Sunday, December 18, 2011



We had the greatest looking skies today as a storm front made it’s way through the area.  Took the above photo on our way to Douglas this morning.  It is this area of Arizona for which Douglas native, Stan Jones wrote the song, ‘GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY.’  All the way to Douglas, and especially with the moody skies from mountain top to mountain top, I had Ghost Riders playing over and over in my head. 



I first became aware of something different about 8 p.m. Saturday night.  I had taken my last 800mg Ibuprofen about 1 o’clock in the afternoon.  With the way things were going I should begin to feel the pain returning around 7 or 8 o’clock.  Nothing.  9 p.m. rolled around and still no pain.  Decided to take my chances and go to bed without taking another Ibuprofen.  Figured the pain would wake me up and I would take one then.  Woke up at 1 a.m.  Still no pain.  This was going against everything routinely associated with Kidney Stones.  Could something else be at work here?  Dare I think Doc Kelly’s remedies are working?  Dare I even think………


Must admit, both Kelly and I were a bit skeptical about everything we had read and the solutions people had used to deal with their stone and their pain.  She had based her treatment on the advice of many people who have already gone through this.  Could all this lemon and olive juice, cranberry juice, stone buster liquid and pills have really done something?  I’m still a bit skeptical but for sure something has happened to that stone.  Don’t know if it has moved, disintegrated or what.  All’s I know is that right now at 8:30 Sunday night I am still pain free without medication and it has been well over 24 hours now.



I do not believe I could have passed the stone or even parts of it without knowing but if I didn’t pass it……where is it!!  If I remain pain free for the next 24 or 48 hours we will have to phone the Urologist’s office in Tucson for an opinion.  I have a feeling we will still keep the Tucson appointment because we want to obtain a copy of the Cat Scan X-Ray taken at the Tucson hospital earlier this week.  If this stone holds off until we can get back to Ontario in the Spring maybe another Cat Scan will reveal what has happened to this large stone.



Should also mention that our Manulife insurance company in Canada called Saturday to verify the kidney stone information.  Kelly said it was a good call but had to fax them some additional information like the Doctor’s report, etc.  At least no talk of trying to drag me back to Canada.  If I still do have this procedure I would much prefer to recuperate here in the healthy sunny climate of Arizona than the damp dark cold and snow back home in southern Ontario.


I think the last time Kelly and I were ever at a DENNYS was in Page Arizona back in late 2007.  Stopped in as we were making our way from the Grand Canyon’s north rim to the Grand Canyon’s south rim.  This morning on a spur of the moment decision we popped into Denny’s in Douglas Arizona.  Our timing could not have been worse.  It was Sunday morning and is habit, the local Church’s dump their faithful flock right into Denny’s for breakfast.  A 45 minute wait had Kelly and I beat that waiting line by offering to sit at the counter.  Don’t know what I was thinking by ordering myself a Lumberjack Slam but I did manage to get through most of it.  Kelly had a steaming hot Ultimate Skillet which looked really good even if it did have a lot of green and red stuff in it.  Between the 2 of us we managed to save enough of our breakfast for tonight’s supper.


Aside from the Walmart in Goderich back home I would say the Walmart in Douglas Arizona is where I have made most of my Walmart trips over the years.  Both stores look the same….but the people don’t.  With the town sitting right on the Mexican border it is mainly Mexican and Spanish looking and speaking people here.  I actually don’t mind that and accept that as a welcome change from the same old, same old back home all the time.



Temperatures dropped in the early afternoon with some rain showers passing through.  Jeanie and Ray were busy loading their Motor Home as they plan on leaving in the morning.  Not normal for me to lay down for a snooze in the afternoon but that is exactly what I did about 2 p.m..  I was having a big snuggle with Pheebs and Motor on my bed and the next thing I knew it was 4:45 and I awoke to nobody around.  Kelly, Pheebs, and Motor were already out and had all the chores done around the property.  Gate closed, property water valves turned off, night light on for the chickens, chickens fed and eggs gathered.  Ranch dogs Pearce and Gleeson fed as well as Charlie the Cat.  Perimeter walk around the fence line to make sure the Donkeys had hay and water and that was about it.  All that was left for me to do was take some more photos of the moody sky.  Pretty easy day I’d say:))


Part time Snow Birders TnT has joined the Bunch on our southwestern travels as well as CASITA MCSITA.  We welcome you folks and thanks for reading our blog.  MARIBETH has rounded out our numbers by coming in as Blog Follower 400:)) Thanks everybody for the continued support and encouragement.


GROANER’S CORNER:((  Matt went into Doc Steven's office for his annual checkup, and the Doc asked if there was anything unusual he should know about.
He told the Doc that he found it real strange how his suit must've shrunk just sittin' in his closet, because it didn't fit when he went to get ready for a wedding recently.
The Doc said, "Suits don't shrink just sittin' there. You probably just put on a few pounds, Matt."
"That's just it, Doc, I know I haven't gained a single pound since the last time I wore it."
"Well, then," said Doc, "You must have a case of Furniture Disease."
"What in the world is Furniture Disease?" Matt asked.
"Furniture Disease, Matt, is when you reach that stage in life when your chest starts slidin' down into your drawers."

