Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I am having major problems again tonight trying to publish the blog so I am going to try taking out all the photos & links & just publish the text.  Keeps coming up with an error 400 message.  Very frustrated to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From time to time we receive emails from folks who read our blog & it's always nice to hear if, when, & how our blog has had something to do with events in people's lives.  This week we received an email from a couple who first contacted us two years ago when we were boondocked along the San Pedro river east of Sierra Vista, Arizona.  A question, & our blog helped set up a series of events which culminated in the folks buying a piece of property near Sierra Vista Arizona just a few weeks ago.

We had traveled from Borrego Springs California to the southeast corner of Arizona in preparation for taking on a ranch sitting job near McNeal in early 2008.  We rolled into Sierra Vista with no idea where to stay because we were a week early for the ranch job.  Kelly got on the RV NET FORUM with a question asking if anyone knew of any boondocking sites in the area.  Several people answered that post & one fellow was a retired military fellow currently working at Fort Huachuca.  He was from Elfrida & we later met him & his wife Jackie.  We nicknamed him Sarge & I have blogged about his Hudson Hornet car hobby before.  The other fellow we heard from was in Colorado & also retired military who had been stationed at Fort Huachuca years ago.  He knew the exact spot where we were & shared some memories of his military days in that region.

We found a spot along the Charleston Road & San Pedro river for a couple nights until a border patrol officer & a State trooper came along & told us we would have to move from that location.  They told us of a BLM location about 3 or 4 miles from where we were that might be OK for us so we packed up & moved.  The spot turned out to be totally excellent & I blogged about our nearly week long stay there before heading to the ranch.  And I blogged about the charming farm couple we met at that spot too. Jack & Gwen came through twice a day watering & feeding their free ranging cattle  It was not unusual for us to have cows feeding nearby.  A nice farm touch I thought.

Awhile after that the retired military fellow & his wife from Colorado were traveling in the Tombstone area & emailed us again wondering where that spot was we had boondocked at.  I emailed back the directions & they headed for the spot to camp for awhile.  While there they of course met Jack & Gwen on their cattle rounds. 

Then, just a month ago they returned to that boondocking site near Tombstone a second time to escape the spring snow storms in Colorado. While talking with Jack & Gwen again one day they expressed an interest in having a look at some real estate in the area.  Turns out Jack & Gwen's daughter in law happened to be a real estate agent in Sierra Vista.  To make a long story short, a phone call was made, a meeting was arranged, several properties were looked at near Tombstone & one near Sierra Vista.  The couple from Colorado, who have periodically been following our blog bought the 10 acre parcel near Sierra Vista & emailed us to say how the whole series of events had led them there.  Now, doesn't that just give ya kind of a warm fuzzy:))

Sure makes me feel good inside to think that we actually had something to do with some other folks happiness.  And all because of a simple question posted in the RV Net Forum way back in early 2008.  Yep, you just never know who's reading these darn blogs alright.


  1. You're right there, Al. You never know when something posted will lead someone to something wonderful. How nice that you have had these connections with some blog readers and they have found their "dream" location.

  2. It really sucks pond water when you get ready to publish and zip, zero ,zilch...Even without your photos(which I miss horribly!0, your blog is always entertaining and informative...Keep on keepin' on!!!

  3. Al, let us know when you discover what is causing the trouble on your posts, since we all just about use Live Writer or Blogger you may save the day for us having future problems. I agree that some chance meeting or information can sure lead to suprising results, but I always believeed that Good things happen to Good people, Keep it up. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Those '400 errors' are annoying for sure. A lot of different reasons for having them too but most often it's your computer registry, perhaps a virus and not the software like LW or Blogger. One way to check would be to copy your LW post on to a flash drive and try to upload it from one of your other computers. If it works, you can always delete the post and then at least you'll know it's something that's wrong with the computer you are using.

    If it won't upload from the other computer then I would suspect some kind of wrong syntax in one of the links within your post.

    Apart from that, I hope you get back to posting pics soon.

  5. Hey buddy, you've always given me good advice!