Saturday, July 02, 2011




A sudden & unexpected rain shower had me scrambling around outside in my pajamas this morning putting up Jeep windows & quickly closing shed doors, etc. It was a short heavy rain but at least I got to do my running around in a new pair of Rockports. I’m sure I was quite a sight with my blue top, red bottoms & brown shoes. All wet I might add!!


Little Cora follows me around so close now in the mornings that she practically rides around on my shoes. She knows there is a good chance of going for a ride in the Jeep with a snack at the other end. This morning turned out to be no exception & sure enough, wasn’t long & me & the Motor were splitting a Tuna sub at our local Subway shop in town. And for sure, tomorrow morning that little Mouse will be riding around on my shoes again:))

I went through a time warp this afternoon. Am currently reading the book, ‘Letter To A Christian Nation.’ Sat down at 1:10 with my book & minutes later woke up at 4 in the afternoon. Now, how did that happen!!

Some long time readers may remember the tragic deaths of fellow RV Blogger's Bruce & Margie last October.  Had an email this morning from Karyn at Wild Blue Yonder saying the young fellow driving the car which killed Bruce & Margie while out walking, has been arrested again!!  You can read why at this link....ARRESTED AGAIN!!


For any full time RV’ers there was a point in their lives when serious decisions had to be made & large steps taken. A transition from sticks & bricks living to a mobile lifestyle had to be waded through & many problems carefully navigated through. Check out Cathy’s thoughts on all that at, IT'S UP TO YOU.

Noticed Canadian Tire had Black & Decker cordless drills on sale for $34.95 on Friday. That’s down from the usual $99. My present Jobmate drill is 8 years old & the battery is feeling it’s age. A drill is not something I use a lot but it sure is handy when I do need it. Not made for a contractor but works fine for a little guy like me at home or in the rig.  I liked the fact that the battery is totally interchangeable with the new weed whacker/grass trimmer I bought about a month ago. That gives me a total of 3 batteries & 2 chargers now. Love the new trimmer by the way & use it to cut our small grass areas instead of the mower. Isn’t it nice when you purchase something that turns out to be a ‘right on’ decision:))

Mentioned in Friday night’s post about downloading some tunes but didn’t mention the name of the tunes. Commenter Susy C was going to have a look at the groups. From GROOVE ARMADA I downloaded AT THE RIVER (Live Version) & INSIDE MY MIND (BLUE SKIES)  'At The River' is based on Patti Page's 'Old Cape Cod' but is an entirely different take on that song although you do here Patti Page repeating the line, "If you're fond of sand dunes and salty air
Quaint little villages here and there."  It was the trombone coming in that really hooked me on this one.   'Inside My Mind' is based on Irving Berlin's old standard, 'Blue Skies.'  It is the man's clear tenor voice repeating the words, "Blue Skies Smiling at Me, Nothing But Blue Skies Do I See" that give me the chills in this tune.  These two songs are not versions of the old standards, they just use some of the phrases of the old songs in a very pleasing, innovative & interesting sort of way.  I just love the huge amounts of talent that goes into ambient music.


From Moodorama I downloaded SPACE COWBOY.  This is a real tow tapper that grabbed my attention right from the beginning with it's totally excellent rhythmic beat.  The almost slow motion drone of a man's deep voice caught me by surprise because it is so different.  Loved it.  And then the chorus of AahAahaAha's kicked in & that totally nailed this whole song for me.  Also downloaded Moodorama's low & slow WEIRD LOVE.  I just liked this one because I found it pleasant & relaxing.  I should also add here that if you do not have a good sound system with your computer you will not appreciate the full sound quality of any of this music.  All of the above tunes are based on heavy electronic bass & drums which I happen to love.  Unfortunately, with just computer speakers you will not get the full impact of the bass oriented instruments.  Our computer sound here is run through an Altec Lansing stereo system complete with sub woofer so I can really get this old sunroom rocking if I want to:))


Remember years ago if we wanted to listen to a groups music we either had to just buy the album & take our chances or go to a record store, select a record & then go into a little booth to listen to it. Sure glad that Dinosaur age is over. So nice to preview a group’s music from the comfort of one’s own home with just a few clicks of a mouse here & there. I’m kind of thinking of recommending one piece of music at the end of each post everyday & including my thoughts on why I like it.  Kind of like Groaner's Corner.  We’ll see………..



A new teacher was trying to make use
of her psychology courses. She started her class by saying, “Everyone who thinks they're stupid, stand up!”
After a few seconds, Little Larry
stood up. The teacher said, “Do you think you're stupid, Larry?”
“No, ma'am, but I hate to see you
standing there all by yourself!”

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right
now...... AL.


  1. Love that butterfly photo ...and little Cora looks so cute and hopeful!

    Sounds like you got some good tunes going on there. I like mellow music...not sure I'd like the heavy electronic bass. Must be my age showing!

  2. Al, those are some of the best photos that I have ever seen. Taking pics like that is not just about shooting them, but also having the vision and eye for a particular setting or scene and bringing it to life. You do a great job with them.
    It is sad that a person who has 2 counts of vehicular homicide (2 very wonderful folks) is not only not in prison but also driving a vehicle again.
    Thanks for the post and especially the great photos.

  3. beautiful butterfly shot!!..I watched the news video..not pleased to think that this guy has been out on bail!!...something wrong with the judicial system!!!

  4. Odd thing. I was thinking about Margie and Bruce this morning when I got up. Just popped into my head. Even though I only checked on Margie's blog from time to time, (too many blogs, not enough time btw) the image of them getting mowed down by that young "fellow" (I don't want to use any of the nasty words that also just popped into my head) does sort of creep into my thoughts from time to time. It's probably more along the lines of realising just how damned lucky I am.
    Simple really.

  5. Al, your post brings back a couple of thoughts for me. Poppy loves to ride with me anywhere. On Sunday mornings, we go to the local Dari Mart store and get a newspaper, so Donna can read the comics at breakfast, and get the weekly ads. Poppy is always quick to request her "treat" for going on a ride in the if the ride itself wasn't a good enough "treat". She's got us trained real good.....she gets a treat if she rides, and she gets a treat if she stays home and is a "good girl"...meaning "no trash tipping" and "no table walking". (She tips over the waste basket in my bedroom, if she gets frustrated about being left home...and we've found her up on the table in the back room eating the cat's food...whenever the opportunity presented itself!!)

    I remember when I was a teenager, I won a free record album from a local radio show giveaway. Went down and got Tennessee Ernie Ford's album "Sixteen Tons". That was the first track on the album. Not long after that, while visiting my sister's house, I d was carrying that album downstairs to their record player, when the record slipped out of the jacket and bounced down the stairs. Only the first track was broken at on place, but I couldn't play that song on that album again!!

  6. Hi Al

    Another set of great photos. Thanks for posting the link I sent you on Bruce and Margie.
    The murderer's hearing was early May but I haven't found anything else on that. He plead not guilty, I think he's going for the temporary insanity plea. It seems to be an easier sentence if he gets it. He's now 20.

    Bruce/Margie's children also have launched a civil suit (in January) against the driver and his mother (the owner of the car). I hope they win.

    I'm still quite saddened by the this loss and will continue to try to follow along the results of his hearings and judgements and keep you posted of anything I find.


  7. Yes... It is ashame that someone like that guy who hit Margie & Bruce is out of jail. Hope he gets his due punishment now!!!

    Great photos and post as always... Love the butterfly!!!

    Have fun