-Tourists see the world, travelers  experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
The only thing better than right now  will someday be the memories of
right  now...AL.


  1. I am glad you are feeling better. Nice pics today Al.

  2. Glad to hear that you seem to be feeling better. I would still want to find out about it though. Another great round of pictures. You take such great pictures.

  3. Relieved to hear that you are feeling better! I sure agree with your remarks about Wally World and Sams. The one thing that stands out to me is the bread isle. It's this HUGE row of tortillas....flour, corn, on and on. More tortillas than loaves of bread!

  4. Sure glad you are feeling better. It's is no fun to be sick and in pain.

    Loved those photos of the sandhill cranes. Take care.

  5. So glad to hear your pain has gone - and good riddance to it I say !! LOL

  6. "the damp dark cold and snow back home."

    You really know how to hurt a guy with comments like that!!

    But anyway I sure hope that stone becomes a itty bitty little sand grain and you don't ever find out where it went..........


  7. Some great pictures today. Glad to hear you're feeling better...hope Kelly's remedies ARE working.

  8. That is SUCH Great News (yet mysterious) about the kidney stone. Hope it mysteriously disappeared!

  9. Don't underestimate the power of old remedies and the belief that they can work. Hope your improvement continues.

  10. could it be too good to be true?..the kidney stone dissolved like sugar in water?..better to be safe rather than sorry, I vote to keep the appointment and let the medical people decide if Kelly's wonder concoction did the trick..

  11. Al, I would definately continue with Kelly's treatment at least for several more days due to the large size of the original stone. Far better to eliminate it this way than suffer the pain of surgery if possible !

    the hermit

  12. This is great news! Keep your doctor's appointment though better to be safe than sorry.

  13. I am glad the "concoctions" appear to be working. A second the comment about continuing treatment for a few more days, just to make sure.

    Be safe and be well.

  14. Glad to hear all those concoctions might have worked--wouldn't that be great?? I also vote to keep the appointment.

  15. Glad you are feeling better Al. Be interesting to find out what happened to the stones...

  16. One thing you never do is worry about why are you feelin' better. Just sit back and relax and enjoy!

  17. Glad that pain has subsided. If that stone is 1.5 centimeters, rest assured it hasn't passed in any form. I had a stone all summer once, sometimes it would kill me, other times, no pain. My urologist said they usually cause pain when "on the move". Keep taking Wizard Kelly's magic potion, but keep the appt with the Tucson witch docs, too. Probably due for another "photo shoot"..Did they say exactly WHERE that stone was located??? Maybe that stone will hide until you get back to Ontario!!

  18. I appreciate the crane pics. Nice that your pain has subsided. :)

  19. Hmmm, just like magic the pain went away. Maybe the home remedies did actually work, will be nice to find out where that stone went, good luck.

  20. Can't wait to read the medical followup on this. It would be great if your treatment could wait until you are back in Canada... I imagine the docs will need another cat scan before they can take any action (so they can find the stone, if it still exists), so you'll be able to find out what the non-prescription remedies have done. Good news to be able to stop the pain meds!

    Given the color of the skies in your photos, and knowing that area like I do, I did get a good laugh out of this line: "...recuperate here in the healthy sunny climate of Arizona than the damp dark cold and snow back home in southern Ontario." Yes, I know, you'll have plenty of sunshine... but, dang, it can get COLD in the Sulphur Springs valley!

  21. There are lots of photos of the cranes in this months AZ Highways. Your photography is just as good as the professionals.

    My niece recently had gall stones and the same remedy is recommended for those. She opted for the surgery instead. I truly believe Kelly's concoction will work for you. Maybe it will dissolve the stone, I sure would continue with the "potion" and hopefully, nothing will show if they do another scan.

    We would have loved to see you two when you were in Tucson but it just didn't work out with our schedule. One of these days!

    Good luck!
    Grace & Steve (in Tucson)

  22. I'm just going to "DITTO" what everyone else has said. Just because you feel better is no reason to stop taking your Doc Kelly meds! Keep on taking them until your Tucson appointment! Also "DITTO" on your usual wonderful photography!

  23. Great to hear you are not in pain now!! What a great Christmas gift huh? I believe in miracles... and I sure wouldn't dismiss Doc Kelly's meds either. Will look forward to any future reports....especialy the scan. Have a wonderful Christmas to both you and Kelly...and your little furry babes too. ~Tricia

  24. We're keeping our paws crossed that you stay pain-free.
    By the way if Kelly hasn't already looked at these (she probably has!), there are some Chinese herbs known as "stone breakers".
    Specifically Golden Fu Fang Jin. Also another popular stone breaker is 'Chanca Piedra'...known as the 'stone breaker'.

    Just some more ideas for you...I use alot of natural healing & herbs for both myself & the pets.


  25. We're keeping our paws crossed that you stay pain-free.
    By the way if Kelly hasn't already looked at these (she probably has!), there are some Chinese herbs known as "stone breakers".
    Specifically 'Golden Fu Fang Jin'. Also another popular stone breaker is 'Chanca Piedra'...known as the 'stone breaker'.

    Just some more ideas for you...I use alot of natural healing & herbs for both myself & the pets.