purpose & occasionally get a little too caught up in myself. I sometimes need a good shake to get my attention back on track again. It’s what makes me human & not perfect.

DSC_0085 DSC_0158 
Again, I forgot to bring the bird feeders in last night so the Coon got em for the second night in a row. At least I have learned not to fill them right up anymore. Now, if I could just learn myself some more better memory techniques!!  And yes, I did have to once again make some hasty repairs to the wooden feeder in the photo below.  More duct tape & wire had it back up in the tree about an hour later.  It’s future is hanging by a thread I might add.
SAM P joined us Tuesday as our latest Blog Follower. Welcome aboard Sam. Always handy to have a Collision & Repair person along:))
GROANER’S CORNER:(( God, grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway,
The good fortune to run into the ones that I do,
And the eyesight to tell the difference.
- Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. I hear you Al... yes, we do have a new iPad 3, but I still use my laptop as well... I am not ready to give it up... although we don't have a desk top anymore... no where to put it!

  2. I don't think I would even try to make the switch if I couldn't have a keyboard. I tried the I Pad for one week and it certainly has a lot going for it. But I just can't type that way, and don't intend to.

  3. Wonderful posting. Love those old cars. Had ours out again today and made some adjustments at the choke.
    I like your thoughts about blogging. We might not be aware of it, but they can make a difference in some peoples life.

  4. Love my new iPad2. Don't think it will ever completely replace my laptop, but we will see! Very nice to have it with me for both business and personal use, especially reading my favorite blogs.

  5. Lovely photos and nice thoughts!! I agree with you. This ole brain does not remember well enough to take on the new gadgets anyway. I do not fully understand everything on my computer nor cell phone as it is! One thing the computer and email have essentially done away with is communicating via a nice handwritten letter. I don't write as many as I once did, but I still do not want to quit either. Sometimes things written by hand are indeed precious. Going though some old stuff from my folks and grandparents...came across an envelope addressed to the business my Great Grandpa pleased to have found it too!!

    Keep are one of my favorite bloggers!
    Elizabeth in NC

  6. I think these computer we love and hate will be around for the rest of our days, Al. There are just too many things you can't do properly with a small screen and touchpad. Maybe if they get around to a twenty something inch IPad with a pull out keyboard there will be some possibilities.

  7. I have a smartphone (Droid Incredible) and I have an app that tethers to my (old) laptop. It serves me "just fine" when I'm on the road.

    I'm somewhat of a "techie," but frugal also. There are only so many "toys" one needs to do an adequate job. :-)

  8. You never know whose life you might touch or even change just with a simple blog. Sometimes, a simple post can bring a sense of hope to someone. I know, been there, with htis very blog. Thanks, by the way. :)

    As for technology, I'll never forget my dad, who was an electronic genius. He would take his laptop apart to figure out how it worked. He was amazed the first time I ever called him on a cell phone, one of those big Motorola things. He kept saying, you're calling me from where? (I was out in the desert north of Moab about 20 miles). He loved technology and always wanted to have the latest and greatest. He remembered as a kid his teacher at his rural school taking his class across the road to the neighbor's farm, where the guy had a radio, and there they listened to Admiral Byrd transmitting from the North Pole. What a changing world he witnessed! He loved his laptop.

  9. A large number of the younger folks can't type without looking at the keyboard and usually use their thumbs for all of the keys. I don't think they teach typing class like we took so many years ago. Consequently they have no affinity for the qwerty keyboard arrangement or need for the old typewriter style keyboard. And yes we also have an Ipad but it is used primarily by Loyce who also never had any typing class and uses her index fingers to type all letters. She thinks it is great, until something happens that she can't handle and has to have me fix on that old desktop style machine. Which is less than two years old, btw. Like anything it will be quite a while before keyboards dye out completely.

  10. I think for READING on line, a tablet is fine but a smart phone is too small. But for WRITING in any quantity, I can't see using anything less than my laptop. (I have a DroidX and my husband has a Samsung Galaxy tablet that doubles as a wonderful e-book reader as well as for web surfing.)

  11. When I watch my kids and grandkids texting with their two thumbs...makes me crazy and their spelling leaves much to be desired. I finally told them spell out the words or I won't bother to read them. I have a Nook Tablet and do a lot of my internet work on it and I have a laptop. Joe has a desktop with a large screen. No smart phones until we start traveling again.
    We both loved the old car pictures. Your pictures have such great, clear color! I too hope you never quit blogging. Yours is also one of my favorites.

  12. Al, don't worry too much about our computers becoming obsolete any time in the near future. There have been people forecasting the demise of computers for a long time, and it just ain't gonna happen any time soon! Once us old dinosaurs learned to use them, we're gonna hang on to 'em!!

  13. Thank you, Al, for another great post. So many times you make MY day. You reaffirm a faith in humanity that sometimes I can't seem to find!! I hope there is never a day when you quit!!! Rose

  14. Amen!! I can't imagine trying to blog on an iPad or Smart phone. I need a keyboard!! As an accessory - yes, they would be nice...but my keyboard is a tool Great car show...and Pheebs!

  15. Apart from the fact that the entire premise of computers going the way of the dinosaur is factually incorrect(talk radio is known for sensationalism not facts) how would that lead you to have “to give up my expressive creativity, my emotional outlet & my favored form of communication”? That seems a little over the top to me.

    William Shakespeare expressed his feelings and creativity quite well as did Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – without keyboards. Expressive creativity comes from within a person and not from the tools used to record whether it be the pen, typewriter, keyboard or mobile device.

