Saturday, March 03, 2012



Sitting outside basking in the early morning sunshine I couldn’t help but think, ‘what a difference a day makes.’  Friday morning we had howling winds & freezing temperatures & this morning the warming air had a silent stillness to it.  Birds were in the air & the view over our Mesquite filled shallow valley made one want to just stay right where we are without moving again for awhile.  I have a feeling that when we do leave it will be straight home for us & we will save Monument Valley for the Autumn beauty which I would much prefer to see if we can get away earlier this Fall.  Already have my fingers crossed:))


DSC_0008 DSC_0007DSC_0011


I was at the rear of the rig putting something away in a bin when I heard a slight scuffling behind me.  Turned around to see a dozen Cows at the front of the Motor Home, all standing staring curiously at the Pheebs a few feet away.  Well, it wasn’t long & the heads were together again, noses touching for another round of big slurpy Cow smooches with the  Fabulous Pheebs.  She walked around amongst the small herd with a big smooch here, a small smooch there, a few nose bumps & some downright comfy snuzzles.  Twenty minutes later the Bovine Bunch had disappeared once again into the surrounding Mesquite trees & a good time had been had by all.


DSC_0059 DSC_0034

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At 11:45 I Jeeped myself up to the highway & opened the gate.  Parked the Jeep where it was visible to southbound traffic, focused my binoculars northward on the oncoming traffic & watched for a white van towing a little white Casita.  Yep, there it was alright, heading down the highway right for us.  A minute later with a left turn signal going, the van slowed & made a wide turn through the gate.  Yaaay, RV SUE & HER CANINE CREW had made it.  Really great to see Sue again.  She is one of our favorite people:))





I led the way as Sue & the crew followed us back into the desert on a hard packed sandy & sometimes bumpity road.  It’s a big area here & Sue found herself a real nice spot with lots of trees & birds.  And, lots of room for Spike & Bridget to get out & really rip & tear.  No cactus in this area so no prickly stickers to run into.  Pheebs spotted us & came running down the hill likkity split to see her old Pals, Spike & Bridget.  Spike was so happy to see Pheebs he was bouncing around upside down with squeals of delight.   I don’t like to bother people when they are setting up so I loaded up Pheebs in the Jeep & we bounced our way back up to our rig.  We’ll see Sue & the crew in the morning.  All is well in Boondockerville:))



Rest of our day was spent just totally enjoying the fine weather.  No urge to go anywhere or see anything.  Just nice to kick back in our loungers & drift off to sleep in the warm Arizona sun.


Found it interesting reading the CAVE DWELLINGS post Friday when Donna mentioned about having to put up with noise levels once they return home to Illinois.  I am very much bothered by noise as well but do not remember that as being the case until we started RVing a few years ago.



I first began to notice my noise annoyance after having spent our first winter in the southwest boon docking in the quiet desert.  Up to that point, every day noise was just that, every day noise.  Like most folks I really didn’t take much notice of it I guess.  But, with each winter’s time spent in our quiet desert boon docking spots I soon became aware of unwelcome noise.  People noise!!  When one spends pristine quality time with soft winds in the Saguaros & tweeting songbirds birds in the Palo Verde trees it’s pretty hard to have the patience for people generated noise.  But, here’s an odd twist.  I don’t mind the thunderous roar of jet aircraft in the overhead sky & yet somebody’s radio turned up or a bunch of people hootin & hollerin just drives me bonkers!!



Our Sitemeter told me tonight we have hit the half million visitor mark on our Blogsite.  How well I remember starting out a few years ago with no visitors at all & I remember how great it was to see 2 or 3 hits on the site those first few days & weeks.  It was a slow start for quite awhile & I think it was Laurie from SEMI TRUE TALES OF OUR LIFE ON THE ROAD who stumbled across one of my posts way back when & mentioned the Bayfield Bunch in her blog that began the ball rolling.  My Google stats tell me most of our site referrals come from HITCHITCH so my advice to new Bloggers is to get yourself on Hitchitch to increase your blog’s traffic flow.  Probably the biggest boost our site has had came from meeting TIOGA GEORGE a few months ago.  His mention of the Bayfield Bunch in his blog nearly doubled our daily Sitemeter visits.  Our numbers literally shot up over night & amazingly enough have remained there.  Tioga George has had over 6 & a half million visitors to his site.  So, a big thank you to all my fellow Bloggers who have helped us along the way & pushed our Sitemeter numbers to the half million mark. 


