Friday, February 18, 2011



Let’s just say it was one of those nights where my mind woke up long before I did.

What an exceptionally peaceful morning again.  Desert sunrises are unequaled in their beauty.  Mountains to the east & west with a gentle breeze playing through the prickly Mesquite trees nearby added to the serenity.  The air is alive with the sounds of many happy little birds near the feeders & the daily warming temperature just adds a fine topping to an already splendid day.


With all these calming influences as a background, plus some very hard work I was able to concentrate on changing out some software today.  There come times when things bog down & do not run as efficiently or smoothly as they should & adjustments have to be made.  These adjustments are occasionally major.  The trick is to recognize the problem & have the proper tools to make the necessary changes.  I am talking about my head of course & today I had to swap out my ‘Ranch’ software & re-install my ‘Travel’ program.  I will keep the ‘Ranch’ software close by in case of a quick re-install but for the time being my screen is once again showing ‘Travel Mode:))’


Wished I could reprint some of the wonderful & caring emails the Bayfield Bunch has received from people.  Not just recently but ever since we started traveling.   Maybe one day we could weave those emails into a book & show how caring & sincere many people really are & how society could work….if it only would.


I am heartened by what I see here in Blogland.  Not only in our blog but many others as well.   Yes, we do have our little tiffs & spats with each other from time to time but overall it is a very tight knit & supportive group of people we have here & we at the Bayfield Bunch are glad to be a part of that.


Two weeks ago Kelly was stung by a bee on her knee over at the other property.  Since then the knee has continued to swell & become very painful causing her to lose sleep.  Kelly is the type of person who would walk a mile on a broken leg before ever telling anybody or going to a Doctor.  She is worse than me about that Doctor thing & when she got up this morning saying she was going to go to the Efrida Medical Clinic I knew she had to be in a lot pain.  In fact she was there when they opened the doors at 8a.m.  An hour & a half later she was back with a big bandage on her knee.  Lady Doc said nothing to do with a bee sting & everything to do with a knee injury of some kind.  She wrote her a prescription for 800mg Ibuprofen.  She picked that up at Wal-Mart in Douglas this afternoon.  Only $10 for 90 pills….try that in Canada!!  Kelly was extremely impressed with the medical clinic in Elfrida & all the staff she encountered there.  Only cost her $31 & the deal was half price if you paid the same day or else the bill would have been $62….& again, try that in Canada!!



We’ll hang around a couple more days now until Kelly’s knee improves.  We do have a cane & set of crutches on board just in case.  Kelly thinks she may have injured her knee exercising.  Darn good reason not to exercise I’d say!!


UPS brought my Nikon D90 body today & some of tonight’s pics were taken with it.  I can see where I’ll have a bit of tweaking & familiarizing to do but I’ll get that figured out soon enough.  Luckily this D90 is very similar to my D40 & deceased D50.

IMG_0175  IMG_0177


I’m typing this at 8 p.m. tonight & our side door is still open.  Now that is nice, nice, nice:))   









GROANER’S CORNER:((  Here is the scene: The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Church elementary school for lunch.

At the head of the table was a large pile of apples.  The nun made a note, and put it on the apple tray...

'Take only ONE. God is watching.'

Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies.

A child had written a note, 'Take all you want. God is watching the apples.'

Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails -William Arthur Ward
The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. Sure glad Kelly got the meds she needed and hope they work fast to help with the pain.

    I'm not too sure what you meant by 'try that in Canada' with reference to Kelly only paying $31 at the clinic if she paid the same day??

    Neither me, nor any member of my family has ever paid a nickel for any treatment at a walk-in medical clinic in Canada. It's completely covered under our Universal Health Care Coverage - we don't pay a thing. Is something different in Ontario??

  2. Good luck to Kelly with the knee injury. I don't know which is more painful, that or the bee sting. The ibuprofen should give some relief.

    Checkers may look laid back but I'd say that is a ruse to trick would-be interlopers. She could be in full attack mode in an instant!

    Speaking of guard dogs, isn't it Jeannie & Ray who have the two dogs (think their names are Gleason & Pearce, but I could be wrong - it's the medication ya see). I still think about how those donkeys were removed without some dog causing a ruckus somewhere.

  3. switching 'software' sounds like a great idea!
    Sorry to hear about Kelly's knee but hopefully the prescription will help and she will be back to hiking in no time flat!
    As for your first paragraph in your entry today..we, too are touched by all the 'new friends' we have made through our blog! great it would be for our paths to cross one day!! the shot of Checkers lying in wait in the front yard!!!
    Have a great weekend!!..enjoy the is spectactular and thanks for sharing your daily thoughts and adventures with all of us out here in blogville!

  4. Knee injuries can be tricky. Hope the pain meeds don't burn her stomach. I always have trouble with that.

  5. Al, please give our best to Kelly. Hope she is back to her regular mobility soon and not feeling any pain! I have been anxiously waiting for you to take delivery of your new camera and put it through its paces. This is one of the models I have been seriously looking at. I look forward to your future reports (and photos).


  6. Give our best to Kelly, I hope her knee gets better soon! I'm glad she got such favorable treatment at the medical clinic...
    Your pictures are always so good, It would be unreasonable to expect anything better.
    You guy's have a good relaxing weekend....

  7. Oh, I hope Kelly feels better soon. I have wacked out my knee a couple of times and it is no fun at all! Glad to see you have your new camera and it looks just as nifty as the old one. I'm sure you will be up and running with it in no time. I have to say I have "met" some of the nicest folks here in blogland and I'm sure glad to be apart of it as well. Safe Travels!

