Saturday, October 01, 2011


It has been three weeks since JUDY'S Motor Home brake problem began.  She not only had to get her rig towed but has spent these past weeks with her little dog Emma stuck in repair facility parking lots.  Her problem has finally been tracked down to her coaches computer Mother Board but now her insurance company is balking and dragging it's feet about a repair.  I think there may be an extended warranty problem here as well.  It has been raining for 6 straight days and Judy is just about at the end of her rope.  She is sure in need of some sunshine in her life right about now. 

Nice to touch base with my old friend Jim Thursday night.  We always get caught up on each other's lives and marvel how, in many areas, our lives continue to parallel each other, even after all these years.  Our coffee session lasted 4 hours and we carried on like a couple of manic Magpies in a quiet corner of Tim Horton's coffee shop in Clinton, Ontario.  After sitting on the those hard plastic seats for that length of time we both wobbled upon getting to our feet.  Quite a site seeing two aging hippy guys trying to shake hours of stiffness out of their legs.  Oh, how time is marching on:((
Reading  JANNA'S post this morning I came across a link entitled  TOLERANCE IN BLOGLAND.  This is a topic that has been on my mind for a long time but I have avoided blogging about it.  I have tried to lighten up my blog a bit and make it a little less controversial for the most part.  I was glad to read this lady's Tolerance post this morning.  I think she spoke for a lot of us who feel the same way.  I have little or no tolerance or regard for anyone who leaves rude, sarcastic, demeaning or condescending comments on anyone's blog.  Those kinds of comments are generally Ego driven.
TRIP TO WARMTH……… Here is a couple in the early stages of RVing and Blogging.  This handyman, amateur radio guy and obvious clever innovator is busy working on and improving a travel trailer.  Sounds like one of those guys who can fix or make anything out of 'parts laying around.'  Oh how I envy all you fellers who can do things like that.
JEAN AND SKIP are in Zion Canyon Utah but the heat is proving to be a formidable problem.  And to make matters worse, they are stuck in a crowded campground.  From Zion they will be heading to Bryce Canyon.  Zion and Bryce, two of my favourite scenic places in one of my favourite scenic States.  We may very well be in south-eastern Utah sometime in November.

This morning in doggy class it was nice to see the 3 furry class members (Katie, Boston and Pheebe) all off leash playing with each other as they raced and frolicked around the training room at,  ON GOLDEN PAWS.   We humans had to be fast on our feet to avoid the rolling thunder of paws, flailing tails and flying ears.  Took a few pics with my Canon point and shoot but next time I will take my faster Nikon D90 for better photos.
IMG_0928 IMG_0941
We didn't get much above 48 F today with brisk winds making it feel colder than it actually was.  A big blue sky with plenty of sunshine made up for that and made for a beautiful looking Autumn Day.  The bush lines along farmer's fields are beginning to take on some splashes of color and will soon be ablaze in their fiery finery.    Two trips on the trail for Pheebs and I today and it's just the best time of the year to be in the forest.  Hard to imagine that in just a few short months this warm picturesque land will look and feel like frozen Siberia!!
GROANER'S CORNER:((  Did you know that skipping school to go bungee jumping will get you suspended.
-Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
-Until one has loved an Animal, their soul remains un-awakened.


The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. I tried to post a comment last night and who knows where it went. Your going to coffee made me think about my Dad his cronies who went to "coffee" twice a day. Not one of the five of them drank coffee. There was a cup of hot water, two teas and two hot chocolates. Or else just water and a tip for the waitress. They had the best time arguing over who's turn it was to dish up the big bucks to pay.

  2. Judy's problem makes me laugh at myself. I got really depressed today because I had one little mouse.

  3. We all need to send some big shouts of love over to Judy. She's so sweet and I just hate it that she's having to deal with all that. K

    Ditto Jim and Sandie

  4. poor Judy and Emma!..maybe soon the repair will be done and she will be back to being the 'birdlady of blogland'!..

  5. Agree with everyone about sending love and hugs to Judy...she sure needs it right now.

    Cute pictures of the doggy friends having some play time. Pheebs seems like a real sweetheart.

    We finally got some rain in Eugene, OR today. It's kinda nice and I love fall but am not looking forward to a long cold winter. Sure hope your trip plans go as expected.

  6. The sun is shining today! Hip Hip Hurray!!

    Thanks for the kind wishes, everyone. :)

  7. Lovin' that the sun is now out for Judy!! The Midwest is going to be sunny and 70's for the next week...Now that 's good for a smile from everyone!!

  8. Amen to all the above -- Judy's really had the tribulations. She deserves some love and admiration for sticking it out so well and for so long.

  9. Thank you for posting about Judy's dilemma. I posted on Twitter and Facebook about Xtra Ride, Judy's insurance company. If everybody passed the word along about their slowness and reluctance to honor her policy in their blogs and on social networks, maybe the word will get back to them!