No word yet on the property ker-fuffle at the house on Ghost Town Road but I expect we’ll hear something from the Realtor this coming week.




GROANER’S CORNER:(( The sheriff pulled up next to the guy unloading garbage out of his Class C motorhome into the ditch in Kentucky. The sheriff asked, "Why are you dumping garbage in the ditch? Don't you see that sign right over your head".

"Yep", he replied. 'That's why I dumping it here, 'cause it says 'Fine For Dumping Garbage'".

-Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of
right now...AL.


Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

Yup, when the rancher who owns those cows comes out for the big roundup, well, he'll be surprised when the cows go over to his cow dogs and kiss them instead of running. LOL

I've been watching that meter too, wondering when you would break a half mil. Congrats!


Sue and Doug said...

now once again a 'smile' has come through reading your post and seeing the pictures of the Pheebes and her bovine pals!!..enjoy your Saturday!..the peace and quiet must be like a little piece of heaven!..and as for the 'people noise'..hope the new neighbours are quiet!!

Donna K said...

Pheebs sure does like the cows. Are those the same ones from your other campsite or a different bunch - I don't know how far those cows wander. Nice that they went right to work cleaning up the front of your coach. And congrats on your half million hits. That's quite an accomplishment. Tioga George was the first blogger I ever read - had no idea what a blog was until then!

The Good Luck Duck said...

I hope those cows left a little "kiss" for the Mouse. It sure is cute that they come over to canoodle with Pheebs.

Congrats on 1/2 million! Good going!

And, did they suddenly install water within 1/4 mile? Or, did someone just discover it? What sort of water is it?

The Good Luck Duck

Teri said...

Texas is having that up and down weather, too. Yesterday is was 85 and today in the 60's and tonight in the 40's. Nice of the cows to clean your rig for you. The cows are so colorful.

Gaelyn said...

I'm always glad when the wind blows away and the warmth of the AZ sun can be enjoyed. So glad you met Sue with open gate along that speedy stretch of highway. I think Pheebs is just a kissup, loveable.

Ah, the quiet and dark of the desert. I've become so accustomed that my hearing seems increased in the noise of towns, not always pleasantly.

Contrats on your stats! I too get a lot of views from Hitchitch, and from you folks too.

Keep on enjoying these fine lazy days. Even getting warmer at the top of the hill.

BJ said...

Congratulations on reaching the half million mark.

Gypsy said...

Do you think those cows are communicating with other cows and getting the word out about Pheebs being someone to go meet?
I don't like the noise of jets, and I hate the sight of their contrails. I know most folks aren't bothered by them but I think they are pollution of the clear sky and don't belong there.
Congrats on the number of visits. You write a dynamite blog so it's no surprise that you have so many visitors to it.

Janna and Mike said...

Congratulations on the half million mark! And glad all you guys are enjoying that beautiful spot in the desert while we are sweltering in humidity down in Florida--stick to the southwest Al!!

Bob said...

You sure them dawgs in that second last picture aren't dead? They sure look pretty lifeless to me.
Nice going on the 'hits'.
A caregiver will be feeding me pablum by the time I get there I'm thinkin'.

Judy and Emma said...


Dennis and Donna said...

Yep,those plane sounds around Ajo never bothered me either...But the train horns that have been cranked up to 96 decibels running 500 ft. from our open windows at home actually hurts my ears...The National RR Assn upped those decibels a few years ago..and it sure changed our quality of life...(since we have lived there 37 years, this only recently became a problem...oh well.)

Dean J said...

I think your blog's popularity is a reflection of the fact that you write well and your posts are really intersting. Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

Pheebs and motor really know how to chill, not a care in the world. Those cows are just plain friendly and want to know what is going on. Now RV Sue and crew will get the pleasure along with the free furrykid smorgasborg coming soon.


sierrasusirq said...

I Love the photos of Pheebs and the cows. How fun to have a herd of cows just come right on over to say Hi !!

George and Suzie Yates said...

Gotta love the cows, back home in Ontario we stop by the family farm for a week or two and 85 cows come to visit and say welcome back. Glad they are fenced in!

Sue Malone said...

Hi Al. I have tried to get hooked up with hitchitch, but for some reason they haven't added me. Do you have to be a full time RVr to get on their website?