Saturday, August 06, 2011




An unexpected light rain shower had me outside in my jammies about 5:30 this morning rolling up Jeep windows & closing RV & shed doors.  Whenever little Cora hears rain she nervously anticipates the coming of Mr. Big Bad Thunder Monster but she needn't have worried this morning.  It was just a nice pleasant early morning gentle shower that soon passed.


How nice modern technology has made some things more convenient.  Yesterday, Kelly was able to add 80 more songs to her 1000 song capacity thumb drive.  She then simply took the thumb drive out & plugged it into the USB port of the newer radio in our Santa Fe & Walla, music galore.  No more having to burn CD's & how convenient to have so much music on a small device like a Thumb Drive.  Of course your vehicle's radio has to have that USB port capability.  Our 2006 Jeep's older radio doesn't have that feature but I'm just glad I can easily use my IPod to play through the Jeeps sound system with the simple addition of a cigarette lighter adapter.

Forgot to mention that me & the Kid wrestled over a foot long hot dog on Friday.  As has been the tradition ever since we moved to Bayfield nearly 9 years ago I generally have myself a foot long hot dog once a year at our local summer Woodlands drive-in ice cream & hamburger place.  I missed my hot dog this past Spring but yesterday I had a hankering for a foot long so off me & the Kid went in the Jeep.  Of course Cora always thinks she should get the Lions share of whatever we get & of course I always think I should get the Lions' share so it is quite a tussle we two have sometimes in the front seat of the Jeep:))  Kinda like two Seagulls fighting over a French Fry in a parking lot!!



Today we welcome Jerry as our latest Blog Follower.  I'm assuming it was you Jerry who sent us the nice email this morning.  Thank you, & welcome to our Bayfield Bunch blog & travels.  Am wondering if that is a picture of Widget:))

Kelly came across another fellow RV'ers blog this morning that is so sad.  A full timing couple's ongoing dream was shattered a month ago when one of them was lost on a tragic white water rafting trip.  HOWETH'S TRAVELS

Saturday's are always Kelly's busiest days at DEERPARK LODGE so me & the Kid Jeeped ourselves up to Goderich this morning for a few groceries.  Our local Bayfield Supermarket is generally swamped on summer weekends.  I don't mind grocery shopping at all....if I am by myself.  When Kelly & are traveling I generally go in with her & push the cart around, but it's a stretch!!  I like the 'cash back' feature some of our grocery stores have & if I'm a little short on cash I generally try to combine some grocery shopping with 'cash back.'  Saves me the extra stop of having to run into downtown Goderich & go directly to our bank.  Anytime I can avoid any extra traffic is fine with me.


Of course Motor wasn't going to let me get away without making a Burrito stop so as we headed south out of town I was unceremoniously barked right into the McDonald's Drive-Thru lineup.  Every trip through here is the same.  Soon as I pull up to the microphone to order, the barking starts, so as usual I just let her do the ordering again this morning.  It's just easier & less stressful for me that way.  We were soon up to the wicket, Motor grabbed our stuff & we were on our way with just one remaining stop for gas.  Of course Motor likes this stop as well because she knows the attendants hand out doggy treats & for sure she saw to it that she got her treat!!  We were soon on the road again rolling through our beautiful rural countryside.



 IMG_2798 IMG_2799


IMG_2801 IMG_2800


Half a dozen or so blogs ago I posted about the first digital camera I ever had.  Found a photo of that camera in my 2002 files & as I had thought, it was a Hewlitt-Packard.  This 1 megapixel camera is the only one I had until buying a Fuji 535 in 2006. 



My second digital camera, a Fuji was the best point & shoot I have had to date.  Liked it better than either of the two Canon Point & Shoots I now have.  There was no shutter lag with the Fuji & it had a viewfinder.  It was not overloaded with a lot of fancy bells & whistles & I remember the image as being sharper.  Although my Canon SX210 is easy to carry around I am not impressed with the image quality or the annoying shutter lag.  I figure that shutter lag is caused by having to gather way too much unnecessary electronic information about the photo it is taking.

