Tuesday, March 11, 2008


MARCH 11/08

If you thought you heard a sighing sound in the wind to-day around 12:40 Ontario time, it wasn't really the wind. It was a big huge collective sigh from the 5 members of The Bayfield Bunch as they cleared customs at the big Bluewater bridge in Sarnia/Port Huron. Only a couple quick questions from the customs guy & within 30 seconds we were back safely on Canadian turf & on our way home. We're very fortunate because it's only an hour & a half quiet country drive to Bayfield.

We were up before the sun this morning getting things stowed away for our final day on the road. There was a heavy frost on everything & the condensation inside the motorhome was bad again. Had to squeegee the windows inside in order to see out. I was glad I had brought mitts along because it was cold hooking up the car. We had the wheels rolling by 7:30 & headed down the street, around the corner, & up onto the toll road heading east. Decided the toll road would be safer because all the traffic would have worn off any black ice. When we got off at I-69 I couldn't open my window because it was frozen shut so Kelly had to slip out the door & walk up to the toll booth to pay the $6. I was worried if the window stayed frozen all the way to the border it wasn't going to go over well with the customs guy if I just sat there making faces at him because my window wouldn't open. Needless to say, I worried about that all the way to the border & needless to say.......my window opened fine with no problem.

The young customs agent looked at my Arizona hat & asked me where we had been, so I said...Arizona!! "OK," he said, "way ya go:))" And, away we went. It is always such a grrrrrrrreat feeling to be back on home turf again. Weather was good, roads were bare & dry, & we knew we were shortly in store for a good old Canadian Tim Horton's coffee. Thanks to the town of Forest, Ontario for having a Tim Horton's coffee shop there.

We un-hooked the car on ClanGregor square in Bayfield before driving the short couple of miles home. Nice to see our driveway all plowed out because there is a lot of snow here. Took a picture through the windshield before I shut the motorhome down. WEB ALBUM http://picasaweb.google.com/stargeezerguy
What a nice feeling to know that we were all home safe & sound. It's always so strange walking into your house after you've been away so long. Everything looks so strangely different, but somehow familiar. You see things you had totally forgot you even had. The pile of mail on the kitchen counter was totally intimidating. The thought of having to now unload & unpack the motorhome was even more intimidating. But, never mind all that, we were all home again. Awwwwwwwwww..........did you just hear something in the wind again??

I am now going to go fill the tub up with bubbling hot soapy water, climb in, & totally immerse myself for the next 6 weeks!!

(I'll be back to-morrow night:)))


  1. Glad you made it home safely. Hope we can meet on the road next year!!

  2. I'm so pleased you made it home safely, Thank you for posting tonight.

    the hermit