Wednesday, October 27, 2010



Our early morning gentle breeze blew itself up into 50 & 60 mph wind gusts by early afternoon & our tall pine trees were whipping around like blades of grass.  That is always a concern when you live in a pine forest.  Pines are not strong trees so we have to keep an eye out on windy days. 


I had no sooner put a second coat of Varathane on my oak board earlier today when a big wind gust blew up a batch of driveway dust & dirt peppering it right into my freshly Varathane coated board.  Our new computer shelf will now have a slightly textured look!!



Yesterday & this morning again Kelly was on the phone with the HWH leveler folks over in Moscow, Iowa.  They suggested we take the floor plate off where the joy stick controls are located & check out a few things.  Kelly got the plate off but we were unsuccessful in determining anything.  Double checked the fuse again & it looks fine....just no power to the box!!  Ron, from FOUR SEASONS PERFORMANCE won’t be home until Thursday so we’ll see if he has any suggestions for us.  Ever since we've had that coach I have noticed what I consider to be design flaw.  The emergency brake release handle is way too close to the emergency brake pedal & when you lift your foot to press down on the emergency brake your boot catches the brake release handle & bends it right down because you think your foot is on the brake pedal.  I have probably made that mistake half a dozen times so far & maybe something has gone amiss there.  The emergency brake has to be on to operate the levelers.  Anyway, we’ll wait to see if Ron has any suggestions for us.


The rest of the day was spent transplanting some Hostas, raking leaves & just general puttering with things in & around the rig.  We are going through our check lists now but it will be next week before we really get active checking things off.  Somebody wondered when we will be rolling out & it will be a week from Saturday on November 6th. (weather permitting)  We like to leave on a Saturday because that gets us north of Indianapolis for an overnight stay at a Wal-Mart near Angola.   By doing this we can get the only large city of our trip behind us first thing on a quiet Sunday morning. 


Because I am generally a blogger who wears his thoughts & feelings on his sleeve, those same thoughts often end up right here in my posts.  Sometimes it’s humor, sometimes an opinion or two, sometimes a bit of anger, a bit of sadness, a bit of melancholy & sometimes a bit of silly frivolity.  Yesterday was one of those gloomy days so I went along with the mood of the day & expressed my feelings about some traveling concerns, likes, dislikes, what if’s & some why not’s.  Just some honest off the cuff feelings, but of course that was seen by one reader as, ‘feeling sorry for myself.’   Some days, no matter what a person writes about, their efforts are just going to be misinterpreted by someone & that’s just the way it is.  And, if you blog a little closer to the edge of things like I & a few others sometimes do, misunderstandings, accusations & criticisms are going to happen.   Sometimes we just have to step back & think things through either before publishing a post or comment or after reading a post or comment.  Sometimes thoughts are understood & sometimes they are not.  I have been at both ends of this 'thoughts' process & none of us are immune from the mistakes factor.  



Thursday will be a working day for me & I am looking forward to that.  Nice to have somewhere to go, something to do & a nice rural environment to do it all in.   Hopefully I can make enough money tomorrow to buy myself an extra jar of peanut butter to take south with us.  Hard to find good natural peanut butter when we are traveling.  I can eat the more commercial stuff with all the fillers in it if I have to but I much prefer, ‘real peanut butter.’



A fellow RV friend we know wrote a fine tribute to the their beloved dog Molly who passed away a few days ago.  We first met fellow Canadians, Mike, Maureen & Molly (MnMnM) in Cannonville Utah back in November of 2008 & we remember Molly well.  A TRIBUTE TO MOLLY


GROANER’S CORNER:((   A man is stopped by the police at midnight and asked where he’s going.  “I’m on the way to listen to a lecture about the effects of alcohol and drug abuse on the human body.”  The policeman asks, “Really? And who’s going to give a lecture at this time of night?”  “My wife”, comes the reply.


Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.

Until one has loved an Animal, part of their soul remains un-awakened.




The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. That is a great picture of Kelly! You can just see the anticipation and excitement building.

  2. sounds like it was a 'batton down the hatches kind of day in your neighbourhood!'..

  3. I'm not sure your feeling sorry for your self like Jerry alluded to. But rather anxious on a crappy weather day!
    The weather is rapidly going to he!! and you can't get loaded and out of there. I feel like that too a lot of the time, as my spouse never wants to leave home. She is quite happy just sitting in her bedroom watching TV, and would all winter.
    So perhaps taking stock of the fact that you 'will' get to go for all of the rest of the winter will brighten your spirits.
    Had you left last week, you'd be down here in all this wind buying twice as much gas as necessary and rocking all over the place at night. So perhaps it is best to still be at home in the waiting mode.
    I'm sure the HWH folks can fix your levelers if you go to Moscow. Its a really little burg in Iowa, and they should be as friendly as can be, since they are Iowans, and that's our nature!

  4. you eat peanut butter sandwiches on the way south, and egg salad on the way north?? :)

  5. Great Groaner tonight! Happens to all kinds of people ☺

  6. Nice pictures again today, you never disappoint!

    I try to think hard about my comments before I post them, I hope I don't offend anyone by whatever I say.

    I hope that if I do, it's taken lightly, I don't mean to offend for sure!

    Looks like things are coming along for departure date, your excitement is going to start soon enough, once the motorhome is more packed and you can visualize heading down the road on the way to adventure!

    I will be reading!!!


  7. Al,
    If you ever get to Norman, OK Mason's Peanuts makes fresh peanut butter with no fillers. They are located on Highway 9 West,just off I-35 South across from the Riverwind Casino which allows overnight boondocking. Wednesdays is Senior day and all you can eat breakfast is $2.50 you will have to get a players card but for all you can eat it's worth it.

  8. Sorry about your Varathane project. Don't you hate it when that happens!

    Yeah, I know you were just venting some frustration, but I also just said what it sounded like to me. Suzy and I don't always have the same attitude about things, and we sometimes let that bog down our thinking. I'm a "gotta go on to the next thing" kinda guy, Suzy is the one who always wants to get the most out of what we are doing or where we are sitting before wanting to make the move. It does provide some interesting tug-o-wars somtimes.

  9. Textured shelves always look It seems there has been crazy weather all over the country hope it clears in time for your departure.

    Another day of great pictures.

  10. Your paragraph about 'thoughts and feelings' is so true. It's pretty hard to get inside the mind of what another person is actually thinking and more so the message they may be trying to convey. A lot of times mistakes are made as a result. It's always a good lesson to be reminded of this. Good post!

  11. I consider my blog "therapy"...and I'm darn sure my humor can offend many..but that's what I am. I love to write, and try to find humor in almost everything..and sometimes I cross the line, I know.
    Keep packing, Kelly!! It's almost "lift off" time!!!