Thursday, January 15, 2009


Just got me a few things to straighten out first. Noticed last night that the date on my post was incorrect & looking back I see that other blog dates are incorrect as well. Checked the computer clock & date calendar & therein was the problem. Somewhere along the line Gremlins were at work in our laptop & the inboard calendar had leaped a day ahead making the dates on the blogs 1 day earlier than they occurred. Hopefully I've got the problem straightened out.

Secondly, we've been very pleased with our Verizon air card's ease & comfort of use. Reception has been reasonably good as well but with 3 days to go we are butted right up against our 5GB monthly limit. We don't download music, movies, or anything like that but something has really eaten up our Gigabytes this past month so we have had to stop using our Skype phone program for starters. Over the next 3 days I may not upload the blog or pictures at night. Might just drive into Borrego Springs in the morning & get all that done at the library. The monetary cost for going over the 5GB limit is grossly absurd!!!!

And thirdly.............Sometimes, because we are human beings we have a tendency to say some things, or in my case, write some things that are not always well thought out. I did that a few days ago at the end of my "Traveling With Our Best Pals" blog. I made a reference to liking my dogs better than people. Well, although there is an element of truth in that I should have explained myself or re-phrased that better. Sometimes if I'm little ticked off with the human element, whether it be inconsiderate RV'ers crowding our site, crooked Wall Street CEO's, shifty politicians, maniac drivers, or the all round human greed factor that pervades our society, I have a tendency to set my typing fingers in gear before engaging the brain matter sometimes. It's why I've been called, Mr. Blabberfingers of course. And so it was the other day as I was merrily blabbering my way along. Let me say that I have met & known many fine & wondrous people over the years. Have had lots of best friends & am enjoying meeting new people out here on the road all the time. Guess I just get myself into a snit at times with all the "goings on" in the world. No, I didn't receive any criticism about that statement except that it kinda kept eating away at me. Hmmmm, wonder if it's a sign of mellowing.
So, if you are a human being & you are reading this, then let it be known that Al still loves ya all, even if ya aren't furry critters:))

Oh, & by the way, there is often a good side to the bad side of things & in the case of the inconsiderate campers the other day I will say this.....Thanks. Thanks for ticking us off bad enough to move because we now have a much nicer site:))
Now, back to the enjoyment of the RV lifestyle. We sure had ourselves a rollicking dust up of doggy toy games this morning. Before the sun was even over the mountains, the toys were flying through the air, dogs were barking their heads off, & the kibitzing was in full swing. Didn't have to worry about waking up any neighbors, so me & the furry guys were really kicking us up a storm. And, we never even got yelled at once by the Momster who was diligently working away on her morning computer stuff. Great way to the start the day I'd say:)) Well, at least for us guys anyway.

Very happy with our new campsite & kicking ourselves that we didn't scout out the area better when we first rolled in here a couple weeks ago. Much better here where we are. Better hiking because there are hills, ravines, & gulleys. The landscape is far more interesting than the flat desert where we were. And I love the view of Borrego Springs at night with all it's little twinkling lights at the foot of the towering San Ysidro mountains. Found some other great sites nearby on our walk this morning so if we are ever back in this neighborhood again we'll definitely come to this area just off Rockhouse Road. It's just too bad there isn't a little more greenery but this area was bulldozed years ago for some kind of gravel pit operation. The desert is slowly regaining back it's rightful place but it will be years before the man made scars are gone. Ocotillos & some scrub grass are taking hold now. Sure would be nice to see Saguaro cactus here, but what the heck, stop your complaining Al & just get outside & enjoy the day with the rest of the lizards & fellow desert dwellers!!

We're still taking things easy & trying to give Kelly's ankle as much rest as possible. It has been steadily improving but she noticed some tingling in it this morning when we got back from our walk.

And an update to yesterday's blog about the earth oven. (not solar oven) Thanks to several other RV friends we found out who actually built this oven & that they have a website where you can actually see photos of them building it with a friend last year. They are Laurie & Odel & you can find them here...............

Just noticed a comment in the Shout Box on our website suggesting maybe my comment about older folks & loud music must be untrue. He/She has a good point there. Re-reading it, I said, "a loud radio station" & that was true but a little further on I said, "no point in asking them to turn the music down." That's a mistake on my part referring to the loud radio station as music because when I heard it they had a news cast on. Another RV'er camped nearby had 2 dogs outside at the time barking loudly & we have since wondered if the folks cranked their radio to drown out the barking dogs. And no, they were not our dogs. So, I understand the person in our shoutbox doubting my story, because for sure......older people & loud music just doesn't happen. Thanks to that sharp eyed reader for noticing the word "music" when I should have used the word "radio." Awwww, what a life, what a life, and don't ya just love it:)) No photos for the web album to-night.


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  1. I find the earth oven really interesting. I've never seen anything like it, so enjoyed reading the link about it. Are you going to try to cook in it?