Saturday, June 04, 2011




It's Saturday night, it's after supper & it's going to be a challenge to write something.  Not that there isn't any to write about.  The problem sometimes is in getting myself motivated.  Can't seem to write anything humorous if that is not the way I'm feeling & the same principle applies about writing something serious if my mind is not into it.


I would love to tell you about all the interesting things I did today except I didn't really do any interesting things.  Aside from cleaning the cab area in the Motor Home I did not accomplish much. 


While in the Motor Home I thought I would try out our hydraulic jack system again.  Been awhile since I had them down.  Put the slides in, parking brake on, transmission in park & fired up the engine.  Reached down & hit the switch for the jacks &...........nothing!!  The control panel was stone dead again just like last summer.  Ron put in a new solenoid switch back then & we even stopped at HWH in Moscow Iowa on our way west last fall to have the system checked out.  Jacks were working fine then but now they are ka-put again.  Have I ever told you how much I hate hydraulic jacks!!!!  They have been our number 1 source of irritation with our Motor Home.


Big raccoon on our deck last night trying his darnedest to get into a big jar of peanuts left out there & I don't know how they did it this time but there were two Squirrels on the bird station this morning again!!  I don't know why I just don't give up & throw in the towel on this whole Squirrel nonsense.


In Friday night's post I mentioned about all the Goldfinches in the front yard again.  Just sitting here now I counted 18 around the feeders & managed to get a few photos of their antics.  If you look closely at some of the pics you can see some of them them interacting with one another. 



 DSC_3902 DSC_3904 DSC_3905 DSC_3906 DSC_3907 DSC_3909 DSC_3910 DSC_3912 DSC_3913 DSC_3915DSC_3924DSC_3920    

And, another bird observation.  I have always thought Mourning Doves to be timid & passive but have been surprised by their aggressive nature to other birds coming into the bird station.  If a large Grackle lands on the platform the Dove will run right round from the other side & kick him off.  I watched this over & over.  The Mourning Dove even scares off the Blue Jays & Red Wing Blackbirds.  Nothing timid about those Doves when it comes to food!!


Little Cora & I Jeeped ourselves up to Goderich this morning for some groceries.  On the way I noticed how black the sky had become to the north east & snapped a picture through the windshield.  Heard on tonight's news that a severe storm went through that area bringing down trees & power lines.  Thousands of homes without electricity but nobody injured.


Resisted the urge to grab a coffee at Tim Hortons while in Goderich.  I'm still ticked off at them for their 'incredible shrinking cup' consumer rip off!!


We blogger folks sure leave ourselves open to the public with our posts sometimes.  And a few of us a little more than others.  On occasion some of the things we write comes back to bite us, which begs the question, why do we blog in the first place & why do we reveal things about ourselves that don't really need any revealing in the first place.  Some folks may seek attention, others like to share their travels with others.  For lonely people it's comforting to be in touch with friends & family.  For some it's a way of getting their own opinions, thoughts & feelings across. 


My reasons for blogging are a smattering of the above.  Not for the attention but I do like to share our travels & travel information.  I am rarely ever a lonely person so that one doesn't  really apply but it is the last one dealing with thoughts & feelings where I quite often find myself.  Writing is my favorite form of communication whether it be creative or straight forward.  I am very comfortable sitting here at my computer surrounded by ambient music, croaking frogs & herds of birds.   I am in my element & in effect, talking to people on my own terms in an environment of contented relaxation.  I find it much easier to express myself through written words than in person.  I can say what I want & carry a thought through to it's conclusion without being interrupted.  For a passive personality like mine that is important.  Some will understand what I am talking about & of course some will not.  And sometimes of course, I am not too sure about all this myself either.  But, I sure do love the music:))

DSC_0029Anyway, just want to say thanks again to all you folks out there for your kind words & support these past 5 years or so.  I may not always get things right, but I do try & give you an honest feeling of what I am thinking....................10-4


GROANER'S CORNER:((  Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly and for the same reason.


