Monday, March 26, 2012




I groggily wondered what Kelly was doing in the kitchen turning lights on.  A quick check of my clock told me it was 1:30 in the morning.  “What’s going on I ask.”  “I think it’s raining,” she said.   Well, that got me out of bed real fast because our MiFi unit is on the roof of the Motorhome.  “Are you sure,” I said.  “Yes,” she said with the door open looking out.  Strange, because raindrops can easily be heard on the roof, & I didn’t hear any.  She was already outside with the flashlight as I donned my housecoat & headed down the steps.  First thing I did was look to the sky.  Stars everywhere with not a cloud in sight.  And, no raindrops falling on my head.  But wait, it did sound like clumps of large rain drops falling over near the house.  What the heck!!!!  Stood there for about 10 seconds listening to what sounded like something definitely falling from the sky at both ends of the house.  My mind raced trying to put a logical answer to these totally illogical sounds in the darkness.  There was no logic for what I was hearing but not seeing or feeling!!  Took the flashlight, opened the gate to the house and cautiously walked towards the sounds coming from the North side of the house.  Had only walked about 30 feet when the beam of my flashlight picked up a dark movement on the ground.  And then another.  Javelinas!!!!!!  Counted 4 of them on the other side of the fence.  They were all busy grazing on something near a Palo Verde tree.  It was their ‘chomping’ sounds that had been causing the mysterious sound.  They were not aware of my presence at all but I was glad we had a secure fence between us.  I walked around to the south side of the house & sure enough, there were 3 more Javelina’s outside the fence there chomping on something along the ground as well.  Mystery solved.  I was glad none of the Javelina’s were inside the fence line.  Still a mystery to me about what they could have been eating because I was close enough to see nothing on the ground but gravel & stones.  Did I go back to bed?  Nope, hauled out the laptop & wrote this long paragraph:))

DSC_0004 DSC_0003


One thing is clear about that Javelina encounter plus the close call the night before with the Skunk.  I will not be taking Pheebe outside for a walk after dark anymore.  Although probably not warm enough for Rattlesnakes to be out at night yet, it won’t be long.  It’s when they are most active.  Yes, we are definitely continuing to learn the ways of the West.


Watered the house stucco for the last time this morning & the boys will be here to paint everything on Wednesday.  Got myself up enough nerve to tackle those kitchen cupboards again & managed to splash me some more paint on the cupboard doors.  Thinking now we might paint the door trim a Taos Blue.  I’ll hold off taking any more photos until I have the final coats of colorful paint on.  Taos Blue is a popular color here in the Southwest.  Don’t think I am going to get that dining room painted before we leave.  Lots of hours in the day but just not lots of energy left by the time I hit early afternoon.  Especially today for some reason:((


Some readers have wondered if we could maybe take a few weeks to come back to Arizona in the summer but this is cost prohibitive for us plus it is just too far to drive.  Neither one of us has any interest in flying down so we will just bite the bullet until we can get on the road again in October.  And, as planned for last year, I want to come through southern Colorado & Arizona’s Monument Valley on the way down.


Kelly still can’t drive the Jeep with her black & blue sprained ankle so I drove her over to the Laundromat this afternoon.  Of course I offered to do the laundry but she declined.  You may remember my laundry post from a few weeks ago.  So what if white stuff turns a little gray…right!!

DSC_0012 DSC_0002


On Sunday mornings desert walk Kelly had just taken a thorn out of Pheebs paw when a few minutes later a Bunny Wabbit raced across our path.  Well, the chase was on & Pheebs disappeared into the desert landscape in hot pursuit.  Nearly a minute went by without her return so I started whistling her return command.  But, no Pheebs.  Whistled a few more times then headed off in the direction she ran.  Whistled again & there she came ever so slowly.  What a sad sight.  She was hardly moving & in obvious distress.  She had run right over top a dead Cholla Cactus.  Barbs in all paws.  Four totally flat tires:((  Set my cameras on the ground & got to work very delicately pulling cactus barbs out of doggy paws.  Pheebs is such a trooper about all that.  She sits quietly despite the pain, unlike me who hollers & swears at the slightest prick.  Took us a couple minutes & we once again had air back in all 4 tires.  Pheebs was up & running again.  Those cactus barbs are sure a nasty bit of business!!  Say, did I tell you about the kitchen cupboard paint on both Pheebs ears….oh well, another time.


The Motormouse is totally back to her old self, barking for her breakfast & following me all over the place again whenever I’m walking around with a piece of food in my hand.  One positive thing out of her being sick last week….she got her waistline back:))



GROANER’S CORNER:((  Sven couldn’t pronounce ‘th’. One day he displayed an old car and a bicycle in his yard, stood near the gate and started to shout: “Boat for sale…….. Listen everyone…….. Boat for sale……”
Sven’s neighbor asked: “Hey Sven, where the hell is your boat? I can see only your car and your bicycle.”
Sven: “Yes, they boat are for sale.”

- Tourists see the world, travelers  experience it.

- Home is where your pet is:))

- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right  now...AL.


  1. Definitely going to miss your on going saga of the darling Arizona home...including the wild life episodes. The cactus thorns sound terrible. Do you ever soak the Pheebs feet to help on the soreness?
    Enjoy your posts all the time!

  2. Nice photo - I was just out looking at the night sky and it's beautiful.

    I need Pheebs to give my dogs some lessons on cooperation. They're really bad, in fact, so bad that I have to get the vet to take out serious stickers. But they're fortuneatley pretty savvy about where to walk at this point, even when chasing wascally wabbits.

    Those javalinas look like wascally characters too. Glad we don't have 'em up here! Maybe they were eating rocks and that's why it sounded like rain on the roof. Crazy critters.

  3. fortuneatley = fortunately

    wascally = wascally

    wabbits = wabbits

    darn keyboard :)

  4. Maybe you should look into getting her some doggy booties like the ones the put on racing sled dogs. Of course, being as smart as she is, she will probably never run over a cactus again.

  5. Javelina are a pain in the a#*! Had one run out in front of the motorcycle a couple of years back, I was in your neck of the woods (Congress) when it happened. I would get that fence repaired ASAP to keep them out of the yard.

    Wish y'all didn't have to head back to Canada so soon. I rented a U-Haul to a Canadian fellow (AZ sundogs hockey player) today; he is headed to Owens Sound, Ontario...small world huh! Our company offered the AZ Sundogs Hockey team a special rate on U-Haul equipment since most of them are returning home this time of year. It seems we get a bunch of our hockey players from Canada:) Take care *AZ Bunch*.

  6. Poor Pheebs. Glad you got her flats fixed and she is back in business. Hate it when doggies get hurt. Poppy licked a raw spot on her foot and had to go to the vet today to get meds and a special bandage - doggone it! Anxious to see pictures of the house with the color on it.

  7. doggie booties might be a good idea for Miss Pheebes!...poor little gal with 'four flat tires'!!

  8. Just wanted to mention that Texas Rangers are great plants for the yard. They're cold hardy and drought tolerant. There are several different kinds, too. You're going to have a blast landscaping that great big yard. That Pheebs... bet she won't do that again!

  9. Javelinas seem to snuffle up the smallest of food. I find them regularly under the bird feeders.

    Pheebs will learn about those prickles. And the paint on the ears, definitely her color.

  10. Ouch, poor Pheebes. Wonder if there are plants or bushes that would deter the Javelina's or maybe a big wood privacy fence. I've always liked stucco houses and southwest colors, can't wait to see how you decorate things.

  11. I can't wait to see some pictures because those paint colors sound gorgeous!

    Pheebs will probably be happy to get back to soft green grass in the east, and I can say I'm looking forward to it myself.

  12. Glad to hear Pheebs is back in good shape, Al your the hero of the day. I think Pheebs will already have those cactus in her memory banks, but boots might be a good backup.Like how you said you holler at the pricks, I've hollered at more than one myself. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  13. lookin good Al! I can't wait to see the colors...... Your learning the way of the West,,,, When we bought our first property here about 10 years ago,,,we planted and planted all kinds of cacti... Learned to hate that stuff,,,plus they grow like weeds....Wasn't long until I hired a guy with a skid loader to scoop them all out and haul them out into the desert,,,where they belong. Now we have no cacti on our property....

  14. Did Kelly get her ankle XRayed? What if it is broken?

  15. Good thing you have that fence to keep those guys out. And so nice that you are a handy flat fixer.

  16. Another vote for the dog booties. As you say, Pheebs is so tolerant - I'll bet she'd learn to love her protective gear in no time.

    You're gonna' have to invite you real estate agent over to see the house before you leave!

    And Kelly, are you SURE you didn't get a little fracture of some kind? You ankle sounds really bad!

  17. Good for Pheebs being so cooperative. Good for Motormouse for regaining her health. Good for Kelly not allowing you to do the laundry, GOod for you for getting all the work under control. Good for the whole darn Bayfield Bunch!

  18. Learning the Southwest Way in one swoop! Jim has a name for your property "El Rancho Pigmea". :-)

  19. Is watching mud dry similar to watching grass grow?? :)

  20. Glad Pheebster is paddling around on all four wheels again. And MM is doing all her regular cute habits too.

    Life is good when the doggers are in sync!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  21. I am so glad to hear that the Motormouth is back to her old self!!! Now , wishing the same for Kelly. Wow, sounds dangerous out there in the wild west desert. Javalinas, attacking cactus....

  22. you need to buy pheebs some of those pleather doggie boots for when she is free ranging it.

  23. OH the poor baby Pheebes...all those nasty stickers!! Hubby wonders if she might be willing to wear shoes (I guess there are such least there are for sled dogs...maybe that would not help with the stickers tho).

    I think Pheebes is such a lovely animal!! How fortunate you have found 2 lovely dogs to live with you!!
    Elizabeth in NC

  24. I agree with all the dog bootie suggestions! Ann (of Ann and Bill whom you met at Darby Well} Ann bought some for her dog and they worked great and her doggie loved them!

  25. I joined the blog a while back but have been unable to view any content.... a screen came up saying that I could not connect to the server. I tried to connect via web search and same ending to the story. I checked today and presto.... there you were. (I have some reading to do!!) Glad to finally have found you.... Safe journeys to you.

  26. It's wild out here! It's the frontier, or something! Nothing much to happen to us back East, except that we get snowed on or die of old age.

  27. You might have to put Pheebs and Motor on a leash when you go for a walk out there. No fun for you or the dogs but at least they will be safe.