Wednesday, April 29, 2009



All flower pics taken in front yard to-day.

With age & time there comes a certain amount of memory loss, but there is an upside to that down side. Back in the last of my old television days of the mid to late 80's my favorite situation comedy was Cheers. Probably saw most of the episodes from start to finish. Noticed a few weeks ago on a channel called Peachtree they are running Cheers episodes back to back for one hour every week day starting at 7 a.m. Now, some people might wonder at watching them all over again. Normally I would wonder that myself if someone told me they were doing that. But, in my case, all the episodes are like brand new. Occasionally a scene or two will remind me of something but basically, I'm watching Cheers all over again because I can't remember most of the shows in the first place. Amazing how the mind has the ability to re-entertain itself from it's own dusty files ........hmmmmm, wonder what else I've forgotten:(( A friend of mine sent me an email a couple of days ago with a few comments about my blog, "The Coming Home Blues. In it he writes, "Humans are never satisfied for long." Well, I think he's probably right & the way I see it, I think it might be kind of a good thing for some of us. His comment got to thinking (I occasionally do that sometimes) & I figured out that from 1965 to the present day I have moved 31 times in 24 years. Shortest permanent stay was 2 weeks & the longest I've ever lived in one place is right where we are now. We are coming up to six & half years here. This old rolling stone is starting to gather some moss I'd say!!!! Here's a comment I ran across recently in one of my saved files. It's from another RV blogger by the name of Wanderlust Nomad.
(Quote) "Sitting in one place for any length of time is repulsive in the extreme. Heck, I can't seem to be able to winterover in the same place for more than a month or so without moving to another space or at least turning around and pointing the other direction.
After sitting in apartments and being totally miserable for a few years, I decided enough was enough and I needed to completely disconnect myself from any fixed location. No connections, no place to come back to, leaving nothing behind, no destination, all new scenery, in search of whatever is over the next horizon. Fully self contained and 100% mobile was the only option.The RV is not an addiction. It's a natural progression....WANDERLUST NOMAD"(Unquote)

To-morrow (Thursday) we are off to Woodstock Ontario where I will spend an hour or so being soundly defeated in about 10 games of billiards. I have played pool with this same fellow for 5 years now & we have probably played a total of about 50 or 60 games. He has won 95% of them. This either means he's very good at the game & I'm very bad or as I like to think, he's just got a bit more experience than me. He is my Uncle Harry & he is 93 years old & yes, he is very good. And, he beats the pants off me darn near every time!! THIS WAS MY APRIL 2008 DEFEAT

Well, I'm off to help unload a truck of trees & shrubs in the morning for our local garden center, The Rose of Sharon here in Bayfield. Better take an extra supply of Absorbine Junior with me. These old tired muscles just aren't as energetic as they used to be.............:((