The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right
now...... AL.


  1. Your blog is at the top of my daily blog list! I still don't know what I enjoy most: your photos or your writing. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Sorry to hear about your jack frustrations, but perhaps if you can just keep it broken until a professional can analyze it, you will get to the root of the problem.

    We are having our time with the jacks now as well. We think we know what the problem is, but have been waiting for parts.............For about a month now!!

  3. Re: the Groaner's Corner
    I have that bumper sticker on my old Cadillac farm car. It always gets some comments at Walmart.
    Take care and please keep writing and photographing. We sure enjoy your efforts out here.
    Don in Oklahoma

  4. I have a lot of things inside me that I sometimes think about writing about, but they are also very personal and not always funny or nice. I'm shy of writing about them, and yet to me the best posts are ones that reveal a bit of the person who is writing. You do that.

  5. INCREDIBLE PICS as usual. Have never seen so many Goldfinches in one place. Agree with Groaner's Corner -- term limits would be a good thing!

  6. ours was a 'nothing kind of day' too..not exactly blog worthy..but I do enjoy reading about everyone else's 'adventures'!!..thanks for 'being out there', Al!!..the sun was it was a good day!!

  7. Al, I love reading your posts, but if you miss a day or two because of 'writer's block', I understand. Your photos are fantastic. Thanks for sharing your life with the outside world!

    Selene, NC

  8. The 5th wheel has a pretty simple electric motor jack system, that seems to hold up, in the rear is a manual set that I use a cordless 18 volt drill to raise and lower. If they would just keep those MH jacks simple and not all those relays and and electronic gizmos. you might get a set that would be reliable.Hope it is not any big buck replacement. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  9. Renee and DaveSunday, June 05, 2011

    I think a lot of us are like you -- after working our whole lives, we feel like we have to "accomplish" something every day. I'm still working on getting away from that feeling, and I'm going on 6 years retired already!

    Love the goldfinch photos. Makes me think about buying a thistle feeder, but we already have one in New Mexico, and that would be just one more thing to carry around. Sure wish I could get birds swarming around my feeders like you have!

    BTW, I am in awe of the beautiful landscaping you have done at your Bayfield home. What a change from your winter habitat!


  10. Great post, yep, agree about the blogging reasoning. It also gives me a sense of "neighbors" out here on the road - not only reading and commenting on their sites but posting my own. Cheers!

  11. We are now in MT sitting in our sons drive way. Talk about not having anything to write about. And since I am neither a writer nor a photographer, sometimes I just give up. But - I really need (for my own sanity) to read others blogs. Your pictures and your words, along with the others, keep me going and give me something to look forward to every day.

  12. I know what you mean bout being 'in the mood'...I have that same problem with blogging and my painting. Funny tho..once I get that paint brush in my hand or feel the keyboard under my fingers...I'm suddenly 'in the mood' it is just getting myself to pick up the brush or the computer that is difficult at times.

  13. I'm right there with ya, Al. What the Heck can I blog about when I don't even venture into our yard?? I can only do so many I blog about pretty much stupid stuff..But, it keeps me "in the loop" of the great blog friends we have found..and the way, your Goldfinches may be able to form a small army and fight off the squirrels for the seed:-)))


  15. Funny how I can't write anything in the evening....but come morning I can usually come up with something.....
    I enjoy your honesty when you write your Blog... I write mine just to try and keep my mind from going complety dead..... I don't know if its working or not!!LOL

  16. Al, you and I are alike in many ways (now, is that good or is it bad? You choose!). You are shy, although you don't show it; so am I. I used to take those damn personality type tests at work, and they always showed me as a shy person, but no one would believe it. As for expressing ourselves, I also do it far better in writing than I do in speaking. So let's both keep blogging!

  17. Your blog is also at the top of my blog list. I like your writing style and your pictures.