Sunday, December 05, 2010



Another perfect weather day in Arizona’s Sulphur Springs Valley.  Lots of sunshine, warm temps & no wind.  Decided to make it a relaxation day.




We often receive nice emails from folks following our blog & we had one a couple days ago from the Province of Quebec in Canada in which a lady stated how much she loves & misses the beauty of the American southwest.  That set me to thinking of why we consistently come to the States of New Mexico, Arizona & California.


Some clues are readily apparent in my photographs.  I am a very visual person & the landscapes of the western deserts & mountains fascinate me.  Desert sunrises & sunsets.  Endless scenic valleys & canyons winding their way through towering mountain ranges.  Rocky mountain trails wander through towering Pines, Juniper & tall Agave’s.  The list just goes on & on forever & the photo opportunities are endless.  


Kelly & I are both quiet people & we find the vast stretches of people free land a peaceful place to spend the winters.  We can drive beautiful scenic valley roads without seeing another car for miles in either direction.  We can boon dock in places with only Saguaro Cactus & Coyotes for neighbors. 


The history of the wild west has always appealed to me & the best part is the fact history is still alive & well in it’s western rawness.  We have walked through the ruins of ghost towns & cemeteries untouched by modern commercialism.  Camped in areas where not another man made shape was visible for as far as the eye could see.  No water connections & no electricity hook-ups.  Just a campfire with a canopy of stars from mountain top to mountain top.  A lot of folks flock to the tourist places….we avoid them.  Many people won’t travel the dusty back roads….we seek them out.



The more we visit the southwest the more I am convinced I was born on the wrong side of the country.  My Grandfather’s people on my Dad’s side were all horse people.  I think my Dad always had a love of the western lifestyle as well but just never made it out of the east.   Had it not been for some major events in the past 10 years I wouldn’t have likely made it either. 

IMG_0571 IMG_1989

Ever since a small boy reading western comic books & going to the Saturday afternoon Matinee’s watching Randolph Scott riding across the big screen I’ve had a yearning to travel west in search of the land where my Cowboy hero’s rode.  Had the opportunity to make a quick trip through the Southwest back in 92 & that hooked me.  So, for 5 months of the year now I am able to be a part of the land I love so much, put on my old Cowboy hat & kick up a little dust all over myself most every day.   I am a pretty darn lucky feller alright & doubly darn lucky I have me a partner who likes most all the same things I do.  Well, maybe not the kicking dust all over herself part……10-4:))


Kelly brought my attention to an always interesting blog this morning that she has been reading for quite awhile.  I checked it out & knew right away this fellow is a good writer with insight, thoughts & opinions about the RV lifestyle & beyond.  Check out MOBILE KODGERS & be sure to read back several posts about what’s happening in urban Phoenix.  I have added Mobile Kodgers to our, ‘Blogs We Follow’ sidebar.


And, about leaving the dogs in the car.  Legal or not, it is something we are not in the habit of doing & would never take the dogs anywhere in the heat of the summer months.  The photo of Checkers & Motor in the Jeep yesterday was on the north shaded side of the Safeway store where it was probably about 55 degrees under a light cloud cover.  We always park there, dogs or no dogs.  If you have ever been to this corner of Arizona at this time of year you will know that on the sunny side of your rig you can comfortably bask in the warmth of the big Arizona sun but if you plan on spending any time on the shaded side of your rig you had better get your woolies out!!  Kelly also reminded me this morning about a question someone had regarding how our furry guys like the new outside step we had shipped from Camping World a couple weeks ago.  The sturdy steel step has worked out perfectly for the guys making it much easier for them entering or exiting the Motor Home.  And, it folds down to a depth of only one inch.  Sure beats the heavy old wooden & cumbersome Mossmagtor I built 3 years ago. 


GROANER’S CORNER:((  If a man has enough horse sense to treat his wife like a thoroughbred, she will never turn into an old nag.

Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. I'm going to have to go back and check out the step you bought for the dogs to enter the motorhome. Both Lady and I need something sturdy, and especially me after my tumble from the plastic step a few days ago.

  2. all your pictures of the southwest..this beautiful area is now added to our 'bucket list'..great shots again, the ones of you and Kelly just relaxing!!

  3. Your reflections on the great Southwest were unusually eloquent, Al. You're adding to my frustration, as it's calling me again!


  4. keep it up Al and all those people at the touristy spots will be there... you are suppose to tell everyone how horrible it is there :)

  5. Well said Al ~ appreciate your reflective side today.

  6. Well, I was inspiration for your blog today. What you said about the south west is exactly what I feel and why I love it so much.

    And dont you all worry, the ones that like tourist attractions wont come. When I tell those things about the desert to my friends, they just dont understand why I love it so much. The ones who like those things dont appreciate the tru beauty of nature.

    Keep on blogging Al!


  7. Well said....We like the quiet places, too. Unfortunately, lots of the historical sites are embedded in I drag Dennis to see them....Love your photos....I want to get someplace warm...and soon!!

  8. Isn't it wonderful that this country is big enough for all of us to be comfortable with where we choose to be! :)

  9. We sure do agree with you about our southwest, but we feel the same way (in the nice weather) about Oregon, Washington, Northern California, Idaho (some parts) and western Montana. We just have to get out there somewhere and poke around. As for dogs in cars, we knew you don't abuse your critters like that -- it's just a law on the books. And we have s folding step like yours, had it for years, and really love it. Will we see you Friday?

  10. A very nice summary of the reasons why you like the southwest so much, Al, and great pictures to emphasize the point. One of these years you'll have to try and spend a summer down there to see if that changes anything at all - I doubt it, it'll just be a lot hotter!

    We're with you on leaving dogs in the car - never do it!

  11. I was brought up a cowboy,,,my parents ranch was WAY out in the boonies. 45 miles to phnes, No TV's,,closest neighbor was 5 miles.......I spent 50 years in corporate world and thank God, now I'm back in the country...You can take the boy out of the country but you cant take the country out of the boy! Not me anyhow....Hate crowds,,,,,love the SW and our Texas place is HISTORY!!! Its SOLD!!!