Monday, August 16, 2010



"Your chest is clear."  And, with those words the very young lady Doctor in the Goderich emergency hospital department wrote me out a prescription for a bottle of Benzydamine Hydrochloride oral rinse stuff & sent me on my way this morning with her voice echoing in the hallway, "Next Please."  As I left the hospital I kept asking myself how my chest could be clear when I've been coughing & hacking like an old cement mixer full of marbles.  Could it be she had her stethoscope on backwards or her ears have been damaged by too many high volumed Metallica concerts.  Either way, that was the diagnosis, aside from telling me my throat looked a little red.  A little red!!!!  Did she not see the McCullough chainsaw in there ripping away at my esophagus!!  She did do a swab of the area saying they will be checking that for strep throat.  Well, good luck, I expect the lab results will return a verdict of ice cream throat or something.


Kelly phoned to see how I made out at the hospital.  I told her the Doctor said the best thing for my throat would be a cream filled doughnut from Culbert's bakery in Goderich.  Kelly's home now & guess what I already have smeared all over my keyboard...........:))


I was soooooo glad last night when I got home to see an email on our computer  saying another driver had been found for my run to London, Ontario today.  I could never have done it after spending a second sleepless night hacking & coughing in my recliner.  A lot of the driver's are off right now so they were counting on me to fill in so it's too bad I had to go & get sick on them.  With the way I am feeling I imagine I'll be off for the rest of the week.  Still can't get my voice above a hoarse whisper.  No idea where I picked up this 'bug' but it had to have been in one of the hospitals or nursing homes I was in last week.  Maybe I should be considering a safer line of part time summer work!!


It looks like a totally beautiful day outside & I just wish I felt like going outside to be a part of it.  The humidity has dropped & there is a gentle breeze coming in off the lake.  We are in the early days of turning the corner from Summer to Autumn.  And, what a nice feeling that is:))



In last night's blog I mentioned about losing my small Canon camera case.  Would you believe a blog reader connected that up with a camera case she found on the road a few days ago.  Yep, it's true.  Our neighbor Maureen (a blog reader) is a walker & the other day not far from our Park she found a small black camera case lying on the road.  She gave it to another neighbor friend who didn't have a camera case but after reading last night's blog, Rita our other neighbor, came over with my missing camera case.  Thanks guys:))  I must have left the case sitting on the Jeep's fender last week & then drove out of the Park.  That is soooooo typically AL!!


Somebody mentioned something in their blog not long ago about learning to drive in a cemetery.  Of course that reminded me of a post I wrote back in September of 2007 about the first time I took my motorcycle out on the road and headed straight for the local cemetery.  You can read about that here at...... MOTORCYCLE....FIRST EXPERIENCE



And Holy Smokes Batman, I noticed we have a couple of new Blog Followers.  A big welcome to Lisa & Bill.  Thanks guys:))  And, THE FRUGAL TRAVELERS with Pidge & Don round out the list as our latest followers.  Much appreciated folks.


And double Holy Smokes Batman.....I just noticed we have surpassed the 150,000 hits on our site according to Sitemeter.  I knew we were getting close a few days ago but had forgot to look at the numbers until a few minutes ago.  Two goals down & one to go.  Yahooie Louie:))


GROANER'S CORNER:(  Junk is something you've kept for years and throw away three weeks before you need it.


Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.




AL'S SMUG MUG PHOTO GALLERY (a work that will never be completed)

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.


  1. I'm not really a doctor, but I play one on the internet; so therefore, I would prescribe for you several warm salt water gargles daily and some form of nasal irrigation with warm saline solution as many times a day as you can do it. Sinus drainage is probably what's making your thoat so miserable. DO NOT use any Zicam products!

    Get better soon!!!!!

  2. Sorry to hear you're still not feeling any better and the doctor didn't help you.

    Do you remember Nellie's post a few weeks ago when she had what sounded like the same thing? She used Grapefruit Seed Extract and it apparently helped her. We always use Echinacea, and also have heard about Oregano Oil. Maybe one of these would be worth a try!

    That picture of the Gold Finch is incredible. The colors are so sharp and vivid and it's such a nice pose. Great Job!!

  3. First, I'm happy you got a medical opinion, even if it was obtained from a snot-nosed kid. Take care of yourself, man!

    Second, you are pulling our collective leg, aren't you? A blog that is read around the world, and someone local reads it and finds your camera case and gets it back to you? Do you think we're gonna buy that? You lead a charmed life, is all I can say.

    Congratulations on reaching the 150,000 hit mark. I just turned over 80,000 and am pleased as punch.

    Now I have to go read about you, the motorcycle, and the cemetery.

  4. Maybe its going to take two doughnuts to help heal you! Get over that stuff, we need a well Al!

  5. Thanks for the shout out, and hope your soon fit as a fiddle.

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon Al... Great shot of you and your Shadow! Love it!

    Take care of yourself!


  7. Glad to hear you're going to be around for awhile! I think that prescription of a cream filled doughnut sure beats all the other ones I've heard mentioned!

    Pretty amazing story about finding the camera case!

  8. Love the Gold Finch pic; how did you get him to pose so well?
    Glad your camera case found its way back to you.
    Take care of yourself even if the doc said your chest is clear.
    Mike & Gerri

  9. Hope you get to feeling better. Glad you found your camera case!

  10. Hope you get to feeling better. Glad you found your camera case!

  11. what a 'stud muffin' on your motorcycle!!

  12. Don't mess with that cold, take all the meds. I've wrestled with pneumonia 4 times over the last couple of years, no fun at all and each one started as a cold I thought would go away on its own.

    Thanks for joining our Followers on our blog, we appreciate your visits. We've been enjoying your blog and pix for quite a while. You're an insperation to the RV blogging family.

  13. Al, maybe you should request hazard pay when you make your runs to the hospital and nursing homes. :)

    That was another great (and true) Groaner today.

    Get well soon!

  14. Hope you feel better soon, nice weather allows for R&R outside in the lounge chair and soak up some good rays and eat those cream filled doughnuts.

  15. FYI...Hospitals and nursing homes are prime spots to pick up nasty bugs..Make sure you take some of that hand sanitizer with you....It sure couldn't hurt! With my sis being ill, I have trouble staying out of both!! The salt water gargle is a real help also..I am a chronic sinus sufferer...
    Have you seen the movie "Wild Hogs" with Tim Allen?...that's who you reminded me of on your bike....Get better soon!!

  16. Glad you're healthy, even if you feel like a pail of .... name your own pailful. Donuts, naw. Ice cream, yay! Camera case, good! Bird pix - keep 'em coming.

  17. If only I lived closer, I would make you a big pot of chicken soup. That cures everything!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard