Saturday, March 17, 2012




Nice sunrise to the east but dark foreboding skies to the west.  The big Pacific storm is slowly heading our way.  Time to batten down the hatches, close the house windows & get things put away.  Maybe time to get out the long underwear by the sounds of it too as temperatures are forecasted to plunge.



We have seen a small improvement in little Cora but she is still refusing to eat.  She is hungry & wants to eat but everything we try she just turns her nose up.  And, we have just about tried everything.  Maybe a small morsel here & a slurp of something there but hardly enough to keep a bird alive.  Her blood work showed elevated white blood cells, liver & pancreas values elevated, & electrolytes out of whack.  My personal suspicion is that she has picked something up from eating all those cow plops the last couple of weeks.  The Valley Fever results will be in Monday.  We are still trying to get the anti-biotic pills into her.  Today she was more alert than yesterday, she barked & wagged her tail while playing with Pheebs.  Her lethargic state has lessened & we can see her energy levels coming up a bit.  Now, if only her appetite would return she might make it back to her normal little self at some point.  Still drinking lots of water & she does not appear to be in any kind of pain.


While in Wickenburg Friday afternoon we also stopped into a paint store to have a look at color charts in choosing some colors for our kitchen walls.  Walls are white right now & definitely not my fav.  Finally figured out a color, grabbed a jug of paint & headed off to the hardware store for some brushes, masking tape, & paint rollers, etc.  And of course wood filler to fill up a ka-zillion billion little nail holes….it’s an old house.

Our day turned out to be cloudy with blustering cool winds.  Headed into Wickenburg this morning to check out some garage sales, Thrift Stores, a Furniture Consignment store & a Habitat For Humanity place.  We came home with a $2 red handled broom.


With the inclement weather (no rain) outside I spent my afternoon in the kitchen.  No, nothing to do with foody stuff… know me better than that!!  It was time to start painting the kitchen in the house.  Cracked open the jug of paint, revved up my paint brush & within minutes had paint on my favorite long sleeve shirt.  Painting is one of those things I don’t mind doing if I’m in the mood.  Music always helps put me in that mood so cranked up the iPod/Bose & rocked the house with the Eagles, America & Santana.  Groovy:))IMG_1857

Weather sounds pretty yukky for Sunday so I expect most of my time will be spent hanging off the end of a paint brush again.  Nothing too exciting for travel blog fodder but maybe I’ll knock over a full can of paint or fall off a ladder or something.  D’ya think:))


GROANER’S CORNER:((  When Americans woke up last month, they suddenly realized:  15 years ago they had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope ... Today they have no Jobs, no Cash and no Hope....

- Tourists see the world, travelers  experience it.

- Home is where your pet is:))

- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right  now...AL.


  1. Glad Cora is feeling a bit better.
    The color you are putting on the wall is pretty close to the walls in your motor home. It's going to look good.

  2. Nice color. Groovy :)

    Hope the Mouse continues to improve. Love the photos of Pheebs n your custom hat. Bet she doesn't care if it's on the brim or not when she takes it off. She's a dog, they're smarter than us human beans about such things, life's too short to worry. :)

  3. Cow Plop Fever - had it myself a time or two. It would be ironic if you had to wrap the pills in a poo-ball to get her to take them.

  4. Glad Little Motor is feeling some better. Hoping for continued improvement. Sometimes hiding a pill in a bit of Velveeta cheese works for our dogs.

    I think you made a good choice on the kitchen paint. Looks good.

  5. I hope that little Motor keeps getting better. Valley Fever is bad.

    Like the kitchen color. Get on painting.

  6. Hope the little pooch soon feels better. Like the color you're painting the kitchen. Looks a lot like my kitchen color...Valspar Nutmeg Frost.

  7. P.S. Your Groaners Corner pretty much hits the nail on the head.

  8. I love the color you've selected for the kitchen! Can't wait to see the finished product.

    Whatever is wrong with Cora, I sure hope she gets back to her old self really soon. Poor baby, but at least you say she doesn't seem to be in pain, so that's a positive sign.

  9. So happy to hear the Mouse is showing signs of improvement. That picture in a previous post of Kelly giving a kiss to MM was heart-warming! When you love your fur babies, you hurt when they hurt...
    Congrats on the house purchase! The paint color is glorious and the music choices even more so! ;)

  10. Fingers crossed for Motormouse, it sounds as if she is getting there, which is great news.

  11. When I was a kid, my newly-adopted shelter dog Rusty came down with distemper. The only thing he would eat (he did drink water) was hand-fed baked chicken. My Mom baked several while he was ill that summer! He lived to a ripe old age, BTW. The color of your kitchen walls is smashing; looks pretty much like my living room walls in my TX house after I redid them. Whole house was "Southwest Asian" as I had both themes throughout the place. It was a nice combo, and I bet your new AZ will be smashing, too, when you get done! Well done with your choice of tunes, again much as I would put on for painting. Hugs and groovy energy to wee Motor.

  12. I wish the Motormouse would start eating! She is still drinking, that's a good thing. You will have that kitchen done in no time!

  13. Poor little Motormouse ~ hope she gets her appetite back really soon!!!

    LOVE the color of the kitchen ~ so Southwest... GREAT choise!

    Have fun

  14. Al, not our choice of color for a kitchen, but then our kitchen is pretty small and we'd feel closed in. But it's a great southwest color and I suspect it will look great when you guys get done with everything! Then again, we never do get done with everything, do we! Keep Cora well, even if you have to hand feed her baked chicken wrapped in Velveeta! Sounds good to me!

  15. Thank you for making MotorMouse the star today! Guess we have kind of adopted her in our hearts! We hope she gets to feeling better soon. You might want to try crushing her pills a bit and putting them in cream cheese! That's what our vet told us when one of the HoundHerd got sick a few years ago. It has worked so well, we do it all the time now, they love cream cheese! We are thinking of you, the storm is headed our way today! Geri and Chuck

  16. I so pray for little Cora. I hope she gets better, and better!

    Congrats on the new house!

  17. We are mighty pleased that the Mouse is making improvements. I am thrilled our painting is done. I don't care if I ever touch a paintbrush again....ever

  18. Good the hear that Cora is feeling a bit better for sure.
    Fresh paint always spruces a place up and I really enjoy painting and empty house, have fun!

  19. Little Motormouse is the blog star once again..sure hope she is on the road to is so hard when when our beloved pets are sick and they can't tell us what's wrong..
    nice job on the paint colour choice!..a rainy day outside is a good day to paint some sunshine inside!!

  20. Al, have you tried to give Motormouse some yogurt. It might add some good bacteria if she picked something up. Hope she's feeling herself very soon.

  21. Definitely a southwestern color in the kitchen for sure!
    Can't wait to see the finished product.
    (probably get that all done today knowing you!).

    Glad to hear cora is getting a little better. Keep a close eye on that one for sure. Poor gal.

  22. Can't wait for you and Kelly's personalities to bloom in your new home and it looks like you have a good start! Did you think you were in your Canadian home this a.m.? :-)

  23. Yep, those are Arizona colors all right!! Keeping Cora in our thoughts...and away from cow pies.

  24. Al and Kelly,

    Pill Pockets, ours like the duck flavor, work great for getting the pills down, especially with a little one that can block pretty much anything with the back of their tongue. And, just when you think it went down, then you find it somewhere on the floor. You probably could easily use the kitty size for Cora. Think there are more in the bag because they're smaller. I'm not sure if they make a small one for dogs.

    Now, I know they're crap food, but Chicken McNuggets. I picked a lot of the breading off. Much as I could get off. Most dogs will eat them even when they're not feeling well. You might want to try some Halo Spot's Stew Lamb canned dog food, too. Petco carries it around here and some of the health food stores. One of the few things Sunny ate (along with those McNuggets) when her health wasn't up to par. And, a little Gatorade mixed in her water won't hurt a thing.

    Good luck with pretty much everything!


  25. Mark & Nancy W.Sunday, March 18, 2012

    Love the color y'all picked for the kitchen! It looks like the same color we used in our AZ room and living room. I'm with Al on the white walls, not my thing, too much like a hospital in my opinion.
    I hope Cora will be back to her normal self soon!
    We have one dog that likes to eat the cat's poop and she has gotten sick several times because of this gross habit. Cora's symptoms are the same as our little Twiggles symptoms after dinning on cat poop...LOL. Keep her hydrated and it will work its way out of her system. Take care "AZ Bunch"

    Check out this link, it describes some of the reasons and symptoms from coprophagia.

    The coprophagia may be due to assorted health problems, including:
    Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency
    Intestinal infections
    Food allergies, leading to malabsorption

  26. I know you are getting a lot of ideas and opinions for Cora, my thought was to put something in the water, like Pedialyte which is given to sick kids. I think it is like Gatorade, has electrolytes in it. Hope she gets better.

  27. glad to see Motor is feeling somewhat better...nothing worse than when they are the paint exciting to actually be starting the renos :)....and dont' spill the paint or fall off the ladder!!!!!! thats no joke ....

  28. Sure hope Cora continues to improve. She's such a cute little thing. And yes, that winter storm is coming - we got two feet up here in the San Bernardino Mountains yesterday and today. It's a good one.