Wednesday, July 13, 2011




The goal of tonight's blog is to make it shorter.  Old Mr. Blabberfingers here has been getting very long winded again lately.  I will have to try prioritizing & organizing my thoughts better rather than just dumping a whole head full of jumble into the blog every night.


Our weather changed sometime in the wee morning hours as a cool front rolled in blowing all the humidity out of town.  How nice to wake up with cooler temps.  Because of that my energy levels were up & I took a notion to clean my room.  Yep, that's right boys, I am one of those lucky fellers who gets to have his very own room.  Just because a guy gets married doesn't mean he has to lose all his neat-o stuff.  And, a boy needs his room.  I used to have model airplanes hanging from the ceiling, football player posters on the walls & just groovy guy's stuff all over the place.  Remember Sam Etcheverry & Normie Kwong?  Yep, those were two of the Football guys I had up on the wall.  And then there was my stack of wrestling cards on my dresser.  Whipper Billy Watson, Gorgeous George, Argentina Rocca & YUKON ERIC who's autograph I actually got at an A&W in Stratford Ontario one time.  But, I'm off the track already............... My room today is still a bit like my boyhood years although the airplanes are gone & the football players have long ago run their final yardages.  In the past 10 years or so they were all replaced with large Astronomy posters of Planets, Galaxies, Star Clusters, & Nebulae.  Had some old Humphrey Bogart movie posters up as well.  I like my room because it's my place, my space.  The clunky old television that once dominated the windshield in the Motor Home now sits ahead of my bed.  I have cable TV, Stereo, DVD, CD & even a dual cassette tape with a Teac equalizer.  Mind you, with the exception of the TV, I haven't used any of that old technology for years, but hey, it's mine & it's in MY room.  How many of you remember the Beach Boy's song, 'In My Room.'  Well, there ya go eh:))


I happen to like trees.  I have always liked trees & it has always been difficult for me to cut one down.  But, orders came down from headquarters a couple days ago saying the two Mulberry trees in our back yard had to come down....or else!!  Mulberry trees have a Raspberry looking purple fruit & at this time of year those little purple Mulberries drop from the trees all over the ground.  They squish & cling to the bottom of shoes & are easily tracked into the house whereupon they stain floors & carpets.  I thought the purple sploosh marks on our living room carpet were looking kinda cool but my opinion was not shared by the Boss, so the trees had to go.  Luckily they are not very big & I was able to use a Swede saw to cut them down instead of my fume belching & maddenly noisy chain saw.  I will go to great lengths to avoid any kind of noise!!!  We have a neighbor who seems to have an excessive obsession with his leaf blower so I go to great lengths to avoid my neighbor!!

DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0010


Now, keeping true to form I will stick to my opening paragraph objective & carefully back myself away from the keyboard.  I did get sidetracked a couple times but was able to get er back on the rails before I blathered myself into the ditch again.  So, I leave all you fine people to get on with reading some other blogs, which I may add are written by some of my very fine Blogger friends out there....Toodles:))



GROANERS CORNER:((  It's not whether you win or lose, but how you place the blame.






only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right
now...... AL.


  1. Ha! I have one of those trees! Wondered what it was. It is dropping nasty little berry-like thingys all over the cement, luckily it is not the parking spot where i park, but the one in the back yard are, and it is about 40' tall!!!

  2. Your discussion of "my room" kind of hit home for me. I am not sure I ever had my own room. A number of private offices that had a steady flow in and out, but not really my own room. I like the idea, when and if we move back into a house, I am adding that to the list.

  3. Great post, Great photos, Great fun... Love your trees too!
    Have fun

  4. Why Don't the birds eat them?

  5. toodles..have a great weekend!!..we are heading north tomorrow..and none to happy about it!

  6. Your deck looks so very inviting. Nice pictures of Cora & Kelly.

    Your chain saw remark reminded me of a cute story. A big Swede bought a new gas chainsaw, and the salesman told him he should be able to cut 4 or 5 cords of wood a day with it.

    A few days later he took it back to the store...complaining that there must be something wrong with it...he was only able to cut 2 cords a day. Well, the salesman took the chainsaw into the back room, and fired it up....whereupon the Swede exclaimed...."What's that loud noise!!"

  7. Glad you got those trees down - they sound nasty alright. Really nice photo of Kelly and Cora on the porch.

  8. You write a fine blog either way - long and rambling or short and to the point. But it's your blog and you can do anything you want with it.

    My mother in law complained to her dying day about the huge old mulberry tree in her yard.

  9. Al, you are still a kid at heart and that is what makes your blog so "charming." Yeah, yesterday's rambled a bit about this and that but today, you struck another home run inciting gratitude. Not to stir the pot but when you live alone, the whole house is "your room," eh?


  10. If you have been reading my blog, you would see that I feed silkworms the leaves from mulberry trees! BUT they are a pain when not in the correct place. And the purple bird poo on vehicles is irritating. If we would happen to cross paths this winter, I'll show you the silk I got from those silkworms.

    Actually, I love your longer posts. When I finished reading yours, I was sad that you put Mr. Blabberfingers on such a short leash!

  11. Hi Al, as you probably know mulberry trees are common here---they do well and fit into the xeriscape environment. The three in my front yard are "fruitless" mulberries. They provide shade and are a bird haven, we love them. Nice post, as usual.

  12. Blabberfingers or not, we love ya, Al!

  13. Good point, Virginia. I just never looked at my rig as having my own room. :)

  14. Those aren't blabberfingers.."them thar" are talkative tale-telling typers!! ...I have a set of my own!!!

  15. Well Bud your Blog must not be to bad. I deleted them all except you and Randy( AKA mike) and Mar( life at 55) Mar completed her RVing and quit. Nick was the first to go as far as I am concerned he is just like a the cross between a hurricane and a Christmas turkey. Just in case you dont know what that cross is. He is full of wind and water and a large helping of crap.