Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Four years ago I decided to dig in a small fish pond about the middle of our front yard. Put some nice rocks around the outside, got me a little waterfall going, & planted a flower garden along the edges. All was well that first year..........but then came the following spring &...........THE FROGS!!

I don't know why frogs have to be so smart or how they ever found out about our place, but they did. Three years ago about this time there must have been a frog pilgrimage to our place or something. Like the Robert Redford baseball movie Field of Dreams....."build it & they will come." Well, I dug it & they came in droves!! Frogs that is. The croakers were so loud at night that Kelly couldn't sleep. And if Kelly doesn't get her sleep........big darn trouble!!!!
So, I was relegated to catch & remove the little green noise infested critters. Afterall, I was the guy with the bright idea to put a pond in the front yard. For 2 nights I was out around that pond with my little aquarium fish net taped to a long rake handle, a trusty flashlight, & a big half full pail of water. When I would get about 4 or 5 little froggy guys in the pail I would head off across the road, & down a narrow path through a stand of pine trees to a large pond on the other side. Here I would carefully dump my croaking collection of jumpers into the water & head back for another pail of frogs. No matter how many frogs I was catching I just never seemed to come to the end of the bulging eyed amphibians. It was the second night of stealth when heading to the big pond with my 3rd bucket load that I noticed coming the other way in the darkness along the narrow path a single file line of big bulging & bouncing eyes. My flashlight quickly identified them as FROGS!! Seems as fast as I was downloading them into the big pond, they were turning around & uploading themselves back into my little pond. And I swear that 3 of them were smirking as they went by, one was laughing, & two of them waved!! And I think the last guy gave me a frogs equivalent of the finger!! That was the end of my frog catching right there & then. Kelly was just going to have to get ear plugs. Well, that brings me up to to-day. Last night when I took the dogs for a walk after dark the cacophony of raucous frog hollering was such that I thought for sure the neighbor's were going to show up on our doorstep with baseball bats & pitch forks before the 11 o'clock news. It is normally so quiet in this park that you can hear somebody whispering in their sleep 4 blocks away. Imagine the loud racket numerous peeper & bull frogs create by cavorting about in their manically monstrous mating rituals. On & on, night after night & all night long too.......and the worst is yet to come. In a few weeks as the Peepers get down to the business of being good little Moms & Dads, the dreaded Hockey Whistle Frogs will descend upon us. They make the Bull Frogs sound like a Librarians convention. I'll let you know when they get here. Rumor has it there's so many of them coming this year they have rented a big 72 passenger school bus. This is absolutely frognacious!! When I went out this afternoon to get a few frog photos for the blog to-night, only one frog could be found. I'm sure the other 385 were hunkered down in their under rock frog bunkers somewhere waiting for the sun to go down. And I bet they were all smirking too:((

Our peace & quiet loving neighbor's are probably gonna kick us out of the park this time for sure.............................................:((

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  1. I imagine your amphibian neighbours were happily enjoying a siesta so that they will be able to rejoice at full volume this evening.

  2. Consider yourselves lucky. Aren't frogs becoming endangered in some areas? You could figure out what their predators are and get some of those, although you could soon be out of control if you do that. Or you could dismantle the pond, fill it with dirt, and use it as a flower planter. Me, I'd just learn to love them! Smirking, huh? That's just going too far.


  3. Nothing like frogs, crickets and /or barking dogs to ruin ones beauty sleep, Al.

    One thing though, the legs on those frogs taste like chicken! :+)

    good luck with the deportation of those critters