  8. Wow, I can sure understand how Kelly feels. Being told NOT to use your legs, knees or feet..that really hacks a person off..especially one who LOVES to get out and use those appendages!
    Isn't it interesting how things develop?...You now get a few more days at that peaceful and beautiful spot you so the way, that last photo would make a lovely one to enlarge and hang in your motorhome...just sayin'...

  9. Glad our medical system took care of Kelly! And that you have a new toy to play with!

  10. It sure is an extended family we have out here in blogland!

    Hope Kelly's recovery is a short one.

    I enjoyed all of your pics today. :)

  11. Sorry to hear about Kelly's knee and hope she recovers completly & quickly!!! I injured my knee about 6 years (dancing wildly)ago and it has never been the same. Two surgeries later it still hurts from time to time. I pray that she doesn't have anymore problems... We are thankful for all of our extended bloggin families too... It is nice to know people will listen and help you if needed.

    Have fun & travel safe
    Get well soon Kelly!!!

  12. Give my best to Kelly as well. She's such an amazing lady. Can't have her down, since she provides such a great subject in your hiking photos! I do love the connections here in blogland, although it seems to be extra strong in RV blogland. Thank you Al, for being such a big part of helping to create those connections.

  13. So glad that Kelly's injury was easily treated and she's on her way to feeling better. Be sure she takes it easy for a bit!


  14. Quite a deal at the Elfrida clinic, I'd say. It would sure incent me to pay the same day, even if I had to go rob a piggy bank to do it! You take care of Kelly -- she is important to you and to us!

  15. Give Kelly our regards and wishes for a fast recovery, I agree with you Al, Exercise can be dangerous, I try not to do to much of it at once. Your new camera looks sharp. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  16. Sure hope Kelly is doing so much better today. Especially pain wise. It's so frustrating to have something like that go wrong. We started our full time adventure with me in a wheel chair recovering from a broken ankle and ruptured Achilles tendon. I fell out of our fifth wheel.

    I, too, am so grateful for our blog family. You always have somebody to look forward to meeting somewhere on the road.

  17. I wish quick healing for kelly, and I'm glad to see the pictures are larger. Love the circular fence pic. great lighting.

  18. Hope your knee feels better soon; and that you both enjoy a few more days in paradise.


  19. Our best wishes to Kelly and her knee problems... hopefully she is on the mend!

    Sure look forward to the great pictures you are going to take with that new camera!

  20. Knee injuries are not fun especially for someone that is so active, hopefully Kelly will be feeling better in the next few days.

    Yahoo, the new camera has arrived, more beautiful pictures to come.

  21. I'm glad Kelly got the treatment she needed, and it was efficient and to here liking. I'm not getting into the Canada vs US health issue thing as each system has its merits. I just hope for the best in Kelly's recovery.

    You really have my attention with that D90. I have a much older D70s that needs replacing just because it is so old. It is 6 megapixel, and that is in the dark ages for DSLRs.

    Tell us more about how it works as compared to the older cameras, and how you lens transitions to the new body. And perhaps where you ordered it.


  22. We hope Kelly feels much better soon. I no when you are very active, those kind of injuries can be very frustrating.

    Sure hope you can run your travel mode software soon!

  23. Sweet boo boo kisses for Kelly on her knee.

    Safe travels as you head on down the road a ways... and perhaps a little distance from the ranch will help you put it all into perspective. Who knows what is going to happen in the future regarding it, and if it's meant to be yours, you will find a way back to it.

    Hope to see you soon down the road!

    Karen and Steveio

  24. Hope Kelly's knee is better soon, it sucks that she has been in pain.

    Glad you are getting in the travelling mode.


  25. Howdy
    I know I am a wimp, but when I get sharp pains, I demand Vicoprofen. 7.5 mg Hydrocodone and 200 mg ibuprofen.
    I thank You for the email response.
    Just a thought, I am a junk collector / fix it half ass type of guy. Got any plans for the broken D-50?
    We still have plans to be in Tucson on 12 March. If you are still near, we can try to see you around 14 March.
    Deep snow and 19 degrees F today. It made for a fun walk. We have Ravens and Magpies and some really small quick birds, this time of year.
    Be nice to Kelly

  26. Congrats on the new camera! I have a D80 that's been my trusty side-weapon for 4 years now and I absolutely love it. By the way if you don't have sensor cleaning equipment I really recommend it. I started cleaning my own sensor a few years back and it's really helped in those dusty environments. I use Sensor Swab pads and Eclipse fluid. It's kept my sensor squeaky clean through many a desert trip.

  27. Sorry, I'm a little late getting caught up on my reading. Hope that Kelly is recovered now. Also happy to hear that you got your new body. (I sure wish I could get one... a new body that is.)

    Your pictures are wonderful, as usual. You are on of the best photographers that I know. Thanks for sharing so many great photos.

    Also glad to hear you are back in "travel mode". I hope you will find that to be a good solution for your whole family.

    When Donna and I would go to a new place, I always looked around and found myself thinking "You know what, this would be a really great place to live." Unfortunately that was never an option for us. We are looking forward to our new motor home and being able to visit all of the places we would like to have lived, but can only visit. There are so many of them that it will no doubt take quite awhile.

    Hope your travels are safe, and may God Bless you and your family.