Sunday, February 03, 2008


Woke up to a beautiful fiery sunrise this morning & because of the partial cloud cover it wasn't as cold as it usually is. Our daily morning desert walk took us through another area we hadn't been before. With every walk, the desert reveals a little more of herself each day. This morning we came across the largest Saguaro we've ever seen. We call him, El Pancho. Kelly also found a huge nest of some kind in a Mesquite tree.

We will probably be leaving Hickiwan Trails sometime this coming week so later this morning we took a drive up to Ajo & out around to the west on Darby Wells road. We are scouting out some new areas for boondocking. This is BLM land & it's a beautiful area with an abundance of organ pipe & Saguaro cactus. Big jagged rock croppings jut out of the desert floor making for a beautiful landscape. We first drove through this area last year & we checked it out again when we were here nearly 2 months ago. Have a look at the pictures in our web album for December 7/07.

While in Ajo we picked up some groceries & then went over to visit a couple of fellow RV'ers we had first met way back in Cannonville, Utah on November 15/07. Maureen & Mike are from London, Ontario & travel full time in their 33' Cardinal 5th wheel. Nicest 5th wheel interior I've seen so far. M & M are in Ajo for a week before moving on to California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia & then back home to London in April. We had quite an RV chin wag & caught up on travel adventures. Slipped out to a little restaurant called Marcela's for some burgs & fries. Nice to see them & they are going to drop in to have a look at Hickiwan Trails this week on their way to the scenic drive in Organ Pipe Cactus National Park.

The wind really picked up late in the afternoon & as I'm typing this the motorhome is rocking to the big Arizona wind gusts again. Must be something going on just up the road because a helicopter has been hovering & circling in the darkness & we can see the flashing lights of police cars & border patrol vehicles on the road. Probably some folks slipping through the desert I suspect.............................

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  1. Dang, that is a very big saguaro that Kelly is standing next to.Do you have a pic of the whole cactus?

    the hermit