    Realistically, there is a much greater chance of some bloggers going the way of the dinosaur than computers. Why? Because the central component of the devices you describe (iPads and Smartphones) is that same computer chip used in our desktops and laptops. The big difference is that now, through advances in technology, we all have a greater choice in the kinds of devices we want to use.

    Microsoft expects over 400 million desktop PC’s running Windows to ship this year. That’s a lot of dinosaurs to kill off in the lifetimes of most of us bloggers. So, rest easy everyone and type away without fear or angst – and, don’t believe everything you hear on radio talk shows!

  16. What, no keyboard! My 20th Century thumbs are s l o w. Besides, I like to type, with all my fingers. Do you remember Gregg shorthand? ;)

    My phone is Smarter than me and I haven't really checked out all the gadgets in the between sizes.

    Us bloggers are presently documenting the past for the future. Very important stuff.

    Very cool old cars. Dang coon. Or is it dang you for not bringing in the bird feeders.

    Belly rubs for Pheebs.


  17. Love the way Pheebs watches TV!..she has the right idea!!

  18. Not too worried about the technology but I sure enjoyed all those pictures of Pheebs! Such a great dog.

  19. Al,as you probably know I dont have a lot of free time, but always make time to read you blog every day, love you outlook and insight. Judging my number of followers seems a lot of people share that view. Love the pics
    of Pheebs, but you may want to remind her ones like in front of the tv are not very ladylike
    Donna W.

  20. I love reading your blog and looking at your beautiful pictures!

  21. Al, did a walk around your place again Tuesday. Everything is secure! Your neighbor to the South is keeping an eye out, too. He stuck his head over the fence and said politely, "Can I help you? I told him I was friend and would be stopping by occasionally to do a "walk around". He said that's great. Great picture of Pheebs in front of the TV. I have a new iPad but it will never replace my new Dell desktop. Hugs to you and Kelly......have a wonderful summer!

  22. Al, I always enjoy reading your blog and your photos are so outstanding - love them all! Today's pic of the 1956 Ford brought back memories of my in-laws car exactly like the one in the pic. We are currently revamping mother-in-laws 1969 Chevy. Pheebs is so cute!

    We too had trouble with coons and possums, etc. Finally had someone come in and trap and move them - so much better now. Take care!

  23. Love the pics of Pheebs and enjoyed the tour of the old cars. Our son (26) doesn't use his laptop much anymore but is on his smart phone or notepad. He does use the laptop when there are things he wants to really read or see pics on...screen is bigger. Times do change for smaller and faster but we still have the laptop and dumb phone.

  24. I don't think the keyboard is going anywhere anytime soon.

  25. Rick D is right Al...pickup a copy of CPU magazine next time you are in a book shop and see the advancement they are making in case design, faster and faster video cards, solid state hard drives, and slick new RAM.
    All so the desktop computer will run as fast as possible. This market is huge Al.
    And as long as there are gamers, who's games require you to upgrade to the latest hardware every year, and graphic and 3D designers where speed equals money, desktops will be around for a long time to come.

    Love the car pics Al.

  26. You definitely brought the comments out with this one.

    I'm with Judy. Not all young people type only with their thumbs and create nothing of substance. My daughter types with all 10 fingers for work and pleasure. She's an early 30's lawyer. I'm not worried. Just type away I say.


  27. Al and Kelly, your humanity is exactly what makes you perfect. There's no need for you to be other than what you are.

    Those keyboardless gadgets, on the other hand! When i'm restricted to an iPad I don't even try to post. I do remember the satisfying plink!plink!plink! of the keys striking the platen and paper, while we tried to exceed our personal best in speed and accuracy. I hated moving to a computer, but now...? I think we'll adjust to whatever we have to work with.

  28. As a fellow blogger and not wanting to get into a controversy of any kind I just have to say that I agree with others who have said that desktops and the keyboard are not going away anytime soon. I think Rick said it best though as the input device is not what drives creativity, it is the person.

  29. I think you're subconsciously fond of that coon. :0)

    Love the juxtaposition of the classic cars with the technology talk.


  30. It often takes more creativity to say something in 140 characters than the 3500 the average blogger uses just to talk about himself. (139)

    Knee Jerk Twitterer

  31. This is Al's blog, his diary and he is entitled to express his opinion.
    "Expressive creativity" does come from within a person but the tool they chose to express it with is their choice and is not at all over the top.

    I actually can see the keyboard going the way of the dinosaur with everything becoming touch and voice activated. Will it actually happen, who can really predict. I'm sure some thought the typewriter would be the tool of choice forever.

    Keep writing with the sincerity that you do Al, there's a lot of us who appreciate it!

  32. A few seconds on Google, Al, shows you can not only attach a keyboard to an iPad...

    ...but a monitor as well as almost anything else. What'll they think of next? Amazing what a minimum amount of research can show.

  33. Al, you need to put your bird feeders on one of those old fashioned clotheslines they had in between upper apartment buildings. You know the ones..on a pulley .You could reel them in the window at night and reel them back out in the daytime.
    I sure would hate to lose this big 'ol desktop computer..My daughter has an I-pad..It's like lugging a TV with you wherever you go...I DO like my new android phone, though.

  34. I have this theory...just because you can make something smaller doesn't mean you should. We still have an IBM Selectric typewriter just in case they make a come back.

  35. I think for READING on line, a tablet is fine but a smart phone is too small.

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