Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Instead of the two Burrito Bums Jeeping off to town this morning we decided to take ourselves for a walk, just like we used to.  Had to carry little Cora for a ways because every time I set her down she wanted to turn back.  By the time we reached the trail into the Pine forest she was fine & raring to go & so was I.  We didn't get far!!  Entering the shaded pathway we were immediately set upon by biting Black Flies, irritating Gnats & miserable Mosquitoes.  We beat a hasty retreat & headed for home.  Cora spotted her little Pal Rocky outside playing as we were walking by our neighbor's house so she took off over to say 'Hello'.  We didn't realize our hello would also be a 'final farewell.'  Rocky is a 13 year old Dachshund who always  liked to come over to our place & see the guys.  He especially favored Max & they were big buddies.  Rocky's health has been failing & his Mom, Rita finally had to make that decision all we pet owners know & dread so much.  Cora & I said our goodbyes to Rocky & then had to leave because both Rita & I were crying & there was nothing more either of us could say.    Rocky headed off early this afternoon to catch up with his old Pals Max & Checkers.  Oh how I know & feel Rita's pain tonight.

It was the year 2010 February 13th in the Kofa Mountain Range of Arizona just south of Quartzsite that I had myself a rare brainwave.  From being in contact with fellow RV'ers through our blog, Facebook & emails it suddenly dawned on me one fine sunny warm morning there were 5 other RV couples in the general area we were.  Folks were located in Yuma, Quartzsite & Bouse, Arizona.  Another couple were just over the State line in Blyth, California.   In a Hermit's moment I decided to contact everyone & see if they all wanted to drop on over for a get together.   We were centrally located to everybody & just figured it might be kinda nice for folks to meet each other.  And, that is exactly what happened.   I encourage you to check out my blog for that days activities where I have lots of people photos posted.  You might see someone you know:)) A GET TOGETHER IN THE DESERT...2010 

With all the talk about this heat & humidity upon most of us now I decided to fire up our A/C.  It has only been used 2 or maybe 3 times in the past 5 years.  The 2 roof unit A/C's in the Motor Home that is.  I always forget about those big air suckers up there.  In the southwest areas we travel during the winter it is rare for us to ever need A/C.  The rear bedroom A/C fired up fine but the front living room unit seemed to have a problem with the motor only running for a few minutes & then shutting down.  Guess if I was looking at it as the proverbial water glass half full or empty I'd say, 'well at least one out of two works':))


Note to Dan in Santa Barbara California....Not sure if you have seen my Bayfield Photo Album but I have a bunch of Bayfield photos here at....... BAYFIELD ONTARIO, CANADADSC_3018

Kelly informed me this morning that we finally hit the 300 mark on our Blog Followers list so a big Bayfield Bunch welcome goes out to Davender Gola as number 299 & William McKibbon for bringing us up to the 300 Followers mark.  Thanks guys:))

Check out GYPSY'S post today & especially her last paragraph where she describes her feelings about the RV lifestyle perfectly.  Hits the nail right on the head for many of us out here & I could not have said it better myself.  You go Girl:))

I'm still banging away at the blog site with my Kindergarten crayon set.  Got a little flak on the home front this morning about mixing pink & blue.  What does a fella know about pink & blue anyway eh!!  Been trying to get the size of the font in the right hand column shrunk down but for whatever reason that font size tool does not seem to be working over there.


I see this Google+ thingy is picking up speed as more requests are coming in from folks for me to join their Circles.  Once I take the time to get a handle on all this  Googleator stuff I may even have one of those darn Circles myself.  Imagine that, a Square Head with a Circle:))

THE LAST PARAGRAPH:  Years ago when I attended many AA meetings, one of the Slogans frequently used in the program was, Principles Before Personalities' & it is a tough one to follow.   It has various interpretations but basically means you do not have to attack a person personally just because you do not agree with their ideals, beliefs or policies.   I may not agree with a person's religion or political leanings or someone's choice of color for their car.  I may disagree with somebody's ideas on hunting or their choice of travel destination but it is the issues (Principles) that should be debated & not the individual (Personality) slandered. I have always remembered that & tried to keep it foremost in mind when composing my posts, responding to or leaving comments on other people's posts, forums, or social networks.



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  1. Better be careful Al...you're going to have to change your blog to the Burrito Bunch instead if the Bayfield Bunch!! Too bad you and Little Cora got chased out by the bugs but glad she got to say a last goodbye to a friend. Seems there have been a lot of pet passings lately and I am sad at each one. I know my turn is in the not too distant future and I hope I handle it with as much grace as you have handled your sorrow.

    Loved the photos you posted today.

  2. what a sad story, poor Rocky, and poor Rita.

    It's funny about Cora not wanting to walk, our little ones will go for ever, Jake not so much.

  3. It seems to me you are letting your public decide your blog colors for you. Use what you like but in my opinion it would look better with blue, orange and dark beige and get rid of the pink or maybe even the blue and introduce the greens. i'll read it regardless of color..you are lots of fun to read.

  4. I kind of like that last paragraph thing.

    Is that woodpecker sitting on the edge of your bird bath?

  5. I'm glad you had a chance to say good-by.

  6. Great pics as usual. Sorry about Rocky.

  7. I think you are doing a good job of organizing your thoughts, I like the "last paragraph" idea. It's ok to mix whatever colors you want together. I remember I had an art teacher in 7th or 8th grade that would get upset if we had yellow and red next to each other.

  8. 300 followers?..you must be doing something right!..me?..I am up to 106!...
    congrats on all the readers!!

  9. I hate goodbyes but I am so glad to have the opportunity to say so long. My Skitz always wants to head for home. So walking her with Scooter is always a joy. One going in each direction.

  10. Principles before personalities - that says it all, and I hope I can always remember it. I have always said people are more important than things, you yours is more inclusive.

  11. Your "last paragraph" idea is a good one, and THIS last paragraph is ideal! Thanks for reminding us all about that. As for the bright blue text -- ewwww! Keep at it, though, AL, and you'll get it where it suits you. Of course, whatever you do, somebody won't like it!

  12. Your colors are perfect right now...don't change it ...keep it this way...very easy on the old eyes....