The rest of the day was uneventful because the humidity had built up again & I wasn't going outside in that miserable stuff.  Watched some 'Tank Battles' on the History channel but after 3 hours I was definitely suffering battle fatigue & had to beat a strategic retreat out to my workshop for a short while to do some meaningful puttering. Wasn't long & the humidity drove me back inside again.   Interspersed between Tank Battles & puttering I had me some Motor snuggles & a few light dozes in my chair.

And, that was it was for another summer Saturday here in our quiet little Pine forested 5 Seasons Estates Park in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.


BLUE JAY  (NIKON D40 AT 300mm) 

GROANER'S CORNER:((  A bus load of politicians were driving down a country road one afternoon, when all of a sudden, the bus ran off the road and crashed into a tree in an old farmer's field.
Seeing what happened, the old farmer went over to investigate. He then proceeded to dig a hole and bury the politicians.
A few days later, the local sheriff came out, saw the crashed bus, and asked the old farmer, "Were they all dead?"
The old farmer replied, "Well, some of them said they weren't, but you know how them politicians lie."




The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right
now...... AL.


  1. another great day in Bayfield!!..lucky Motormouse!!..burritos and foot longs!!

  2. Al
    we're happy to see you've stopped the irritating "last paragraph" feature in your blog but you still have to work on all that dog stuff when writing to adults

  3. Oh no! Another anonymous comment. Why doesn't that person just buzz off? I guess I shouldn't give him the attention... I won't in the future.

  4. Good to hear you and Cora are still raiding the local drive-thrus.

    That shutter lag is what drives me crazy about point and shoots. But I still try to carry my Olympus in that shirt pocket.

  5. I agree with Judy. I'll not comment on his comment.

    Soon you are going to have to buy two burritos, one to share with Lexi!

  6. Motormouse has life made...burritos and all. Any word on Lexi yet? We are still hoping for you guys!

  7. McDonald's should consider you and the motormouse for a TV commercial! What say you?

  8. Al, thanks for the link to the Howeth's Blog. We had the pleasure of meeting Alan & Joan last year at the MCD factory in Texas. What a tragedy!
    Hope you hear about Lexi soon. I know she will be much happier with you guys than with the folks from Toronto. Sending good thoughts your way.

  9. Anxiously awaiting some pics of Lexi with Cora. I agree with Rene and Jeanette - this would be an awesome commercial.
    My apologies for being a semi anonymous commentor. We are not all tarred with the same brush. I don't have a blog and I can't remember my google sign in stuff.
    Please don't modify your blog at an idiots request or opinion. It then becomes theirs. We wouldn't recognize you. Say it like it is, that's why we all keep reading...even seemingly the anonymous.
    Bev in Halifax, NS.

  10. What a visual! You and Cora wrestling for possession of the foot-long! Love it! Peace to you, Al!

  11. See not all "Anonymous" are bad guy's!!
    As Ms Pat says, thanks for the info on the Howeth's terrible accident. We enjoyed them so much while we were parked next to each other in Dallas. They are real nice Folks....Our heart is with Allan during these tough times..
    May God give him strength.
    Allan and I even done a little bartering while we were together. I traded him a PressurePro for some of his product...Both of us were happy. I love to trade struff!
    What a sad tragic accident...

  12. That's great that Cora can order for you and get a treat for it. Our SoSo waits for the Schwans guy to visit he likes to receive his treats he brings.

    Keep your blog the way it is, if someone doesn't like it they shouldn't read it.

    Still hoping Lexi comes to live with you.

  13. heres hoping you will have motor and lexi at the next drive thru...our dogs love love love tims or mcd's drive thru...always awaiting to receive their timbit or dog biscuit...makes it hard at a drive thru bank or dry cleaners tho they still expect it...

  14. This non-anonymous poster loves today's story about Motor at McD's. I laughed with tears in my eyes.

    Dan, Santa Barbara

  15. I'm 65 years old, so a well seasoned adult....and I do like reading about and seeing all of your dog stuff. The more the merrier, I say.

  16. You and that Motormouse!!! Just makes my day to read about your antics. I would love to be working at McD's when you come thru with her barking her order. Don't EVER stop the doggie stories, please!

    I also have to say I loved your groaner tonight. Might also add some anonymous posters in with those politicians (not the NICE anonymous ones LOL).

  17. I have so fallen in love with your Motormouse through your tails!! The mental picture of you and the Motor wrestling for the hotdog is priceless.